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2004 District 12 Leadership Conference Hotel Westminster – Nice (France) Proposal for a New Training Courses Model Jean Vieille District Vice-President.

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1 2004 District 12 Leadership Conference Hotel Westminster – Nice (France) Proposal for a New Training Courses Model Jean Vieille District Vice-President V1 - 12 April 2004

2 Training courses model n Workshop n 40 minutes n Expected outcome u Update and support the report presented to the PDD u Motivate other sections to develop ISA based training courses

3 Agenda n ISA training overseas n 12 issues and suggestions n Global training model

4 ISA Training reasons n Support the Primary ISA mission: u To serve the I,S & A community u To deliver Knowledge created by members, Divisions, S&P Dpt n Powerful marketing lever u Students apply to ISA n A Tremendous source of profit n A huge potential u Outside US

5 D12 specific concern n Specific experience with Psynapses (France) as local training organization u A company mostly dedicated to ISA courses n Good start, potential for growth u Annoying, well identified constraints that lead to stagnation n Closely followed by France section and district

6 Generalized proposal n This proposal aims at being global n It is mostly simplification and optimization of current operations u Should not increase staff overhead n Very little financing involved n Needs more feedback from other Districts and sections abroad n Needs to be discussed with Division and SP leaders too

7 Overseas operations n The share of ISA training activities abroad is nearly ZERO u Only US market is served u No actual will to expand n New trend to Web based education u In English only u Not yet in « less wired » countries

8 Overseas operations n Many courses not applicable outside US u UOM u Local regulations n Most Overseas Districts and Sections deliver locally developed training courses n No usage of, or contribution to a worldwide Body of Knowledge

9 Overseas operations – Agreed organizations n CEPI LTDA., Santiago, ChileCEPI LTDA n Mass Consultants and Services, Safat Kuwait Mass Consultants and Services n Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) n Psynapses, France Psynapses n PT. Sigma Kreasi Instrument - Jakarta, Indonesia PT. Sigma Kreasi Instrument n Spartan Controls Ltd. - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Spartan Controls Ltd. n TWP Training BV - Netherlands TWP Training BV

10 Overseas operations n Income 2002: u About $ 75000 total local revenue u $15000 royalties F Psynapses 2003: > $5000 u 46 classes n Not worth the staff overhead u So the lack of motivation

11 Issues from local training operations point of view n Overseas operations are handled by local training organizations u Named « LTO » thereafter n The following slides present: u the most critical issues that prevent proper overseas operations development u Proposals to overcome them

12 Agenda n ISA training overseas n 12 issues and suggestions n Global training model

13 Issue 1: Current offering status n Difficult to get a list of all available courses and their status u New, obsolete courses u LTO have to discover new offering u The status is known on request n No means to know if the courses are revised u Instructor may use obsolete material

14 Issue 1: suggestion n Maintain and publish the course list with a status indicator, I.e. : u Under construction u Under revision u Under review u Released u Suspended u Obsolete / abandoned n Notify LTO on change

15 Issue 1: implementing suggestions n Cost: u None n Only needs some housekeeping and proper maintenance

16 Issue 2: Granted courses n An extension of the agreement has to be signed in order to get the course material. u Request a lot of staff and LTO overhead to process the agreement before eventually drop the course if it appears not relevant for the local market

17 Issue 2: suggestion n All course material shall be available for download by the LTO. u No restriction regarding the current agreement scope u Possibility to check the material prior instructor qualification and course scheduling u Allows to efficiently dispatch last versions of courses.

18 Issue 2: implementing suggestions n Cost: u None n Protection of intellectual property u May require special provision to ensure a proper protection u Premium Quality courses, regularly updated won’t be « derived »

19 Issue 3: Quality of courses n Many courses are quite old and deserve some cleanup. u The overall quality is questionable u Each instructor accommodates the basis material with its own stuff to provide an acceptable course. n No process to maintain and improve the courses on an ongoing basis

20 Issue 3: Suggestions n Establish a Process of ongoing improvement: u Course Expertise committee F Including instructors F As task forces within related Divisions or SP committees u Process feedback from courses F Instructor performance F Technical appreciation from instructors

21 Issue 3: implementing suggestions n Cost: u Will require a dedicated staff u Paying the course developer F Developing a course may be considered as a marketing investment by a volunteer partner

22 Issue 4: Localization of courses n Courses are only available in English u Few local translations n Some courses are definitely US oriented, using local Unit of Measure system and standards. n Local regulations and specifics u Ignored u Or inconsistently taken into account locally

23 Issue 4: Suggestions n Localization shall be part of course development and maintenance u To ensure proper synchronization n Courses shall be developed on an international basis, then localized u US as a specific location F late at adopting international standards F This is part of the ISA mission to help US to progress on that way u As well as other countries

24 Issue 4: implementing suggestions n Cost u Requires staff monitoring F Part of the overall training supervision u Require to pay for translation and localization F Localizing a course may be considered as a marketing investment by a volunteer partner

25 Issue 5: New courses development n For Financial optimization reasons ISA no longer develops courses n ISA endorses courses from other companies, “Subject Matter Expert” u ISA does not own the copyright u Courses look like ISA courses, but aren’t n Only SMEs deliver courses u Overseas delivery prohibited

26 Issue 5: New courses development (cont’d) n ISA expertise no longer involved u Course quality, knowledge outside of ISA control u ISA experts no longer involved n New courses on hot topics are primarily concerned u LTOs have to contract with other providers to implement these highly marketable products (Psynapses gives half of the courses from non- ISA developers)

27 Issue 5: Suggestions n Consider the current external, SME based courses on an exceptional basis n Courses must be developed / improved by ISA, e.g. by its members. 3 origins: u Individual expert – ISA member u Divisions u SP committees

28 Issue 5: Suggestions n Feed the course development machine u Marketing campaign toward membership u Encourage SP committees and divisions u Propose incentives to participate to the courses development. F Honoraria to SP and Divisions F Rebate (no rights) To individual member

29 Issue 5: implementing suggestions n Cost u Course development may be paid on performance n SP committees and Divisions have to be convinced that Education is part of their duty

30 Issue 6: Sub-contracting not permitted n Sub-contracting not permitted n Major LTOs have failed u Difficulties to match ISA and LTO interest n Managing many LTOs is not staff effective n Expertise is widely spread, u not available in a single company n Specific, various Lab facilities are needed

31 Issue 6: Suggestion n Designate LTOs as the exclusive ISA Training Institute representative u For a given territory n Allow subcontracting u To get involved suitable training companies u To reduce the number of touch points between ISA staff and training companies

32 Issue 6: Implementing suggestions n Modify the LTO standard agreement n Develop a model of agreement between LTOs and sub-contractors u To properly transfer responsibilities and guaranties from ISA to the performing organization

33 Issue 7: On site training / Royalty fee n On-site training is prohibited in LTO agreements u But can be performed on an exceptional basis n No flexibility for royalties u The royalty fee is a fixed percentage on the basic US rate. n For a large group, customers won’t pay the basic student rate

34 Issue 7: Suggestion / Implementation n Change the basis of the fee from the US rate to the actual rate n It will be much more flexible and fare u This could even increase the Royalties! F France 1day course €600 / $475 u Less priced countries will not be disadvantaged u Group discounts will be possible

35 Issue 8: Additional documentation n Some courses are offered with complimentary material by ISA. u This material does not cost to ISA F Should be all available as printable material : Standards, Articles, e-books u It costs to the LTO, F which cannot offer the material. n Students not trained directly by ISA do not get the same benefit.

36 Issue 8: Suggestions / Implementation n Allow free distribution of documents related to the course, which are property of ISA and can be obtained by download (i.e. Standards, Technical Reports, articles from conferences...) n Part of the course material available in electronic form

37 Issue 9: Specific softwares n Some courses request specific software u OK If ISA software or freeware. u Not acceptable if industrial / commercial software not delivered for free. n Compromises the course success u IC40 / OpenBatch, u EC50 / CASSPACK).

38 Issue 9: Suggestions / Implementation n Instruct courses developers u to refrain software usage u or to make the necessary arrangement for a free and easy delivery.

39 Issue 10: Videos n Some courses are accompanied by videos. n They are shipped as an NTSH cassette, u This legacy US specific format unreadable most other countries. u Cassettes need specific provisions for the course logistics

40 Issue 10: Suggestions / Implementation n Go electronics; u get them available for download or on CD or DVD u Using computer readable video format n Cost u TBD

41 Issue 11: ISA membership n Having each student registered at ISA kicked ISA France section membership by 50% in one year n Had to be stopped because of the prohibiting extra-cost for training operations

42 Issue 11: Suggestion n Offer a reduced rate – or free membership! – to ISA training students n Make membership application mandatory for students u formally or more discretely depending on legal requirements

43 Issue 11: Implementation n Cost u the probability a non-ISA member student become ISA member within the coming year is null u The extra-cost for processing the membership application is null n Free ISA application is our recommendation for a boost of ISA membership abroad.

44 Issue 12:ISA marketing support n ISA promotes overseas training courses very shyly

45 Issue 12: suggestions / Implementation n Include training course from all LTOs within the common ISA training schedule u Needs direct, real-time update by LTOs themselves to avoid staff overhead u Or link to the LTO calendar pages n Have a full page dedicated to LTOs in the catalog n Promote overseas LTOs operations as other ISA education activities

46 Agenda n ISA training overseas n 12 issues and suggestions n Global training model

47 Global Training Model n « Local Training Organization » becomes « Training Interface Organization » n Contract with ISA u Manages Relationship with ISA u Develops training within a given territory u Hires ISA experts u Subcontracts with training organizations if needed

48 Global Training Model ISA Training Institute TIO Training interface organization Training Org.1 Training Org.n Individual Instructor 1 Individual Instructor n TIO Local section(s) District Education development chair

49 Benefits n Simplifies ISA operations u allowing a local growth without establishing new agreements u keeping control on geographical issue n Allows sections to participate in education services u No dependence on section operations u May be a valuable funding source

50 Benefits n Allows to hire the best experts u Who become new valuable members n Allows to deal with other organizations u To expand courses development F New courses, New locations F specific lab facility requirement u without becoming dependents on them

51 Benefits n allows to provide the widest range of courses, u based on the market demand u rather than on the particular expertise of an individual or a training organization.

52 Relationship with ISA TI, Districts and Sections n ISA Training Institute u Manages TIOs distribution and agreement n Districts u Leverage / coordinate new TIOs n Sections u Leverage new TIOs u Provide marketing resources u Help to identify experts u Help for strategic development

53 Finances n Training revenues subject to a global royalty fee u Currently around 15% (see issue #7) u This is a fair amount that allows proper LTO operations

54 Royalty fee allocation n Part to ISA training institute to manage courses n Part to course developers F SP, Division honoraria F Possibly individual developers n Part to the local sections F Applied in France with a significant impact on section budget F Justify their promotion effort Though difficult to assess


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