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Existential Tweets So powerful#2chairz.

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1 Existential Tweets So powerful#2chairz

2 Existentialism = man succeeds because of his strength, or lack of Existentialists celebrate human existence. check out this link ** Existence precedes essence --we first exist and then we must find our own unique vocation that will become our essence. We cannot be confined by other societal constructs of happines.

3 Existentialism Emphasis on Not a matter of being right in the eyes of a god, but of being right in [one’s] own Understanding of a situation by someone involved in that situation is superior to that of a detached, objective observer #oldwiseman#drunk&orderly

4 Absurdity Existence is pointless, meaningless, and irrational because nobody knows when his/her life may be abruptly terminated Absurdity = man’s futile search for meaning in an indifferent, meaningless universe.#lifesucks

5 Absurdity Basically, we must, at some time, confront nothingness and realize the impossibility of finding ultimate justification for the choices that we must So we fret about the choices we make because of dread and anxiety, but our existence is so infinitely small in scope of universe that it doesn’t matter. #anxietysucks

6 Disregarding Society’s Accepted Behaviors Society deems certain behaviors as normal/rational #westernculture#introvertsrule When people don’t follow these behaviors, others attempt to create rational reasons as to why #misunderstood

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