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Roof Maintenance: Semi-Annual Checklist May 16th, 2014

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1 Roof Maintenance: Semi-Annual Checklist May 16th, 2014

2 Mission

3 The Center exists to -- Establish State funding & technical assistance for Oregon by 2015 Meanwhile provide volunteers to assist districts with finding facility funding, financing and savings

4 Senate Bill 540 School Capital Improvement Planning 1. Task Force shall research & recommend: – Programs & Funding that allow SDs to Respond to evolving education delivery Establish efficient & integrated system Fund and maintain capital infrastructure – Types & Amounts of Technical Assistance for capital construction Role of Department of Education in above 2. ODE shall establish & maintain publicly accessible education facility database

5 SB 540 TF Discussing… $200 Million per Biennium, Sliding Scale, Matching Laying a Base for Growing program Interest subsidized (a la QSCB) Possible Priorities (re: upcoming mandates) – All Day Kindergarten – Science Labs – PE/Gyms – bill-540-task-force/

6 CISF Facility Funding Recommendations $200 Million per Biennium -- Sliding Scale, Matching Priorities -- – Fire Life Safety & Security – Energy Savings – Impact on Achievement Lighting Noise Air Quality Technology

7 Call to Action Now – SB 540 Task Force Fall – Legislature and Regional Leaders 2015 – Legislature Topics – – Facility Sliding Scale Matching Grants – Accessible Statewide Database – Technical Assistance

8 Upcoming Regional Workshops May 30 th (Metro) – Long Range Planning for All-Day K and Technology September 25 th (Central Oregon) – HVAC, Long Range Planning & Surplus Properties October 10 th (Southern Oregon) -- Topics to be determined today

9 Regional Facility Specialists 5 Regions: Southern, Central, Eastern, Metro Area, Valley & Central/North Coast What: Pre –> Planning, Design, Bond, Procurement, Construction, Disposition etc. How: SD asks for issue assistance; CISF authorizes hours (pro bono to flat $50/hr) ; SD selects from vetted Regional Specialists Vetting: Specialist applies; CISF reviews; Specialist signs conduct agreement

10 New! CISF Website

11 My School: My Health: My Achievement

12 Membership Costs School Districts, Community Colleges and Education Service Districts: Very Small -- $50 (under 250 ADM) Small -- $125 (under 3,000 ADM) Medium -- $250 Large -- $500 (Top 7 districts)

13 Membership Supports Coordinated, Statewide Voice on capital funding for Oregon’s K-12 facilities. Website as Clearinghouse for best practices, links on funding, financing and savings resources, facility data, legislative updates. eNews and Webinars on current funding, financing and savings sources. Workshops with Training and Technical Assistance on facility funding, financing and savings. Research briefs, data compilation and analysis.

14 Membership Benefits Workshops and Webinars are free to members. 10% Discount for on-site Technical Assistance services on first $1,000 and 5% thereafter. Access to 4 “Questions for a Specialist” per year. Volunteer Specialists ready to assist you. Networking with school and industry leaders and technical experts on facility issues. Free Data Extractions (2) from the CISF Statewide Facility Condition Database.

15 Roof Maintenance: Semi-Annual Checklists Panelists: Steve Ingram, Tremco Mark Button, Medford School District

16 610 SW Alder St., Suite 500 Portland, Oregon 97205 503-223-4476

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