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Thriller Genre Codes & conventions, with examples from Media Research.

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1 Thriller Genre Codes & conventions, with examples from Media Research

2 The thriller Genre overview The thriller genre usually has a crime at its core narrative e.g. murder, jeopardy etc. In Se7en (1995) the crime is murder by a serial killer. Usually the narrative structure is very complex and complicated, with false paths, clues and resolution. This keeps thrillers enthralling and full of suspense. Also thriller tend to have restrictive narratives, this is when you don't know allot about what's happened/happening. Thriller work on two levels. 1 st to thriller, 2 nd a physiological experience. Within thrillers it is usually extraordinary events happening to ordinary people in normal settings. Like in Se7en how its two average detectives who have to capture a mastermind and incredibly intelligent criminal. Thrillers often show society as being corrupt and sinful.

3 Thriller Hybrids & subgenres Genre is French for “type” or “kind”. It is also the placing of a film into a particular category, they tend to have identifiable codes and conventions. What actually sets genres apart is location, music, characters, props etc. Aspects like these are what define the genre of film. Genre Hybrids are films that have elements of two or more genres. Hybrids are often perceived as groundbreaking and more original. Where as Subgenres are the different types of film categories within a genre, there is often a mixing of genres. Sub genres for thrillers include: Crime thrillers, action thrillers and psychological thrillers.

4 Thriller History(TimeLine) http://www.tiki- /History-of-thriller-genre/www.tiki- /History-of-thriller-genre Interactive history of thriller genre using a timeline (Tiki Toki) :

5 Narrative Themes Thriller plots (narratives) will often be complicated structures, they will keep the audience questioning what will happen next, they are full of unexpected twists and turns. Often thrillers will have a restricted narrative. Questions and clues will usually be left unanswered until a defining point in the film, often near the ending. Sometimes in thriller movies they will purposely use things like fake hints or clues called ‘McGuffins’. These are used to make it seem like the object/thing is of importance but in reality they are meaningless in the film. In Se7en they have close ups of this, making the audience think it may be a clue, but it isn't. It serves no point but to be a “McGuffin”.

6 Character representation In thrillers there are usually several characters who are involved in the narrative/plot. Normally there is the hero, who is known as the protagonist. In Se7en its William Somerset & David Mills. They are also historically just average normal citizens in normal situations, who are thrown into extra ordinary ones. The villain is known as the Antagonist, who is the one who cause the drama and mayhem. In Se7en its John Doe. They are often Crazy, but very intelligent. There are also characters who play the role of the donor, the helper, the dispatcher and the false hero. These characters are not always in the film. However most of the time the “damsel in the distress” or “princess” is though. She normally has to be helped or saved by the hero. In Se7en the “princess” is the various characters John Doe is killing and about to kill, so you could class the general public as the one of “princess”. There is a link to a part in Se7en, which shows john doe as being psychotic.

7 Mise-en-scene Costume & Make up – The costume David mills and William Summerset in Se7en are wearing show that they have formal jobs and are intelligent.However the differentiation between the two reflects their individual personalities. Mills (left) is wearing a leather jacket with his suit, showing he's younger. Where as summerset is wearing a trench coat and hat. This shows he’s is more practical and formal/serious. Location – The location/setting is very important of a thriller film, as Mise-en-scene is French for “placing on screen”. So obviously where the film is set adds a lot to the mood and genre. In Se7en its set in a typical thriller location of a urban city. This makes the audience relate and think that this could happen in reality to them.

8 Lighting and colour stock Se7en uses a lot of dark colours such as blue, grey & black. The use of these colours helps create a atmosphere of mystery and makes the film appear more bleak, dark and depressing. This reflects the narrative of the movie. De saturated colouring suggest the movie will be grim, because by de saturating it your taking out the brightness. Low key lighting shows the film has a dark undertone.

9 Sound Se7en uses a lot of non diegetic sounds. These sounds are things like squeaks, creaks and very odd, strange, quite chilling/thrilling noises. This gives the audience the information that the film is going to be a thriller, because those types of noises fit the thriller conventions. ?v=-k2gsEI34CE There is also pleonastic sounds. These are sounds that reinforce/ imitates the action on screen. In Se7en, the weird and creepy music matches the weird and creepy things John Doe is doing in the opening title sequence.

10 Cinematography Establishing Shot is a shot that establishes/presents a scene. More than likely showing where the film is set. Aerial Shots are camera shots taken from an overhead position.. A Wide shot shows the person take up most of the frame/scene. A Long shot shows the actor/actress fully in the frame like a wide shot. Two shots are used when people are having a convosation etc it can show the relationship between people. In a Medium Shot the object and surroundings use about the same amount of the frame. Medium Close Up shots shows the framing of a person from the chest up. A Close Up shot ( head and shoulders shot) show s the expressions and emotions of a character. It Can also be a shot of a object zoomed in to show detail. Extreme Close Up shots show where a part of a face or body of a character. It will fit the whole/most of frame. Point-Of-View Shots(POV), shows the view from a persons perspective. Associated POV (or Over the Shoulder Shots) are looking from behind a character’s shoulder at someone. A overhead Shot is a type of camera shot where the camera is placed above the character. Reaction Shots are shots that shows the reaction of a character.

11 Editing There are loads of jump cuts in the opening title sequence of Se7en. This is used to create discontinuity and disorientation. There are also a lot of cut away’s..

12 Opening Title sequence for Se7en Adds mystery, audience is curious to who this is. Implies there's going to be murder. Dark colours and lighting suggest the film going to be a thriller. Suggest the villain (john doe) has a plan from the beggining Dismembered Text hinting as phycotic vilian which is common in thrillers. http://www.youtu EZK7mJoPLY

13 Film Trailer for Se7en Shows Tracey Mills, who is the “princess” and David Mills weakness/vulnerable spot. Shows Collection of weapons hinting there's going to be violence.

14 References: Notes from lessons Moodle se7en.html#~oRsMnuOzvAbhZB =X&ei=nkYsVKfPLMGa7gaGn4CYBw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAg&biw=1188&bih=511#tbm=isch&q=thriller+g enre preliminary.html g&biw=1188&bih=511#tbm=isch&q=thriller+genre&facrc=_&imgdii=_&imgrc=wRa6bNt2prsHtM%253A%3Bcbm4YqCehI3syM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.w

15 The End By Kev Ishimwe

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