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How Far is Britain a Multi-Cultural Society With Doctor Zoidberg.

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1 How Far is Britain a Multi-Cultural Society With Doctor Zoidberg

2 Social Diversity in Britain Ethnic Group2001 Population 2001 Percentage 2009 Population 2009 Percentage White44,679,36190.92%45,313,30087.5% Asian or Asian British 2,248,2894.58% 3,166,8006.0% Black or Black British 1,132,5082.30%1,521,4002.9% Mixed 643,3731.31%956,700 1.9% Chinese220,6810.45%439,5000.8% Other 214,6190.44%412,100 0.8%


4 What Does This Mean? The Diversity of Britain is increasing. Good or Bad? Good: Brings foreign culture into the country Bad: Less housing space, jobs, school places (Diversity) It means understanding that each individual is Unique, This can mean different race, ethnicity, gender, age social status, physical ability and Religious/Political beliefs

5 Multi: Cultural VS Racialism Multi-racialism : is the concept which promotes a society composed of various races, while accepting and respecting different cultural backgrounds. Multi-culturalism : The Defined by the diversity of cultural backgrounds, all cultures are celebrated and have a contribution towards a better society. which means different ethnic groups living side by side. Both are words rendered almost meaningless by too many different uses in different contexts.

6 Britain Multi-cultural Society British identity although is very diverse it does not mean that Britain view religions and ethnics as equals. Britain is at the point where majority morally know that everyone is equals, this doesn’t stop people viewing others as less superior but this happens all over the world.

7 The Models 2 different models of ethnic integration Multiculturalism Model: Which is Multiculturalism, different ethnic groups living side by side, and not one dominant culture exists. Assimilation into One Identity Model: Individual and Group diversity exists but where the Nations identity overrides a persons origin identity, meaning that individual identities come second. Generation after generation the diversity of Britain would fade away as families would begin to adapt to becoming more and more British resulting in less and less identities related to country of origin.

8 Issues with living in a Multicultural Society Segregation Older people of the same race, religion generally prefer contact with the same background, example of this is my Dad. Assimilation If assimilation increases cultures would be lost in the process of a multicultural society leading to a pointless aim. Integration Fears of mixing races as people don’t like the unknown, or life styles which could be alien.

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