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Developing a writing plan

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1 Developing a writing plan
How to write a draft

2 P.63:- tuition school Write a persuasive article for your school magazine about why students should not attend school.

3 Drafting Now discuss with your classmates which of the following ideas are useful in this writing task. Expensive school fees, becomes a great burden to the family. Help students revise the subjects, improve academic performance. Passive and meaningless method of learning, not good for the all-round development of students. A big waste of time which can be used for ECA. Teachers are very experienced and skilful in preparing students for public examinations. No guarantee of the qualification of the tutors.

4 Development of ideas Have you chosen these?
Expensive school fees, becomes a great burden to the family. Passive and meaningless method of learning, not good for the all-round development of students. A big waste of time which can be used for ECA. No guarantee of the qualification of the tutors. Try to expand the sentences into longer and more complex ones.

5 4 Ways of Expanding ideas p.60-61
1. Use adverb of degree An overwhelming percentage of students, Most students A great number/ proportion of students The majority of our students Apparently, most students… Some students A few students A pinch of our students Hardly any students Few students None of the students

6 2. Use emotive words (adjectives/ verbs)
Efficient/ effective Suitable/ applicable/ useful/ difficult Rewarding/meaningful Enthusiastic/ bored/ surprised Exhausted/ speechless/ nervous Suffer/ enjoy Overcome with joy/ exhaustion Ignore/ contend/ point out Commit/ dedicate/ devote

7 3. Giving specific phrases
Working for the examination Working assiduously to prepare for the public examination which is a matter of life-or-death to them Doing voluntary work is a good thing Doing voluntary work is certainly rewarding to the individual and beneficial to the community.

8 4. Giving precise vocabulary
The students suffer from large stress of examination. The candidates suffer from tremendous stress of public examinations such as the HKCEE or the HKALE.

9 Expand the sentences below
Expensive school fees, becomes a great burden to the family. Passive and meaningless method of learning, not good for the all-round development of students. A big waste of time which can be used for ECA. No guarantee of the qualification of the tutors.

10 Recapping of ideas, p.67 1. A topic sentence gives us information about the exact ideas of that paragraph. 2. Name the four main parts found in most articles Title Introduction Content conclusion

11 3. The purpose of persuasive writing is to
persuade the reader to accept and change their behaviour 4. Name two components of persuasive writing Use of adverbs of degree Emotive words Give specific phrases Give specific vocabulary

12 5. Emotive words are words that
Create strong emotions and feelings in people 6. Name two phrases that can be used to introduce examples For example, for instance

13 Steps in planning a piece of writing
What are the steps? Discuss with your group and write the steps. They are: Understand the topic/genre/task Decide the number of paragraphs you will write Brainstorm ideas for each paragraph in a mind map. Expand the ideas

14 Let’s try an exercise: p.82
Read the title of the topic on p.83 and organize the following ideas about the advantages of having PE classes in schools in the mind map on the space provided.

15 Social benefits Sports teach us how to work as a team and cooperate with other people. We can make friends and socialize through playing sports. Sports competitions allow students to support their school and meet teams from other schools. Students who enjoy sports can participate in school sports clubs and organizations.

16 Health benefits Students who do not have PE classes may get no exercise at all. PE provides students with much needed regular exercise. It is essential that we exercise regularly in our lives. Having a PE lesson at school is an ideal way of teaching students this. Exercising regularly can improve our overall health and reduce the risk of catching common illnesses like colds and flu.

17 Learning benefits Students who do regular exercise have higher energy levels so they can concentrate better on their academic results. We can learn the importance of discipline and hard work (perseverance) from sports.

18 Write the article now Write an article for your school newspaper to discuss the advantages of having physical education (PE) classes in schools. Remember to expand the ideas You can also expand the ideas by adding more information Give reasons: because/ since/ Give results: therefore/ so/ as a result/ consequently Give extra information: in addition/ besides/ moreover Give opposite ideas: however/ yet Give examples: for example/ for instance/ such as

19 Another task:p.64 Write an article for your school magazine encouraging students to do voluntary work. Write about 250 words. Title: Helping yourself by helping others Be committed and help others The advantages of helping others

20 Introduction Try your introduction What is happening nowadays?
Give a summary of your ideas. Purpose of the article. Try your introduction

21 Introduction What is happening nowadays?
Nowadays, most schools in Hong Kong have set up social service groups to organize all kinds of voluntary activities. It is so pleasing to see a huge number of youngsters are enthusiastic about these activities. Give a summary of your ideas: In fact, doing voluntary work is beneficial to both the students and the community. Purpose of the article: I would like to talk about three of the many advantages of being voluntary helpers in this article.

22 Discuss: find the useful ideas
Earn some quick money. Take up an extra curricular activity Learn to be a caring person. Can kill time easily Learn to be a leader. Can get someone to help with your homework. Can get a sense of satisfaction by helping people. Learn to be a responsible citizen. Learn necessary life skills

23 What have you chosen? Give some examples to support the sentences.
School volunteers can get a great sense of satisfaction when they help the needy. e.g. working as a tutor to help new arrivals from the mainland. Doing voluntary work can help high school students become caring and responsible adults. e.g. working as a volunteer in an elderly centre It is a golden opportunity for them to learn the necessary life skills. e.g. a good chance for developing life skills such as collaborative skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, independent thinking skills

24 Signpost words First and foremost, In addition, Moreover, Furthermore,
Last but not least, For example, As a result,

25 Conclusion: connectives
In conclusion, To conclude, In summary, All in all,

26 Conclusion Young people should take part in voluntary work
It can provide an important service for others in the community It is important to learn the life skills to help them become successful and dedicated members of the society.

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