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Athens Elementary Our Final Year Fayette County Public Schools Lexington, Kentucky All pictures in this ppt were taken by members of this organizaion.

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1 Athens Elementary Our Final Year Fayette County Public Schools Lexington, Kentucky All pictures in this ppt were taken by members of this organizaion. Permission is granted by FCPS and KDE to use their logo.

2 Goal 1 The Athens STLP worked in coordination with the Literacy Newspaper Editorial Board, a project developed by a committee of parents and teachers (CIPL) to create a newspaper that included k-5 student examples of various genres. After the editorial read submissions and decided what would be in the newsletter, it was the job of the STLs to word process the documents and place them in newsletter form. The newspapers were sold for $.25 each to the students. Goal 1:. The STLP will develop activities which enhance the academic, social and emotional growth of the student.

3 Goal 2 Athens Elementary is a K-5 school. STLP will have been offered to all students from third to fifth grade by the end of the year. Using the leadership theory, the first month one fifth class was invited to join. The second month the second fifth grade class was invited. Each class was trained keeping in mind they are to train newcomers throughout the year. All students have (and future members) participated in the production of the school news program. With the trained training the new members as they join. At the last meeting we had 17 present and 2 absent. 16 white 2 Black 1 Asian 1 Indian 11 girls 6 boys This number varies from month to month Goal 2: The STLP will provide leadership opportunities for all students. All academic levels are represented.

4 Goal 3 Fourth grade helped kindergarteners take Reading Counts Quizzes. All students were paired with a kindergarten student and came to the lab at one to take the test after they read the book together. Goal 3: The STLP will experience multi-age collaboration by forming innovative learning partnerships. Attended STLP Regional Showcase and found wonderful ideas from other schools. Students show “tricks” they’ve learned during open lab time.

5 Goal 4 Goal 4: The STLP will form learning partnerships between students with different technology skills. News teams work together with those that have been trained by training the new members.

6 Goal 5 Athens STLP formed a partnership with the CIPL committee, (Commonwealth Institute of Parent Leadership) which is part of the Prichard Committee. Together we created a Literacy newsletter for the school. Goal 5: The STLP will develop activities which benefit communities. Since this is the last year for Athens Elementary to be open, we are creating a calendar entitled “Memory Moments” which provide pictures that provokes memories for those that have attended Athens Elementary in the pass. The calendars were sold at the Fall Carnival and throughout the year at PTA meetings and other functions.

7 Goal 6 Goal 6: The STLP will develop instructional activities which integrate technology and benefits the school and support KETS (Kentucky Education Technology System). STLs have helped the STC and teachers tremendously by placing icons on computers, installing programs and setting up computers for kindergarten lab times. STLs have also installed printers and computers where needed as well as doing simple troubleshooting. The calendar that was mention in previous slides also strongly integrates a variety of content and parallels an Intel project that will culminate at the end of the year involving the history of Athens Elementary.

8 Recruitment EVERYONE is invited to join Athens STLP that so desires. One fifth grade class was invited to the first meeting. One additional classroom per 1 or 2 months is invited to attend the meetings thereafter. By the end of the year all Third through Fifth grade students will have been invited to join. Invitations are posted throughout the building and classrooms and announced on the school news.

9 Population Diversity At the last meeting we had 17 present and 2 absent. 16 white 2 Black 1 Asian 1 Indian All academic levels are represented. 3 Gifted/Talented students 1 Special Ed 1 ESL Student This number varies from month to month More are added each month!!!!! Presently 11 girls 6 boys

10 Community Awareness The Athens school web site along with the school’s technology teacher’s website is a very active and up to date website. STLP activities and accomplishments have been publicized on these websites. Students are in the process of learning to post to the web. Students have reported accomplishments to the local STLP blog

11 Activities/Projects The “Memory Moments” calendar project has involved parents of the team that has been working together to compile the calendar using the camera and Microsoft Word. This project has brought parents to the Regional Showcase as well as volunteering to help in other capacities. This project was started early in the year and completed early. However the team still feels they can improve the calendar as they hear input from the community of the type of information and pictures they would like to see in their calendar. The Morning News team has involved ALL students that wanted to be involved. As the organization grows in size we are changing to a longer production that now involves anchors and roaming reporters as well as technicians, film editors and camera operators. Directors are making sure that students do their assignments for the news before it is recorded during lunchtime/recess on Thursday and presented Friday morning to the school via closed circuit. This project started with the coordinator training 10 students. Thereafter students trained each other as they learned. Students know they have to help each other because the coordinator cannot do it alone. Students know they have to be leaders and not a problem. We are models for the rest of the school and nothing short of that is accepted by the group. Each day an assigned team, according to a schedule posted outside the computer lab, report to the coordinator to see if any jobs need to be done. These jobs may vary from setting up computers for the kindergarten class of the day, installing software and desktop shortcuts, installing computers or printers, creating flyers for teachers and/or other school/community organizations or take pictures and report on various events happening in the building. These pictures an reports are used on the news and also by the coordinator who is the webmaster for the school and reports these events on the school website. STLs are a great help in the lab and classroom when other students or teachers need help with hardware or software. This is a big time saver for the STC. For example, STLs are trained on using the Windows Movie Maker before its introduced to their classes. When their class works on a project using Windows Movie Maker, the STLs are resources for their classmates providing more immediate help than one teacher can provide.

12 Public Forum Participation Five Athens STLP students created “Memory Moments” calendars and sold them at Athens Fall Carnvial. The calendars were presented at the Regional Showcase in Lexington. This team also plans to present their show case at the 2006 KTLC in Louisville and the first State Showcase in Lexington as well as the Local FCPS Technology Fair. This team has a goal of presenting their showcase at the National Level.

13 The Future for Athens This is the last year that Athens Elementary will be open for business. Next year students/staff will move on to a new school that is being called Athens-Chilesburg Elementary. This new school is already known as ACE. The new ACE STLP plans to live up to that name: to be the number one STLP. With all new technology in a state of the art building we will produce top notch school news. With many more parents checking out the new school via the Internet, the STLP website will be maintained on a more regular basis. The students that will be attending the upcoming KTLC and State Showcase will be looking out for innovative ideas that will help them brainstorm for future productive projects. Since the school population is expected to increase by about 300, students will be invited in the same manner they were this year. All fifth graders will be invited first then fourth and third according to the size of the group and how many leaders are in the group. Therefore, all students will have an opportunity to experience STLP before they leave ACE. It has been the plan this year to train 4 th and 3 rd graders this year so they can hit the road running next year allowing the team to get off to a quicker start. Considering that girls do not remain in technology when they go onto middle school, the coordinator has encouraged the 5 th grade girls all year long to plan on remaining an STL member at the middle school. A follow-up will be done to see if they are involved. Since the middle school will be in close proximity to ACE, hopefully the middle school and ACE could work as one STLP.

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