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Phonics Workshop Our Approach to Reading at Priory Rise.

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1 Phonics Workshop Our Approach to Reading at Priory Rise

2 Overview Sounds-Write programme Sight recognition – for some words which cannot be written phonetically e.g. the, are, was Exposure to a wide range of texts – understanding of story and how different texts work – guided reading, literacy lessons Developing a love of literature and reading

3 Key Principles of Phonics Approach All sounds are represented by symbols that we call letters Some sounds are represented by one letter e.g.,,, some by two letters such as,, some by three letters such as, Sounds may be represented (spelled) in more that one way e.g ‘ae’ as in ‘Rachel’, ‘playing’, ‘they’ and ‘ie’ and as in ‘I’ and ‘buy’ Teaching whole words, not teaching sounds in isolation –teaching the children using complete words gives them meaning and a context in which to place their learning. Asking children to learn the sound ‘c’ in isolation is meaningless to them Children are taught to read and write the words at the same time

4 Key Skills Segmenting – The children learn to segment the individual sounds to write and spell words eg ‘sat’ is split into it’s three sounds ‘s’.... ‘a’.... ‘t’ Blending – The children learn to blend individual sounds to read words eg. ‘v’ ‘e’ ‘t’ is blended into the word ‘vet’ Phoneme manipulation – The children manipulate the individual sounds within words so one sound can be replaced by another e.g. mat – sat – sit – it - am

5 Progression Initial code – the children are taught the skills to segment, blend and manipulate sounds in words Extended code – the children learn that sounds can be spelled in more than one way e.g. the sound ‘ae’ can be spelled,,,,, etc Polysyllabic words (2 - 6 syllable words) – the children learn to blend and segment polysyllabic words Suffixes, prefixes – The children learn to spell words containing the suffix eg. mixture and the prefix e.g. antibiotic

6 Resources Whiteboards and pens Magnetic letters and boards Phonic reading scheme Post its Flip flaps Phonic bones

7 Using the Internet Espresso has lots of games that you can access at home Phoneme flop is a fun game emeFlop_v4.html

8 A Typical Lesson Word-building Symbol Search Sound Swap Reading and Spelling Words

9 Word Building Lesson

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