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1 GoGo Key ™ Designed & created by Strong Bear, LLC.

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1 1 GoGo Key ™ Designed & created by Strong Bear, LLC

2 2 Contents What is GoGo Key ™ ? What does GoGo Key ™ look like? How does GoGo Key ™ work? Concerns about GoGo Key ™ The future of GoGo Key ™

3 3 What is GoGo Key ™?

4 4 GoGo Key ™ (GGK) is a program that is designed to be used with a USB key to provide security for your files. GGK uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm for encryption. Your files are protected by one of the best encryption methods approved by the US government. GGK is very easy to use and even a novice computer user can run GGK with very little instruction.

5 5 What is GoGo Key ™ ? USB keys are one of the best ways to store and transport data. USB keys are easily portable, hold more data than floppies or Zip disks, and are not susceptible to the same risks as magnetic media. USB keys are becoming inexpensive with much greater capacities and, in the immediate future, will hold more data than a CD-ROM disk with greater reliability and robustness.

6 6 What is GoGo Key ™ ? GGK has a simple interface that is very intuitive. Most users will be encrypting their files in just a few minutes without any instruction at all. The simple “drag and drop” interface means anyone can use it!

7 7 What is GoGo Key ™ ? Many encryption programs are very complicated to use, requiring the user to install a program to the hard drive of the user’s computer and separately to the hard drives of any additional computers the user might employ in order to utilize their security software. GGK solves this problem by performing all the work for you on any computer using a Windows 98SE * operating system or higher. All you have to do is enter your password and press the Lock or Unlock button. * Win98SE requires a USB driver obtained from Microsoft™ at their web site and installed prior to USB insertion.

8 8 What does GoGo Key ™ look like?

9 9 The GGK interface has been designed to be as simple as possible and exceedingly user friendly. All of the controls have been positioned to maximize the productivity of the user. GGK uses simple language; even the most novice computer user can understand what each button does.

10 10 What does GoGo Key ™ look like? The current status of GGK. (Unlocked in this case.) Press this button to lock or unlock your files. Press this button to open Windows explorer to view, add, and remove your files. Type your password here. Press this button to change your password and the way GGK looks. The status bar shows what GGK is doing. Press this button to exit GGK. Click here for help.

11 11 What does GoGo Key ™ look like? The splash screen of GGK can be changed by simply scanning your company logo or business card and insert it via the options menu. Should you then lose your key, anyone finding it can quickly identify the owner and contact you.

12 12 What does GoGo Key ™ look like? GGK also comes with other interfaces or “skins”. The default interface utilizes your current operating system’s colors.

13 13 What does GoGo Key ™ look like? The Blue interface has a very modern look.

14 14 What does GoGo Key ™ look like? The Sunshine interface works very good for visually impaired users or for all of us that use the computer too much!!!

15 15 How does GoGo Key ™ work?

16 16 How does GoGo Key ™ work? GGK was designed to utilize very little of your computer’s resources. When the USB key is inserted for the first time into a computer’s USB port, only two files are automatically and invisibly installed on your computer. All other functions are performed on the USB key. The two files can be removed by following the instructions on the Options menu in GGK.

17 17 How does GoGo Key ™ work? File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 This is the USB key. These are the files on the USB key. When the user presses the Lock button, GGK combines all of the files into a single Megafile.

18 18 How does GoGo Key ™ work? File 1, File 2, File 3, File 4, File 5 & Dir This Megafile contains all of the files plus a file directory created by GGK. GGK then encrypts the Megafile using AES. xia ask3gfeo 6ald fpw[2;ka3a er2 9 agr xia ask3gfeo 6ald fpw[2;ka3a er2 9 agr

19 19 How does GoGo Key ™ work? The data is now encrypted. No one, not even Strong Bear (the programmers of GGK), can view the data without the user’s password.

20 20 Concerns about GoGo Key ™

21 21 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ Concern # 1 What happens to the files that GGK deletes from your USB key? Can a file recovery program bring them back?

22 22 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ When GGK deletes a file, it uses the National Security Agency (NSA) approved method of deletion. First, it fills the file with randomized data and changes the file name to a random name. The file is then deleted. If a file recovery program attempts to recover and recompile the file, it will find only meaningless random data.

23 23 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ Concern #2 What happens if GGK runs out of room for files on the key?

24 24 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ If the USB key does not have the capacity to contain all of the files during the encryption/decryption process, GGK will use the computer’s hard drive as temporary storage. As the data is encrypted or decrypted, it will be restored to the key and the temporary file will be securely deleted. A stand-alone compression program such as Winzip™ or PKZip™ may be used prior to the encryption process without any loss of security or data.

25 25 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ Concern #3 What happens if my key gets damaged?

26 26 Concerns about GoGo Key ™ If your key is damaged it may be possible to copy the files onto another key. The GGK program will encrypt only on the original key, but it will allow you to decrypt on any key using your original password.

27 27 The future of GoGo Key ™

28 28 The future of GoGo Key ™ GoGo Key ™ is a valuable asset for your company, providing reliable secure encryption that is quick and easy to use. A convenient, affordable method of transportation of your data, it is unequaled by any other security software currently on the market. The AES encryption algorithm utilized by GGK has been approved by the US government for use in banks, as well as many government organizations.

29 29 The future of GoGo Key ™ The market for USB-powered devices is growing exponentially as more businesses and consumers seek greater security, portability and reliability for their data. GGK sees the consumer market taking off, with technologies maturing and the increasing trend of data information on the go.

30 30 The future of GoGo Key ™ AES, a 128-bit encryption system, used by GGK, is recognized as the best method currently available to the public and accepted by the federal government. It is virtually impossible to break the AES encryption algorithm. The use of this password-based method in the GoGo Key ™ product of Strong Bear LLC has been certified by Dr. Warren D. MacEvoy, Jr., Ph.D. in Mathematics, currently on the faculty of Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado.

31 31 GoGo Key ™ This product contains encryption technology that is controlled by the United States Export Administration Regulations, and as such may not be exported or re- exported to Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, the Taliban controlled areas of Afganistan or any country to which the United States embargoes goods. This product may not be distributed to persons on the Table of Denial Orders, the Entity Lists, or the List of Specially Designated Nationals.

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