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Sustainable Design Guide SPD Rebecca Wren Spatial Planning Officer.

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1 Sustainable Design Guide SPD Rebecca Wren Spatial Planning Officer

2 The SPD : Encourages the delivery of well-designed and sustainable developments. Provides advice and guidance to developers on how to improve the design standards and environmental performance of their developments. Applies to any new development, regardless of scale

3 Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable Development “good design ensures attractive, useable, durable and adaptable places and is a key element in achieving sustainable development”

4 Core Strategy Policy CS3 All new residential developments will achieve a minimum of level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes up to 2013, and thereafter a minimum of Code level 4. All domestic properties to be carbon neutral by 2016. For all major developments, including residential developments of 10 or more units, 10% of total predicted energy requirements will be provided, on site, from renewable energy sources. All new developments will make a positive contribution to the local area, be designed with safety in mind and incorporate buildings that adapt to changing needs. All non-residential development will be completed to a BREEAM rating of very good up to 2013 and thereafter a minimum rating of excellent.

5 Design Principles Development Setting Layout Scale and Height Character and Design Privacy and amenity Safety and Security Inclusive Design and Flexibility Green Infrastructure Ecology Parking and Garages Home Zones Waste Storage Backland Development

6 Character and Design Reflect the character of the surrounding area. Move away from standard house types and layouts. Attention to materials and detailing. Contemporary buildings encouraged where they complement the area. Buildings designed for corner locations. Some landmark buildings.

7 Secure by Design Public areas and highways to be Well lit Overlooked by neighbouring dwellings Access to properties to be from the street and clearly visible Barriers provided between dwellings and open space. Safety and Security

8 Home Zones Traffic and pedestrians share the space equally. The street becomes an area for social interaction and play. Measures such as planting and changes in surfacing slow down traffic. Adopted Home Zone areas currently approved for Northshore development.

9 Environmental Measures Energy Efficiency Energy Generation and Renewable Technologies Green and Brown Roofs Water Efficiency and Sustainable Drainage

10 Energy Efficiency – Solar Gain Main elevations within 30 degrees of due south Larger glazed areas and habitable rooms in southern elevation Taller buildings, garages and parking areas to the north Planting deciduous tree species to provide shading in summer

11 Consultation Period 31 January – 14 March

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