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1 RIL setting up Crafts Training Institute to train estimated 8,000 welders, 5,000 carpenters, 5,000 pipefitters and a few thousand `grinders` and `mill.

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Presentation on theme: "1 RIL setting up Crafts Training Institute to train estimated 8,000 welders, 5,000 carpenters, 5,000 pipefitters and a few thousand `grinders` and `mill."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 RIL setting up Crafts Training Institute to train estimated 8,000 welders, 5,000 carpenters, 5,000 pipefitters and a few thousand `grinders` and `mill wright fitters - for i new refinery coming up at its Jamnagar - does not want skill shortage for new project Sets up Crafts TRAINING INSTITUTE

2 2 ORIENTATION Planned Introduction of people to the Organisation, their Jobs, Workplace, Co- workers Programme or Process Day before yesterday…

3 3 The day before yesterday… Talent Integration At Wipro orientation

4 4 Orientation and Training at GTL – KPO – Student Project 2007 2 Days Induction Program Company policies Benefits to employees Login on Globali (intranet) 2.5 Weeks Training 4 Pillars-Social, Economic, Environment & Corporate Governance How to find data and analyze it? Practical training with dummy companies Test (at the end of training) Practical Theory Retest (If retest is also not cleared employee has to leave the company)

5 5 Orientation at HDFC Bank STUDENT PROJECT 2005 Parichay – a 100 day orientation prog Covers organisation profile, values, vision, mission, methods, career path learning capsules – depends on role Mentoring for young managers starts Information on benefits etc provided Stanchart… Good orientation pays

6 6 Hand-holding at Stan Chart TOI – 26/4/06 Introduced an ‘Early Start Programme’ where on day one, everything — from phone lines to ID cards to computer terminals — is kept ready for the newcomer mentor for the first six months Can be investiture or divestiture

7 7 Pre-joining Deglamourisation Genepact, EXL, Amway and Bajaj Alliance Insurance – undertaking this Aim – exit option to those who cant take it. 5-10 % for Genepact. 40 % for Amway Sets realistic expectations Saves employer training costs The Importance of Being Earnest!!! Good orientation pays

8 8 ORIENTATION PAYS OFF Orientation Process at Corning… 4 objectives What is Training and Development? Results in 2 years Turnover reduced by 69 % Expects a benefit to cost ratio of 8:1 in first year 14:1 thereafter

9 9 What is Training? Development? Management Development? Long term, in depth, based on self guided learning Examples in organisations

10 10 Infosys Creates training facility that can train 4500 people at a time!!! It needs to - Will take in 12000 people a year 3 Batches / year "In our business the only constant is change. Training is hugely important as it is the only way one can keep in touch with contemporary issues." In addition to ILI 2000 People joined on July 1, 2006

11 11 Infosys’ Leadership Institute – FE- 24/04/02 International orientation to leadership – international speakers 220 high potential candidates identified from all over the company from every level – including drivers 360 degree feedback and assessment processes based on feed back every candidate has prepared a ‘personal development plan’ - works on it over 3 years Only for Knowledge workers?

12 12 Scorpio designed using Integrated Design and Manufacturing – IDAM ( developed in collaboration with Lucas Engg) IDAM A dynamic manufacturing system which allows the manufacturer to produce whatever the customer wants in a flexible manner, through quick product development – therefore many variants in the product mix Fully automated system Workers trained in the use of the system Starbus… ICFAI Case folio – Oct 2005 Starbus Crash Lands…

13 13 Lack of Training puts brakes on city Transport ( times news network ) new technology without skill upgradation / public awareness Caught fire - engines located at the back - reacted to commands differently. Tata Motors and BEST - now arranged a special drivers training programme CVMs - many non functional mainly due to rough handling by commuters + lack of service Volvo established a driving school in Bangalore to train drivers to drive their trucks and buses which used the latest technology. HDFC on the move…

14 14 Back to school at HDFC Jun-18-2004 - The Economic Times Little Lateral Hiring - so training important ‘Creating Value for HDFC Customers’ for all Front Line Staff Own Training Centre Intranet supports self-paced learning Line managers trained to be trainers company reimburses each employee for the cost of two professional qualifications. Cops and robbers…

15 15 Seminar at Oshiwara Police Station

16 16 Prince and Scissor have been sent for a six-month rigorous training programme at the Dog Training School, Pune — run by the state CID.

17 17 Take lessons in Acting… Management Training (old) at HLL..

18 18 The Management Trainee Management Development at HLL – Phase 1 how trainees learn to be managers (pre 2002) Non MBAs – IIM(A) – interspersed with Field visits Shadowing Salesman Work as a Salesman Shadow a Sales Officer Work as Sales Officer (on field) 2Weeks 1Week 4Weeks 1Week 4 weeks

19 19 Management Development at HLL – Phase 1 how trainees learn to be managers (pre-2002) Special Assignment at Branch Integrated Rural Development Centre Open Position in Functional Areas (with charge for subordinates) (counselling + Performance Review) Absorbed to Management 1Month 6 weeks 12 months Redesigned in 2002 / 03 to lay emphasis on global management Macdonalds…

20 20 Everything Homegrown Training and Career Planning- Mcdonald’s– Human Capital – April ‘02 50 % of Restaurant Managers start as Crew Glocalised training system Step wise training starting from basic operations to Restaurant Leadership programme at… University So Grow your own!!!

21 21 Grow Your Own…Oberoi Centre for Learning and Development – BI 7/5/06 OCLD – PG programs for graduates from IHMS. 2004 - started programs for 10+2 as quality graduates were not available. STEP – Systematic Training and Education Program – AIM to Inculcate Five Star Standards Training either in Kitchen or other hotel operations Simultaneously Pursue Bachelor of Tourism Studies – IGNOU Most Expenses and stipend met by Company Trainees may join group companies but don’t have to Training for business partners

22 22 Training Partners…the Amul way – Fe 7/8/04 value/mission/strategy workshops for distributors who have no access to latest management practices Other activities for distributors – competence building, Amul Yatra, Amul Quality Circle Meetings Skf ‘S Learning centre

23 23 SKF’s (Bearings) Learning Centre at Pune - BI –May 7 2006 Aim to provide training to employees, customers, distributors and others in industry 70 hours average training / employee / year Company has a ‘Knowledge Van’ –taken to customer locations for presentations ITs just not Cricket

24 24 Mentoring for Mentors MBT press communications – 2003 Cricket Coach John Buchanan to build winning teams - to provide mentoring and guidance to managers, team leaders, top performers 1 week each in MBT's office in Mumbai, Pune and focus on how to be better and more effective as mentors rather than being just. Intelnet

25 25 Learning at Intelnet 18/5/06 - BS series of programs for transition from associate to manager Skill Enhancement and Employee Development Programme – SEED – after probation, a 12 module training session – technical and behavioural content STRIVE TOWARD EXCELLENCE – STEP –10 % of employees for training as LEADERS. 6 parameters for Selection for training –Performance and productivity assessed by superior –Quality assessed by superior –Psychometric test –Attendance –Discipline –Competency based interviews by HR 6 month training – on Presentation, business case studies, competency based interviews Employees then qualified to be team leaders Guruspeak

26 26 TRAINING and DEVELOPMENT A Process - Methods used so that employees learn… to improve –Present –Or future Job Performance Maybe knowledge, skills, even attitude perhaps… Semantic difference between training and development…

27 27 TRAINING and Development Short term process of imparting definite skills - Training Long term process to improve current or future management performance - Knowledge, Managerial Skills and Abilities, Attitude… Management Development Why T & D Continuous process – see Intelnet…hr strategies…

28 28 Why training and development? People gain from guidance Quality Productivity - Performance Potential Safety Future Personnel Needs Prevents obsolescence Motivating Personal and professional Growth Makes learning a habit - Culture A Learning Process…

29 29 A Learning Process – Factors Facilitating Learning Motivation – maybe goal setting Behaviour Modeling Meaningfulness of Material Practice Feedback Transfer of Learning Action / Experiential Learning The training process…

30 30 Steps in Learning Identifying Training Needs Preparing a Programme – training trainers Preparing Learner Providing Training Performance Tryout Feedback and Evaluation Types of Training…

31 31 Types of Training Technical Managerial Behavioural Methods of Training…

32 32 Methods of Training & Development - Off the job Lecture Audio Visuals Programmed Instruction computer aided training Vestibule Training Web – based training - example Motorola, Outside Seminars - University based programmes

33 33 Methods of Training & Development - Off the job Case Study Management Games – ICICI Bank Simulation Outward bound programmes Role Playing OD Techniques Combine Techniques ---Development Centres

34 34 Methods of Training & Development - On the job methods Job Rotation Internships Apprenticeships – classroom + OJT Coaching / understudy Action Learning On the job Where does mentoring fit it?

35 35 Some New Trends 2006 - Wipro, Nissan, Loreal, Schneider Electric and Alcan team up for MDP on Global Leadership ( to expose businessss heads to strategic issues related to globalisation from different industries and geographies) London Business School) Another programme being done by Mintzberg. Apart from cross pollination – reduce costs Strategy Games that Teach Business – 2006 - TOI The Movies- produce and release your movies, hire fresh talent and grow it. You begin as the head of a small movie studio … Zoo Tycoon 2 - Managing Your Zoo City Life- building and maintaining your own city Mentors for CEOs

36 36 Mentors With a Difference One on one - tailor-made programmes for CEOs CEO mentors – retired MDs / Professional Organisations (NIT Sparta, Evolve Services)–cost Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh for 3 days ON Line Mentors - EXPRESS COMPUTERS – JUNE 25, 2006 - global organisations - online Mentors guiding mentees across geographies /functions, with time and location not limiting

37 37 Wise Guy -ICICI’s KM Portal BT Anniv Issue 'Wise Guy' stores a wealth of informationa accessible to all employees. Training managed online – average 62 hours per employee per year Sabbaticals (up to four years) - fee reimbursement plan for courses related to the business are reimbursed 2005 – 3 % employees availed of this FACILITY

38 38 Methods Best Suited Case StudyProblem Solving knowledge acquisition & repetition Conference Participation Acceptance Business Problem solving skills GamesStrategic thinking, judgement SensitivityChanging Attitudes TrainingInterpersonal skills

39 39 Evaluating Training Effectiveness - Outcomes Reaction Learning - Test Behaviour Result What cannot be measured cannot be improved …

40 40 Mc Donald’s Operational Training for new crew members Pictorial, on job training at several stations –Observation Check Lists are used as measurement tools –Quality, Service and Cleanliness book issued – containing training schedule

41 41 Basic Operations Course at McDonalds Human Capital – April ‘02 After this a person becomes Asst Mgr i. Planning and advance supervision ii. Quality service cleanliness iii. People management iv. Sales and Profitability management Evaluating training outcomes

42 42 CIRO MODEL ref – toral sheths summer project at TELCO 4Sets of Factors to be evaluated to build the learning system Context of Training –Accuracy in diagnosing initial need –What were the learning objectives set? Inputs to the learning event –Which method? –Resources – faculty, facilities –Course content to meet objects

43 43 CIRO MODEL ref – toral sheths summer project at TELCO Reaction – of participants to programme Outcome – knowledge of results of training –Immediate– knowledge, skill attitude –Intermediate - actual work behaviour –Long term – functioning of organisation as a whole

44 44 Training Pilots Good for

45 45 Outward Bound Training – ET 30/12/02 Competitions Rafting Rappelling Camping Forest Survival Informal specially designed games, usually Outdoors (joys of nature) Good for

46 46 Outward Bound Training – ET 30/12/02 Good for inculcating business values and good work habits- Teamwork Trust Goal orientation Risk taking Confronting and resolving conflict (de- personalising conflict) And…

47 47 Outward Bound Training – ET 30/12/02 Creative problem solving Physical stamina Assertiveness Time management Helps self assessment of behaviour in groups

48 48 Outward Bound Training – ET 30/12/02 Combined with classroom sessions - eg MBTI Companies using it –Maruti- HLL –Eicher- CocaCola –Wartsila- ICICI –GE-Escorts –Citicorp-Infosys –ITC- M & M –Philips- Stanchart –GTB

49 49 Programmed Instruction A PI device is a text book or computer with 3 functions –Presenting questions and problems to instructor –Allowing the person to respond –Providing feedback on accuracy of answers Reduces learning time by 1/3 rd Very expensive / difficult to develop learning

50 From The Art of Possibility, Rsoss Zander 50 The Buddy System Boston Philharmonic to play in Cuba 1 complex Cuban piece - which American players could not grasp Paired up members from both orchestra and each Cuban member led/ guided his American partner Repeated for complex European music which Cubans were not familiar with.

51 From The Art of Possibility, Rsoss Zander 51 Training Innovations at Motorla HR Folks – 17/7/05 more than 20,000 associates hired each year – huge need for training Aim - gets new hires up and running, quickly. training provided worldwide through CD-ROM, Internet applications, wireless data and a host of other emerging technologies. Motorola University has taken responsibility for propelling multimedia technologies forward. Following are some of their accomplishments : The Motorola Multimedia Committee ( MMC) - to promote the use of alternative learning technologies in Motorola’s businesses. ( MMC) - to promote the use of alternative learning technologies in Motorola’s businesses. Motorola Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (MYTT) - is a new history and culture course that teaches through the use of stories. Subscribers receive via e-mail or intranet, two to three episodes per week of engaging stories from Motorola’s past, present or future. Subscriptions are also available via CD- ROM. (MYTT) - is a new history and culture course that teaches through the use of stories. Subscribers receive via e-mail or intranet, two to three episodes per week of engaging stories from Motorola’s past, present or future. Subscriptions are also available via CD-ROM. Introduction to Design for Manufacturability Introduction to Design for Manufacturability CD-ROM - this is an introductory course on the design for manufacturability method. This method enables cross-functional teams to create product and process designs that meet customer satisfaction requirements for product quality. The Motorola Career Planning Information on CD-ROM - The Motorola Career Planning Information on CD-ROM - Corporate HR is designing a multimedia application that runs on desk top computer CD-ROM drives, intranets. The application will present Motorolans with career planning information and tools that will help them define, plan and achieve their career goals. HR 2000 Programme HR 2000 Programme - With the emerging globalization trend, Motorola has designed a common program for all its diverse business locations. All the participants undergo rigorous training programs as follows: An intensive three week orientation to Motorola culture, values, goals and initiatives. An 18 month training program consisting of at least three rotations in at least three different sectors. Functional training in at least three or more of HR areas. Quarterly training and debriefing sessions. Final placement in the specific business and position in the candidate’s country or region or region of origin. The Hr 2000 training structure enables Motorola to position multi-skilled, capable human resources management candidates within growing markets, thus significantly expanding the company’s worldwide sphere of influence. As a global corporation, it is critical for Motorola to learn a global approach tpo management. Through this innovative program, Motorola heads for the future armed with HR leaders trained to handle the myriad challenges of a global marketplace

52 52 ON Line - Self Directed Learning IDBI – ‘I Learn’ a remote learning programme, encompassing product & process training through CBTs (Computer Based Trainings).

53 53 ORIENTATION at Corning 4 Objectives of Programme Reduce voluntary turnover in first 3 years of employment by 17 % 17 % reduction in time for learning job Foster uniform understanding regarding company –Values –Principles –Strategies –Expectations from People Build positive attitude towards company and surrounding communities The results

54 54 On Line Training at Indian Railways SITUATION You are a ticket checking staff. While checking the 2 tier AC compartment you come across a passenger who claims to have lost his briefcase along with his confirmed ticket while boarding. He is occupying the berth and claims to be the same person as mentioned in the chart. He seems to be quite agitated and insists on traveling. There are a number of wait listed passengers also.

55 55 On Line Training at Indian Railways Select your reactions: Ans 1Ans 1: You will tell the passenger,"I cannot help you. You should have not boarded the train and got the complaint recorded with the stationmaster. You must get down". Ans 2Ans 2: You will tell the passenger,"There are other wait- listed passengers. You have to pay the full penalty. You can only be accommodated at the end". Ans 3Ans 3.Listen and isolate the actual problem. Confirm identity, if satisfied, make a duplicate ticket charging him as per rules. Check for satisfaction and help him calm down. answer 3 is correct. Remember L Listen I Isolate the problem SSolve the problem TTake feedback

56 56 Key Compenents of HDFC’s Customer Relations Workshop World Class In India –How to guide process of interview –How to manage communication process –How to manage difficult customers

57 57 Relating Training to Organisation objectives- HDFC- World Class in India HDFC – viewed relating well to the customer as key to realising mission Every employee goes through a Customer Relations Workshop Each branch provides real life examples Attitude to service driven by Senior Managers Skills for service aided by training Why training and development

58 58 Training and Career Planning- Mcdonald’s example – Human Capital – April ‘02 Stages in Training a.Operational Training new crew members b.Basic Supervision Training high performance/potential members of operating crew

59 59 Training and Career Planning- Mcdonald’s example – Human Capital – April ‘02 c.Floor Management Course d.Basic Operation Course – after which a person becomes Asst Mgr e.For promotion to Restaurant Manager i. Mangement scheduling ii. Sales projections f.Restaurant Leadership Programme at Hamburger University in Australia or Middle East Ingredients of a management development programme

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