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PREPARING FOR SENIOR YEAR Poway High School. PHS Counseling Jesse LunaA-Er Lauren Whitfield Es-La Blanca Arreguin Le-Ra Jerilyn Padua Reyes Re-Z Email:

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2 PHS Counseling Jesse LunaA-Er Lauren Whitfield Es-La Blanca Arreguin Le-Ra Jerilyn Padua Reyes Re-Z Email: first initial last name

3 Overview Counselors as a Resource College Application Process Letter of Recommendation Process Transcript Requests/Test Scores Financial Aid/Scholarships Senior Calendar: Month by Month

4 Counselors as a Resource Support students in their post secondary plans throughout senior year Student open office hours at break/lunch/after school or by appointment Information disseminated through the PHS website, E-weekly updates, mail, and daily announcements Workshops to support post high school plans Senior class visits

5 Transcript Review How to read a six semester transcript Credit deficiency plans CAHSEE 230 credits to “walk the line” Repeating a class


7 What should I be doing now? Finalize 3 Tiered List of Colleges Reach (1-2) Probable (2-4) Safe (2-3)  Admission rates  Average GPA/test scores  Comprehensive review factors  Freshman profiles from previous years  Reference books in Titan Center  Online statistics

8 CSU System Applications Application Window: 10/1 – 11/30 Admission factors: G.P.A./ SAT or ACT NO LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION or TRANSCRIPT

9 UC System Applications Application Window Opens: 08/1 – 11/30 Submission Window: 11/01-11/30 Required: Personal Statement SAT or ACT with writing SAT II (Optional) NO LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION or TRANSCRIPT

10 New UC Math Rule Fall 2015 applicants and thereafter: All applicants must complete a Geometry course. The omission of Geometry cannot be validated by a higher level math course. Recommended: If you took Geometry in Middle School- contact our Registrar (Mrs. Gutkowski) to obtain the “Student Request to ADD 8 th Grade Course to HS Transcript” form.

11 Common Application Over 500 private colleges are Common Application members Complete 1 application for all schools Application includes:  First year application  Secondary School Report  2 Academic Teacher Evaluations  Mid-Year Report  Transcript  Final Report

12 Other Private Colleges Review college website(s) to identify application requirements and deadlines Many require a letter of recommendation

13 1 2 3

14 Letter of Rec Process All of the following documents MUST be completed and turned into your counselor for a letter to be written.  Step 1:FERPA Waiver  Step 2:College Information Form  Step 3:Personal Information Form  Step 4:Parent Brag Sheet  Step 5:Teacher Input Forms  Step 6: Purchase Official Transcript  Step 7: Resume/Extracurricular Log (Optional)

15 Transcripts  For any Common Application and/or SENDedu schools you are applying to, pay for your transcript at the PHS Finance Office and bring the receipt to your counselor.  For all other colleges (non Common Application schools), order and send your transcript via The cost is $5 per transcript

16 Test Scores SAT/SAT II/AP/ scores need to be sent electronically  ACT  NOTE: UC’s and CSU’s DO NOT require a transcript as part of the initial application  Transcripts MAY be requested by the college after the student has submitted their application

17 Financial Aid & Scholarships FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid  Work Study, Student/Parent Loans, Pell Grants  Easily Accessible: Whole process completed online Research scholarship opportunities throughout senior year PHS Counseling Office: Scholarship Deadline Log Attend Financial Aid Night:  Thursday, January 8 th 2015 @ 6:00 p.m. (RBHS-PAC)

18 NCAA (College Athletics) Registration Checklist: Below is a list of items you may want to have prepared prior to beginning your registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Valid Email Address  Personal Information  Education History/Test Scores  Sports Participation History  Payment (registration fee is $70) www.

19 Senior Monthly Calendar

20 September Register for SAT/SAT II Subject Tests/ACT  CSU/UC: December last test date for seniors; October for select campuses including SDSU and Cal Poly, SLO Send SAT/ACT scores to colleges Request Letters of Recommendation for private colleges Attend Common App Workshop:  Thurs. Sept 25 th @ 2:15 in the Titan Center

21 October Palomar College Information Session  Thurs. Oct 9 th (2:15p.m.) Attend UC/CSU Application Workshops  University of California: Thurs. Oct 16 th (2:15 p.m.)  California State University: Tues. Oct 21 st (2:35 p.m.) Begin submitting CSU applications online Early Decision/Early Action applications typically due November 1 st Request Letters of Recommendation by November 1 st

22 November CSU/UC applications due by November 30 th College Application Support  Monday, Nov 17 th from 1:35-2:35 p.m. in the Library Last chance to register for December SAT/SAT II/ACT

23 December/January ASVAB: December 9 th at 7:30 a.m. (Room K-1) Establish Personal Identification Number (PIN) at FAFSA Application Window: 1/1 – 3/2 Attend Financial Aid Night: 1/8 @ RBHS (PAC) Avoid “senioritis” and “dumbing down” student schedule. College acceptances are PROVISIONAL!

24 February/March Send official transcripts (if requested by university) GPA verification for Cal Grant sent automatically by PHS Registrar CSU/UC acceptance letters arrive by March 31 st Apply to Community College and take Community College EAP assessment tests Community College Mini Fair: February 2015

25 April Visit colleges you have been accepted to Financial Aid award letters arrive Return Student Intent to Register (SIR) by May 1 st with tuition deposit Research housing IMMEDIATELY

26 May/June Take AP Exams Request a final transcript at be sent to college you will GRADUATION!! Class of 2015

27 Workshops *In the Titan Center afterschool Common Application Workshop*  Thursday, September 25 th Palomar Community College Information Session*  Thursday, October 9 th University Of California Application Workshop*  Thursday, October 16 th California State University Application Workshop*  Thursday, October 21 st College Application Support  Monday, November 17 th (in the Library)

28 Questions ?s

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