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Whole Farm Needs Assessment Level 2 qualification.

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1 Whole Farm Needs Assessment Level 2 qualification

2 What is the Business Investment Scheme (BIS)? Proposed capital grant scheme for buildings and equipment Development commenced 2014/15 - Possible launch 2016 Proposed 40% grant rate 50% proposed for young farmers who have become head of holding in the last 5 years

3 Budget of up to £200m for BIS Includes a mix of both EU and NI funding Constraints Money may not be carried forward Accurate profiling of expenditure by DARD will be needed Funding of BIS

4 DARD wants to survey farmers in March 2015 This will assess farmers future capital spend intentions An electronic form is being launched to do this It will be called a “Whole Farm Needs Assessment” Completing it will be voluntary Needs to be completed as accurately as possible On-farm capital spending

5 Help you to plan the future direction of your business Test demand for a capital investment scheme Improve forecasting of expenditure by DARD Inform scheme design and rollout This is your opportunity to influence any future scheme Whole Farm Needs Assessment will:-

6 Completed electronically – downloaded from DARD website Editable PDF format can be saved to your computer Emailed to DARD once completed Completed forms accepted until 3 rd April 2015 How does it work?

7 Proposed Timescale - BIS Whole farm needs assessments collated – April/May 2015 EU approval for next NI Rural Development Programme – early summer 2015 Autumn 2015 – DARD business case for grant aid Late 2015/early 2016 – scheme design Scheme opened for applications thereafter if approved

8 How can I access the whole farm needs assessment form ? Can be downloaded from the Rural Development section of the DARDNI website Forms completed and e-mailed to Telephone helpline : 0300 200 7849 Grant scheme still subject to necessary approvals

9 Disclaimer The Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) 2014 – 2020 has not yet been approved by the EU There could be many changes before any grant scheme might be launched The NIRDP will be subject to the necessary DARD and Government approvals

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