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M - Commerce 20042512 Mi Yul Park. 2005-08-092 Table of Contents Introduction Attributes of M-Commerce Examples M-commerce: Hardware M-commerce: Software.

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1 M - Commerce 20042512 Mi Yul Park

2 2005-08-092 Table of Contents Introduction Attributes of M-Commerce Examples M-commerce: Hardware M-commerce: Software M-commerce: Protocol WAP Limitation Q&A

3 2005-08-093 Mobile Commerce Mobile commerce (m-commerce, m-business): the use of Mobile Devices, such as Mobile phones, PDA, in order to communicate, inform, transact using text and data via connections to public and private Networks. Creates opportunity to deliver new services to existing customers and to attract new ones

4 2005-08-094 M-Commerce: Generations 1G: 1979-1992 wireless technology 2G: current wireless technology; mainly accommodates text 2.5G: interim technology accommodates graphics 3G: 3 rd generation technology (2001- 2005) supports rich media (video clips) 4G: will provide faster multimedia display (2006-2010)

5 2005-08-095 Terminology and Standards GPS: Satellite-based Global Positioning System PDA: Personal Digital Assistant—handheld wireless computer SMS: Short Message Service EMS: Enhanced Messaging Service MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service WAP: Wireless Application Protocol Smart phones: Internet-enabled cell phones with attached applications

6 2005-08-096 Attributes of M-Commerce and Its Economic Advantages Mobility - users carry cell phones or other mobile devices Broad reach - people can be reached at any time

7 2005-08-097 Value-added attributes of m-commerce Ubiquity - easier information access in real-time Convenience - devices that store data and have Internet, intranet, extranet connections Instant connectivity - easy and quick connection to Internet, intranets, other mobile devices, databases Personalization - preparation of information for individual consumers Localization of products and services - knowing where the user is located at any given time and match service to them

8 2005-08-098 NextBus: A Superb Customer Service (1/3) The Problem Buses in San Francisco have difficulty keeping to 20 minute schedule during rush hours Posted schedule becomes meaningless

9 2005-08-099 NextBus: A Superb Customer Service (2/3) The Solution Bus riders carrying Internet-enabled cell phone or PDA helps: Find estimated arrival time at each stop, digitally in real time Soon location-based advertisements will pop up— you have time to get a cup of coffee before the bus arrives—Starbuck’s is 200 feet to the right

10 2005-08-0910 NextBus: A Superb Customer Service (3/3) The Results Passengers in San Francisco are happy with the system Worries about missing the bus are diminished May discover they have time for a cup of coffee before the bus arrives Bus company can: Schedule better Arrange for extra buses when needed Improve operations

11 2005-08-0911 Examples of M-Commerce GPS System Mobile banking Mobile Stock Market Mobile Download (Game or Character)

12 2005-08-0912 Example: SK Telecom - NEMO Mobile e-Money services Send payment via NEMO

13 2005-08-0913 Wide application M- commerce Entertainment Music Games Graphics Video Pornography Communications Short Messaging Multimedia Messaging Unified Messaging e-mail Chatrooms Video - conferencing Transactions Banking Broking Shopping Auctions Betting Booking & reservations Mobile wallet Mobile purse Information News City guides Directory Services Maps Traffic and weather Corporate information Market data

14 2005-08-0914 Classes of M-Commerce Applications

15 2005-08-0915 M-Commerce Hardware Cellular (mobile) phones Smart phones PDA Interactive pagers Other devices Laptops ETC

16 2005-08-0916 M-Commerce: Software Microbrowser Mobile client operating system (OS) Windows 2000/2001/NT, Palm OS, Win CE Bluetooth - a chip technology and WPAN standard that enables voice and data communications between wireless devices over short-range radio frequency (RF) Mobile application user interface Back-end legacy application software Application middleware Wireless middleware

17 2005-08-0917 M-Commerce: Protocol MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Bluetooth Mobile IP

18 2005-08-0918 WAP Architecture Web Server Content CGI Scripts etc. WML Decks with WML-Script WAP Gateway WML Encoder WMLScript Compiler Protocol Adapters Client WML WML- Script WTAI Etc. HTTPWSP/WTP

19 2005-08-0919 WAP - Wireless Application Protocol Forum: co-founded by Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, Unwired Planet Goals deliver Internet services to mobile devices independence from wireless network standards Browser “ micro browser ”, similar to existing web browsers Script language similar to Java script, adapted to mobile devices Gateway transition from wireless to wired world Server “ wap server ”, similar to existing web servers Protocol layers transport layer, security layer, session layer etc.

20 2005-08-0920 Limitations of M-Commerce Usability Problem small size of mobile devices (screens, keyboards, etc) limited storage capacity of devices hard to browse sites Technical Limitations lack of a standardized security protocol insufficient bandwidth 3G licenses transmission and power consumption limitations heterogeneity of fragmented networks

21 2005-08-0921 Q & A

22 2005-08-0922 WAP Risks WAP Gap Claim: WTLS protects WAP as SSL protects HTTP Problem: In the process of translating one protocol to another, information is decrypted and re- encrypted Recall the WAP ArchitectureWAP Architecture Solution: Doing decryption/re-encryption in the same process on the WAP gateway Wireless gateways as single point of failure

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