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Community of Inquiry in an Online Course D’Arcy Norman Collaboration for Learning 2013.

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1 Community of Inquiry in an Online Course D’Arcy Norman Collaboration for Learning 2013

2 A Case Study Using the Community of Inquiry Framework to Analyze Online Discussions in WordPress and Blackboard in a Graduate Course

3 Research question How does the selection of an online discussion software environment, specifically the Blackboard discussion board and WordPress blogging software, when combined with course design and pedagogical decisions, influence the nature of a learning community, as expressed through online discourse and social connectedness in higher education?

4 unofficial research question WordPress rules, Blackboard drools. #amiright?


6 Types of data Online discussion archives – Metadata Timestamps Participants and connectedness – Coding of online discussion posts Survey – combined CoI & Classroom Community Interview

7 ONLINE DISCUSSION METADATA Information about the posts…

8 Title… AuthorDate Metadata…

9 IdPlatformDiscussionThreadPersonDateDayWordcountImagesLinksAttachmentsCognitiveTeachingSocial# Cognitive# Teaching# Social# of Presences 1 BlackboardFAQ1.1Instructor 2BlackboardFAQ1.1.1 Instructor2011-09-137462 1 C2A T1B 1102 3BlackboardFAQ1.1.1.1 Student-02011-09-22830 0000 4BlackboardFAQ1. Instructor2011-09-228339 C2A 1001 5BlackboardFAQ1. Student-02011-09-22830 0000 6BlackboardFAQ1. Instructor2011-09-2384106 C2A T1A 1102 7BlackboardFAQ1. Student-02011-09-23840 0000 8BlackboardFAQ1.1.2 Instructor2011-09-137456 T1A 0101 9BlackboardFAQ1.1.3 Instructor2011-09-1374104 T1A,T3B 0201 10BlackboardFAQ1.1.4 Instructor2011-09-2687158 1C2A T1A,T3B 1202 11BlackboardFAQ1.1.4.1 Instructor2011-09-26871 1C2A 1001 12BlackboardFAQ1.1.4.2 Instructor2011-09-268734 1 C2A T1A 1102 13BlackboardFAQ1.1.5 Instructor2011-09-2990126 C2A T3B 1102 14BlackboardFAQ1.1.6 Student-62011-09-299092 C1B,C2A 2001 15BlackboardFAQ1.1.6.1 Instructor2011-09-2990103 2 C2A T3BS2B1113 16BlackboardFAQ1. Student-62011-09-299076 C1B S2B1012 17BlackboardFAQ1. Instructor2011-09-3091116 C2A T3B 1102 18BlackboardFAQ1.1.6.2 Student-52011-10-079867 C1B S2B1012 19BlackboardFAQ1. Instructor2011-10-0899100 2 C2A T3B 1102 20BlackboardFAQ1.1.7 Student-42011-10-069792 1 C2A 1001 21BlackboardFAQ1.1.7.1 Instructor2011-10-069730 S2B,S3A0021 22BlackboardFAQ1.1.8 Student-22011-10-1110277 C1B S2B1012 23BlackboardFAQ1.1.8.1 Instructor2011-10-1110271 T3B 0101 24BlackboardFAQ1.1.9 Instructor2011-10-13104352 1 C2A T3B 1102

10 Figure 4.2 – Sample diagram of posts and responses built from metadata in online discussions… WordPress Blackboard

11 Figure 4.9 – Connections between individuals in WordPress (left) and Blackboard (right)

12 Figure 4.4 – Number of posts and average word count for Blackboard and WordPress

13 Figure 4.8 – Mean, max and min total word counts of students’ posts to Blackboard and WordPress

14 Figure 4.3 – Timeline of posting activity by day of course, for WordPress and Blackboard

15 Figure 4.6 – Online discussion activity in Blackboard

16 Figure 4.5 – Online discussion activity in WordPress

17 Figure 4.7 – Total number of posts vs. total wordcount of posts published by participants WordPress Blackboard

18 CONTENT ANALYSIS Looking inside the posts…

19 Blackboard

20 WordPress



23 Table 3.1 – Coding template

24 Figure 3.7 – coded data stored in the spreadsheet

25 Figure 4.10 – Comparison of aggregated CoI coded values for Blackboard and WordPress




29 Figure 4.11 – CoI presence indications in WordPress

30 Figure 4.12 – CoI presence indications in Blackboard

31 Figure 4.13 – Number of simultaneous presences show across all posts, Bb and WP

32 SO, WHAT?

33 What does this mean? Pedagogical direction on discourse may act independently of tool selection. Students follow orders. Who knew? Tool selection may set the tone of online activities.

34 Watch for… Learning analytics and discourse analysis – Eg. http://lakconference2013.wordpress.com Tool development to support (near) realtime analysis of discourse – Eg. http://gephi.org

35 Discuss… Role of instructor’s selection of tool(s)? Role of pedagogical design on discourse – tension with discovery/inquiry? Individual control vs. dictated/communal spaces? Role of metadata analytics? Role of coded-data visualization? High performance computing in the humanities? Would having this kind of analysis or visualization available alter the discourse?


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