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1 Marketing Research Session 2. 2 Overview Top MR Firms Careers.

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1 1 Marketing Research Session 2

2 2 Overview Top MR Firms Careers

3 3 Top Indian MR Firms AC Nielsen ORG-MARG NFO Research IMRB T N Sofres Mode Gallup MBA

4 4 Careers with MR Firms For MBAs Research Executive/Associate –full client facing job –Write proposal, design the study, sampling, supervise data collection, analysis and reports. Qualities Needed –Good communication skills –Have an analytical mind –Willingness to meet time pressures and deadlines

5 5 Marketing Research The Complete Steps

6 6 Assessing Information Needs What is it that you want to know? Information by itself is useless. A bunch of data is meaningless unless some insight can be obtained from it for use.

7 7 Assessing Information Needs The right kind of information is therefore very important

8 8 Getting Right Information Normally, 3 sources: Internal databases-maintained by the company. Quick and cheap access. Marketing Intelligence-systematic collection & analysis of publicly available info. Must consider ethical issues like “dumpster diving by P&G” Marketing Research-elaborate research for specific marketing situations.

9 9 Steps in Marketing Research First define the problem E.g. Nobody knows what the Tamil youths feels about Thums Up soft drink. Next, agree on the research objective E.g. Find out what the Tamil youths feel about Thums Up Problems “Tamil youth”- be more specific..youth in Tamil Nadu? “Feel”-too vague…rephrase

10 10 Steps in Marketing Research Develop the Research Plan To gather the data efficiently and to avoid unwanted data Mention sources, approach, sampling plan, instruments-specific information Research plan usually presented as a written proposal to management for funding

11 11 Gather Secondary Data Wide variety of reports available. Must know how to select the right information Can focus on General background information first. E.g. Indian Consumer Confidence (Free Report by AC Nielsen 2007)

12 12 Gather Secondary Data E.g. Indian Consumer Confidence

13 13 Gather Secondary Data Next focus on specific information Indian Urban Household Wallet (Source: KPMG 2005 Report)

14 14 Gather Secondary Data Try to find gaps in the secondary information. What more information do you need? E.g No information on Tamil youth

15 15 Collect Primary Data Approach: Observation, Survey Contact Methods: Mail, telephone, personal interviews, focus groups Sampling Plan: Random, Cluster Research Instrument: Questionnaire, People meters, Checkout scanner

16 16 Interpret and Report Interpret the findings and report to management Now, the trend is to collect information from multiple “touchpoints”-web, sales team etc. CRM tools available to manage this information. Eg. SAS, Siebel, MS Report stored in intranet.

17 17 Ethics Respect privacy Never misuse confidential information Do not make false claims

18 18 Thank You (End of Session 2)

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