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Color by Numbers Pages 85-93. Syntax Introduced color color() colorMode()

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1 Color by Numbers Pages 85-93

2 Syntax Introduced color color() colorMode()

3 Red, Green, Blue RGB is a common way to specify color Minimum value of number is 0 Maximum value of number is 255 Resulting in 256 different shades for each color 0 is black, 255 is the specific color…

4 Functions that take color as parameters background(r,g,b); fill (r,g,b); fill(r,g,b,alpha) stroke(r,g,b); stroke(r,g,b, alpha) alpha is for opaque/transparency 0 – entirely transparent 255 – entirely opaque

5 Example1 (size 100X100) background(129,130,87); noStroke(); fill(174,221,60); rect(17,17,66,66);

6 Example2 background(129,130,87); noFill(); strokeWeight(4); stroke(174,221,60); rect(19,19,62,62);

7 Example 3: transparency background(116,193,206); noStroke(); fill(129,130,87,102); // more transparent rect(20,20,30,60); fill(129,130,87,204); // less transparent rect(50,20,30,60);

8 Example 4 background(0); noStroke(); fill(242,204,47,160); // yellow ellipse(47,36,64,64); fill(174,221,60,160); // green ellipse(90,47,64,64); fill(116,193,206,160); // blue ellipse(57,79,64,64);

9 color object color(gray); color(gray,alpha); color ruby= color(211,24,24,160); color pink = color(237,159,176); background(pink); noStroke(); fill(ruby); rect(35,0,20,200);

10 Hue, Saturation, Brightness mode Hue is the actual color. It is measured in angular degrees counter-clockwise starting and ending at red = 0 or 360 (so yellow = 60, green = 120, etc.). Saturation is the purity of the color, measured in percent from (0) to (100). At 0% saturation, hue is meaningless. Brightness is measured in percent from black (0) to white (100). At 0% brightness, both hue and saturation are meaningless.

11 Set a single pixel Lets look at three program and review the code.

12 Summary We studied the usage of color and transparency We also covered other color mode HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) We analyzed code using these attributed and some complex math.

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