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Presented by Group 4 Michelle, Ky, Emerson, Xinhui, Vy.

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1 Presented by Group 4 Michelle, Ky, Emerson, Xinhui, Vy

2 BONES 1) Static Verbs - expressed a state of being or quietly links nouns and adjectives Most common static verb: to be (am, are, is, was, were) Ex: I am a student, they are my class mates, he is smart, they were athletic. (appear, become, seem, prove, remain) She seems determine to pass the exam. (look, taste, smell, feel, sound) She smells the pizza shop across the street.

3 BONES 2) Dynamic- are meant to give action and bring life to our writing Active verbs (suffer, take, end, die, sleep, wish, dream, come, shuffle, give) Transitive- taking direct object Ex: She writes a song to express her emotions. Intransitive- not taking direct object Ex: He arrives late to work every Monday. Helping verbs (may, might, could, should, would, have, can, must, will) as well as (am, are, is, was, were) Ex: She should end her exam before class is over. *Should (helping verb) + end (active verb) = “verb phrase”

4 FLESH More than any other part of speech, it is the verb that determines whether a writer is a wimp or a wizard. Eliminate what’s known as “the passive voice,” in which the subject of a sentence is being acted upon rather than taking the action directly. Ex: “a consummation devoutly to be wished,” the subject, consummation, is receiving the action; who’s doing the wishing remains unclear. (Passive voice)

5 FLESH By contrast, in the active voice, the subject of the sentence is the one acting. Ex: “We end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks,” it is we who end. The active voice is strong, direct, and muscular. The form of an active verb ending in –ing or –ed is known as a participle; participle give you another way to load up on action. Ex: onrushing water, punishing waves, shifting mountains of water, a rocky, waterfall-threaded scree, the thick, pouring, silver-beaded curtain

6 CARDINAL SINS Scrub out every unnecessary is and are When “being” appears, it makes for an error. Ex: “This is the machine which I, being one of the few can operate.” or “I am one of the few who can operate this machine.” Try to use active verb instead of passive to make the statement stronger. Use passive voice in case of getting attention to emphasize a subject’s very passivity. Ex: “After being defeated in successive presidential campaigns, he set up camp in Oakland and crushed all competition in the mayor’s race”. Seems, appears, feels, looks, smells, sounds, tastes Ex: “Though he preferred to remain above the fray, he didn’t seem to have lost his gut for pop culture”. didn’t seem to have lost >< never lost

7 CARDINAL SINS False Limbs- A term for meaningless words, and it means we use improper words in a sentence. Ex: The issues at the conference revolve around economics and politics. The earth revolves around the sun. Try to use a strong single word to replace phrases made of noun or adjective Ex: make contact with----------- use call, fax or email exhibit a tendency to----- --use tend to is prepared to inform you—use will tell you Syntactic switch-hitting— use nouns as verb to give us an image and action Ex: To audition, to moralize, to pocket Turning people and things, especially abstraction into acts often makes the sentence awkward, and also sounds overstated than necessary Ex: to author------ to write to finalize----to finish to impact------to touch

8 CARNAL PLEASURES The Imperative Mood The kind of verb used when we want to give a directive or strong suggestion Allows the verb to demand your complete attention Is usually a single person directing at another person or group of people Ex. “Listen!” Ex. “Complete your homework before you watch TV.” Ex. “Please pay with cash.”

9 QUIZ 1) True or False. Transitive are Dynamic verbs that take a direct object (a noun) in expressing a complete action. 2) The following sentence contains an imperative mood. True or False. Always eat your food in such a way that it won’t turn someone else’s stomach. 3) True or False. Technological innovation centers around Silicon Valley.

10 QUIZ 4) Is “being” used correctly in the following sentence? My birthday, being April 6, usually falls during Easter vacation. 5) The form of an active verb ending in –ing or –ed is known as a ______________. a. Static Verbc. Participle b. Dynamic Verbd. Linking Verb

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