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ASQ Milwaukee February 17, 2014 Leadership & Highly Effective Teams Presented by: Julie M. Kowalski of Spizzerinctum Group LLC

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1 ASQ Milwaukee February 17, 2014 Leadership & Highly Effective Teams Presented by: Julie M. Kowalski of Spizzerinctum Group LLC 262-993-4883

2 2 Good leaders are MADE not born! “ Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal" Vince Lombardi “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority” Ken Blanchard 262-993-4883

3 262-993-4883 3 Differences between a Leader and a Manager Leader Recognizes increase in responsibility and loss of some “rights” & freedoms Focuses on fixing the problem Knows the “main thing” and eliminates confusion Puts the “right” people in the “right” positions Always reaches for improvement Develops him/herself and others Confronts and handles problems Embraces, creates, and makes change Collaborator Quits only when the job is done Never settles for mediocrity Manager Recognizes increase in responsibility Focuses on who or what to blame Isn’t always able to eliminate confusion and often adds to the confusion Fills positions Can become complacent Develops him/herself Can avoid and disregard problems – hoping it will go away Likes the status quo Can be more of a dictator or democratic ruler Quits when tired Often settles for mediocrity

4 4 What does it take to be a Leader? Mastering the Soft skills What are soft skills? Personal qualities Habits Attitudes Social graces Which make someone a good employee, manager, leader, compatible co-worker. (“What are soft skills”, Kate Lorenz, 262-993-4883

5 5 Top soft skills required for success Listens intently and removes personal “filters” Communicates consistently and in a timely manner Trusts others to get the job done Is flexible and understanding Has an even temperament Shares credit Sees things from a different perspective Wants to “serve” / help others Takes an initiative – don’t wait for the “perfect” moment or solution and do not wait to be “acted upon” Uses time wisely Spends time developing solutions, rather than complaining 262-993-4883

6 6 Leaders give up past “RIGHTS” Leaders give up the right to: Join employee “pity parties” Blame someone or something Focus on the past NOT have a solid, positive working relationship with their boss – NO MATTER WHAT Let circumstances dictate actions NOT guard their integrity Hire easy and manage tough Be like “Bill Murray” – Ground Hog Day NOT fail 262-993-4883

7 7 Leaders give up past “RIGHTS” … Continued Right to lower the minimum acceptable performance by allowing people who are “falling” stars to stay on the team 20%Super Stars 50%Middle Stars 30%Falling Stars 262-993-4883

8 8 10 Biggest Mistakes Leaders make 1.Waiting too long to address a problem or address unacceptable behavior. 2.Talking too much and not listening enough. 3. “Over-supervising” and underestimating the knowledge and capabilities of the people they hired. 4.Failing to acknowledge excellent behavior but always addressing unacceptable behavior. 5.Trying to lead by intimidation. 6.Feeling the need to solve all problems, including problems they do not own. 7.Using “roadblocks” as excuses. 8.Assuming that your employees know the company’s objectives and purpose as well as how they contribute to the objectives and purpose. 9.Approaching selection and hiring in a haphazard manner – hiring to “fill a position”. 10.Not REALLY giving up past rights. 262-993-4883

9 9 Good Leaders are Made not Born! Leaders Don’t …. Manage to the exception Take the easy way out Get caught up in popularity landmines Manipulate others Manage by committee Do it themselves Work with cloudy expectations Ignore their weaknesses Procrastinate Play the blame game or the we should have … Give up on their convictions 262-993-4883

10 10 Engaging Team Members What does an engaged team member look like / act like? 262-993-4883

11 11 Engaging Team Members What does a non engaged team member look like / act like? 262-993-4883

12 12 Engaging Team Members Top causes of disengagement 7.Mismatch between the job / company and the person 6.Too Little coaching / feedback 5.24 / 7 connection 4.Ineffective leadership 3.Lack of support for new ideas / new ways of doing things 2.Actions which are inconsistent with values 1.Lack of effective and timely communication! 262-993-4883

13 13 4 Steps to Engaging Team members 1.Inquiring minds want to know – ASK ? 2.Offer feedback not meaningless praise and / or criticism 3.Seek feedback – not meaningless praise and / or criticism 4.Create supportive versus defensive climates 262-993-4883

14 14 Leaders give Feedback not meaningless Praise / Criticism Praise / CriticismConstructive Feedback You did a great job. Good work!The contributions you made on this project, were a big help. I noticed that the work you produced was thorough and accurate. In addition, whenever I needed help in coordinating the team and managing the project schedule, you stepped in and covered for me, or gave me your assistance, which kept the team and project on schedule. Thank you so much for your contributions to helping make this project a success. You were not much help on this project. I hope this is not the best that you can do. Tom, I have some concerns regarding your role on the sales presentation project. As I explained at the beginning of the project, your role was to manage the project in terms of keeping people focused on their assignments and ensure that all of the actions were completed on time. I did not see that occur. For example, many of the team members came to me with questions about schedules, after they contacted you, and you did not respond. Patty came to me asking when she needed to complete the testing of the program and I asked if she talked to you and she said she left you two voicemails and emailed you. Finally as you know actions 4, 5, and 6 did not get completed on time and the whole team had to work late last week and come in on Saturday to finish the presentation. Tom, what specific actions do we need to take to ensure that this will not occur again? 262-993-4883

15 262-993-4883 15 Leadership From Group To Team -- Getting There 1.Be Enthusiastic -- it's Contagious - Become enthusiastic - Solicit everybody's views and suggestions 2.Share the Big Picture / the Why to create a sense of urgency - People need to believe there is some urgency and that their work will have a worthwhile purpose

16 262-993-4883 16 Leadership From Group To Team -- Getting There 3.Set Clear Rules of Behavior - Teams develop rules of conduct to help them achieve their purpose and performance goals 4.Keep the communication flowing! - People need to be “in the Know” - Challenge your team with fresh facts and information

17 262-993-4883 17 Leadership From Group To Team -- Getting There 5.Grow Together - Teams must spend a lot of time together (bonding) 6.Celebrate Together! - Exploit the power of positive feedback, recognition, and reward

18 262-993-4883 18 The Language of Leaders The six most important words: "I admit I made a mistake." The five most important words: "You did a good job." The four most important words: "What is your opinion." The three most important words: "If you please." The two most important words: "Thank you," The one most important word: "We" The least important word: "I"

19 19 THANK YOU Thank YOU for allowing me the privilege of spending this time with you! It has certainly been my pleasure! Please do not hesitate to call me if I can be of assistance to you, your company or even another professional organization to which you belong. I would be honored to talk to you, and I am always willing to brainstorm, learn and share with others! Spizzerinctum Group LLC Energy Enthusiasm Success Julie Kowalski 262-993-4883 262-993-4883

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