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Make A Difference M.A.D is a youth volunteer network comprising of college students and working professionals. We are a registered Society under the Travancore.

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1 Make A Difference M.A.D is a youth volunteer network comprising of college students and working professionals. We are a registered Society under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. Our auditors are Korah & Korah Associates and we are a 12(A) registered society We teach English and computers to children in orphanages and street shelters. Today we are a 300 strong organization spread across 3 cities (Cochin, Pune and Chennai) teaching close to 1000 children. www.makeadiff.in1

2 OUR VISION “To Bridge the inequality in society through education” www.makeadiff.in2

3 MAD Network Cochin: 85 volunteers 8 orphanages 350 children Pune: 55 volunteers 4 orphanages 400 children Chennai: 70 volunteers 5 orphanages 300 children www.makeadiff.in3

4 The Reality Most children in orphanages go to sub par Vernacular schools. Education after 10 th is compulsorily in English. Children are sponsored only till the age of 15. www.makeadiff.in4

5 The Result Children drop out of the school after STD X and take up menial jobs because of financial constraints. Children with sponsorship are unable to cope with the shift from Vernacular to English medium The challenges clearly outweighing the benefits, higher education seems meaningless to these children. Hence their performance is poor and are out of school much earlier. The vicious cycle continues. www.makeadiff.in5

6 How we help By imparting quality education focusing on life skills and confidence building. We have three areas of operation Teaching: Language skills Teaching: Computer skills Placements & Scholarships www.makeadiff.in6

7 Teaching: Language skills We conduct 2 hour classes twice a week in our orphanages teaching them communicative English in a fun filled interactive way Each MAD volunteer works with 5-10 children, thus giving individual attention to each child. The emphasis is on developing speaking skills and self-confidence www.makeadiff.in7

8 Teaching: Computer Skills Each child goes through half-hour computer sessions daily under volunteer supervision. They learn English using applications like Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, Gcompris and Edubuntu. They learn career oriented skills like hardware, networking, MS office and Photoshop www.makeadiff.in8

9 Placements & Scholarships For children interested in pursuing higher studies, we provide guidance on academic options and find sponsors to fund their education. For children interested in taking up jobs after Std X or STD XII, we provide guidance on career opportunities during teaching sessions and through the placements mela that we conduct. We impart life skills through annual camps that we conduct at each orphanage focusing on personality development, skill development, and confidence building exercises. We provide each orphanage with good infrastructural facilities by running libraries and computer labs. www.makeadiff.in9

10 Growth plans To have branches in Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata in the coming year. To increase our volunteer base from 300 to 1600 To begin the Employee Volunteer Programme and Friends Of Mad programme to give corporate employees the opportunity to reach out www.makeadiff.in10

11 Some Achievements We have been shortlisted for the international OLPC programme. All our children have access to computers in the ratio of 1 computer: 6 children Over 8000 hours of teaching time have been invested!

12 You can Make A Difference You can join our Employee Volunteer Programme and spend Two Hours every week with our children, teaching them English or Computer Skills. You can join the Friends of MAD network and help us through financial subscriptions. www.makeadiff.in12

13 You can Volunteer If you have Good English Communication Skills / Computer skills High levels of energy The will to stay on for at least a year www.makeadiff.in13

14 Our support You can choose an orphanage and schedule that is convenient for you. You will be assigned 5-10 children whom you will mentor for the coming year. You will be trained and certified by one of India's largest Teacher training organizations: The Teacher Foundation. You will be part of the MAD community, a group of students and young working professionals with a common purpose: to educate and empower. On completion of one year with MAD you will be eligible for the MAD certificate, a record of your contribution to society. www.makeadiff.in14

15 Orphanages in Cochin St Teresa’s Orphanage. Near St Teresa’s College YMCA Poor Boys Home. Thrikakkara Holy Ghost Orphanage. Aluva St Mary’s Orphanage. Market Road Valsalyabhavan. Vaduthala Balbhavan. Tripunithura Snehabhavan. Palluruthy Crescent. Pullepady www.makeadiff.in15

16 Friends of MAD Program If you would like to contribute to MAD but are unable to join the Employee Volunteer Programme, you can support us with financial contributions through monthly subscriptions. You can start by giving as low as Rs 100 to MAD through your company. You will be informed about the various activities that are happening in MAD on a regular basis and invited to all our events. www.makeadiff.in16

17 The Significance Of Friends of MAD Today MAD is an independent youth volunteer network that is not sponsored by any corporate organization or society. Every expense in MAD is met by its volunteers and a close group of well wishers. As we grow our financial requirements have increased and we are unable to meet them internally. We invite like-minded people who understand our purpose and passion to contribute to our cause. www.makeadiff.in17

18 Volunteers Speak... I joined MAD hoping to make a difference. Seven months down the lane I can hold my head up high and say, “Well, I've made a difference”. - Sabarish Not only do you teach here, you learn as well. – Vipin The smile, the response and the care that you get from each kid, you will not get elsewhere. What matters the most is the satisfaction you get in what you do.-Anooja

19 Thank you

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