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1 A Guide to Symplicity Office of Career Services.

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1 1 A Guide to Symplicity Office of Career Services

2 2 Symplicity Log-in From your web browser, go to https://law-osu- students/ Enter your username and password. https://law-osu- students/

3 3 Home Screen & Announcements From the “home” tab on your tool bar menu, you are able to view important “announcements” from the Career Services Office.

4 4 Profile Information Select the “profile” tab from your tool bar menu. Here you will update your “Personal Information” and your “Academic Information”. You can also make changes to your Password from the “Password/Preferences” tab.

5 5 Uploading Documents Click the “documents” tab on the tool bar menu. Click “Add New”. 1.Name your document in the “Label” box. 2.Select the appropriate label for the “Document Type”. 3.Click the “Browse” icon to select your document. 4.Click the “Submit” icon to upload your document.

6 6 Job Search Click the “jobs/resume collection” tab on the tool bar menu. Here you will find listings of all the current job openings and their application deadlines.

7 Clek Events To view upcoming Career Services events click on the Events Tab. From here you can RSVP to events and add them to your Outlook calendar 7

8 Document Library To navigate to the Document Library click on the Resources Tab. Here you’ll find copies of recent handouts from this event and other useful information (including this Powerpoint.) 8

9 9 Notes on bidding: Fall and Spring OCI interviews are based on 80% pre-select and 20% lottery selections. Students who assign their strongest bid to an employer are most likely to be selected in the lottery for that employer. You will want to use your bids strategically, talk to your advisor to help you decide how to assign your bid points. Opportunity Forum and the NLSC are based on 100% pre-selection. You must still assign bids, but your bid points are meaningless. 1 is the strongest bid number Applying for Interviewing Programs All the information will be under the OCI Tab. You can see important deadlines here. Make sure you have selected the correct session from the dropdown menu. To review individual employers simply click on the review button to view their criteria and required application materials.

10 10 Helpful Employer Research Tools www.nalpdirectory.comFirm’s Website Chambers and Partners American Lawyer Moritz College of Law Career Services

11 11 Staff Linda Sheer Jones, Senior Director of Career Services Cybele Smith, Director of Public Service & Public Interest Programs Liza Larky, J.D. Career Advisor Travis Sheffler, J.D. Career Advisor Trish Tweel, J.D. Career Advisor Cheri Wiles, J.D. Career Advisor Sarah Evinsky, Recruitment Coordinator Cerise Clarke, Office Associate Office of Career Services

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