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Vital Support for Health, Sense of Well-Being and Child Development in an Electri-fRying Environment. Written by Liala Ackerman-Epstein, EMF Expert, Advanced.

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2 Vital Support for Health, Sense of Well-Being and Child Development in an Electri-fRying Environment. Written by Liala Ackerman-Epstein, EMF Expert, Advanced Health Technologies. Toronto, ON Canada

3 EMF = electromagnetic field, current, frequency, radiation, electric field, microwave, EMR, ELF

4 For today’s talk, EMF = electrical charges that are meaningless and disruptive to the body’s own electrical operations

5 We are the 1st generation to be subjected to pervasive EMFs, from, AC electricity and wireless technology

6 Chaotic, non biological electricity Harms physical, emotional & mental health.

7 EMFs and not lifestyle are responsible for “diseases of civilization” Cardiovascular disease cancer diabetes and suicide. Dr. Samuel Milham, Renowned epidemilogist,

8 In June 2012, Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital press release declares Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity an emerging health condition and an initiative to train family doctors in recognizing symptoms of the condition. Dr. Rina Bray, Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic, WCH

9 National Post newspaper, August 11, 2012. Dr. Rina Bray, Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic, Women’s College Hospital in Toronto: “Every year we are getting more and more people coming in... I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling...These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem.”

10 Symptoms associated with EMF exposure: chronic headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), chronic fatigue, nausea, sleep disorder, skin conditions, heart palpitations, memory problems, eye irritation, swelling and itching in the facial area, muscle and joint pain, balance issues, emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety, and concentration or attention difficulties.

11 “50% of the world population will exhibit symptoms of electro hyper sensitivity by the year 2017.” Dr. Ollie Johanssen, Swedish neuroscientist and leading EMF researcher.

12 The toll on the body increases with continued exposure and the manifestations vary between individuals. The timing and type of illness that develops varies from one person to the next.

13 EMFS contribute to every disease and disorder.

14 Why are EMFs harmful to the body?

15 EMFs, 1.Interfere with the body’s own electrical processes. 2.Disconnect the body from Earth’s guiding electrical signals. 3. Elicit responses that erode the body when maintained long term.

16 1. Interference EMFs generated by electrical and wireless devices are like dynamic entities that extend indefinitely in space. They cause electromagnetic charges and currents in their path to move. = disruption to electrically driven body.

17 The human body is driven by an electrical system that produces, transmits and receives electromagnetic frequencies. The flow of electricity through the body is as vital to the body as the flow of blood.

18 At the atomic level, the body’s smallest components are electrically charged elements held together due to their electrical charges.

19 Every function depends on electrical activity in and between cells.

20 The body’s electrical system, 1.drives the physical body; the foundation of the healing process; and 3. informs the body about the external environment. We are electrical beings with internal wiring.

21 Pathways for the transmission of the electrically encoded information. Nervous System Acupuncture Meridian System

22 2. EMFs Disconnect the Body From the Guiding Frequencies of the Schumann Resonances, Earth’s electromagnetic field.

23 Findings In BioPhysics The body’s electrical system is “tuned into" the background electromagnetic frequencies of the planet.

24 The body’s natural resonant frequency aligns the body with the electromagnetic field that surrounds Earth, the “Schumann Resonances”

25 When away from interfering EMFs, the body naturally grounds to Earth's electromagnetic field.

26 Several billion powerful magnetic receivers in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland, have been identified as receivers for the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies.


28 The natural and healthy state of the human body depends, absolutely, on the body appropriately receiving the frequencies of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

29 A strong connection to the Schumann Resonance is needed for optimum functioning of, 1.the brain – the body’s master controller 2.pineal gland – producer and dispatcher of messengers (hormones and chemical messengers “neurotransmitters’) to initiate functions and processes - Master producer of Serotonin and Melatonin 3.the heart – an electrical pump that works best when in sync with Earth’s frequencies 4.circadian rhythms


31 Serotonin Regulates appetite control; sleep; memory; learning; mood; behaviour; cardiovascular functioning; muscle contraction; sense of well being; endocrine, renal, immune and gastrointestinal systems

32 Melatonin Regulates Sleep onset and quality; Body weight; Energy balance; antioxidant activity; Sex hormone production; Mood; Immunity; Bone health; and Prostrate, breast and uterine health

33 Electropollution creates electrical “noise” that interferes with the body’s clear reception of Earth’s Resonances.

34 Today, technologically produced electrical and mobile telecommunications radiation pollutes Earth’s electromagnetic field, so the human body receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology. The body receives incorrect signals right down to the cell level.

35 The human body has a natural resonant frequency (4-15 Hz). EMFs received by the body alter the body’s resonant frequency and create conditions where the body resonates to EMFs instead of to Earth’s electricity.

36 The body will resonate to the AC electrical system (wiring, lighting, appliances, because, 1. The AC system is same range as the body’s own resonant frequency (body = 14 - 15 hz, AC = 50 to 60 Hz). 2.AC electricity induces biologically meaningless currents in the body’s own electrical system because the AC electromagnetic field is alternating/pulsing back and forth.

37 Cyclautronic Resonance Happens when resonance is established between the body and the AC electrical system. It is a transfer of energy from the electrical wiring and appliances into the body’s nervous system. This phenomenon knocks ions out of the cells. interferes with the metabolism within the cells and results in deficiencies in calcium (contributing to arthritis, anxiety), lithium (depression, schizophrenia), and potassium (Alzheimers).

38 The body also establishes resonance with, and transfers energy and information from microwave radiation; such as that emitted by wireless and internet- ready devices. The body has the ability to read and translate the microwaves’ high frequency, digital changes, in analog fashion.

39 The human body is approximately 80% water – a conductor and carrier of electromagnetic frequencies throughout the body. The body has no natural means of repelling or dissipating the electrical currents that are inducted into it.

40 As EMFs accumulate in the body, the body’s resonance shifts further and further away from it’s natural resonance to the Schumann Resonances, Earth’s frequencies. As a consequence, the body grows increasingly less able to access Earth’s vital frequencies.

41 Due to electropollution and ongoing induction of EMFs in the body, man-made electricity has severed our natural connection to the planet’s electromagnetic field. This situation causes dysfunction at every level.

42 3. Ongoing exposure to EMFs leads to the body’s corrosion

43 EMFs are perceived as invaders eliciting immune responses that weaken and cause disorder of the immune system. The immune responses include a reorganization of the body’s energies, reduction in the permeability of the cell membrane walls and suppression of activities.

44 The entire body enters into a state of emergency

45 The perceived threat elicits stress reactions. The sympathetic nervous system is activated resulting in overstimulation of the heart, blood vessels, respiratory centers, and other sites.

46 1.Heart and lung action is accelerated 2.Paling or flushing, or alternating between both 3.Stomach and upper-intestinal action is inhibited o the point where digestion slows down or stops 4.General effect on the sphincters of the body 5.Constriction of blood vessels in many parts of the body 6.Liberation of metabolic energy sources (particularly fat and glycogen) for muscular action 7.Dilation of blood vessels for muscles 8.Lacrimal gland (responsible for tear production) and salivation is inhibited 9.Dialation of pupil (mydriasis) 10. Relaxation of bladder 11. Inhibition of erection 12. Loss of hearing 13. Tunnel vision (loss of peripheral vision) 14. Disinhibition of spinal reflexes 15. Shaking - Anxiety

47 The body’s persistent response to the invading EMFs diverts the body’s healing energies away from where they are needed, diminishes sense of well being, impedes the body’s healing energies, wears down the immune system, as well as, physical, mental and cognitive health.

48 Ongoing exposure to EMFs, 1. wears down the body’s capacities and 2.causes the body’s resonance to shift further and further away from it’s natural resonance to the Shumann Resonances, Earth’s frequencies. As a consequence, the body’s reception of the frequencies needed for health, diminish over time.

49 Long Term Exposure to EMFS Creates dysfunction throughout the body and, therefore, contribute to every disease and disorder.

50 EMFs disturb emotional and mental functioning, promote and accelerate illness & interfere with healing.

51 There are many ways in which EMF exposure interferes with thought processes, learning, memory, emotional control and behaviour. Implications for Child Development

52 Executive Functions Executive functions develop during childhood through to young adulthood.

53 Executive function is a collection of brain processes that are responsible for planning, cognitive flexibility, abstract thinking, learning rules, initiating appropriate action, inhibiting inappropriate action, and selecting relevant sensory information.

54 Executive function is involved in decision making, trouble shooting, impulse control, reasoning, managing time and space, organizing and co-ordinating activities, setting goals, self reflection, self correcting; multi-tasking and mood.

55 Through the development of executive function, the child/adolescent learns to: resist distraction by salient stimuli; focus attention on stimuli that are important; be goal oriented; organize and direct activity so that goals are achieved in ways that are appropriate and rule abiding; engage in abstract thinking; make predictions about the future; reason; think from another’s point of view; evaluate ideas; reflect on ones own work, be flexible in thinking so that self correcting is possible; keep track of time; simultaneously attend to more than one task; engage in group dynamics; wait patiently; finish work on time; and seek assistance when needed.

56 Executive functions become impaired when the pineal gland produces less serotonin in response to EMF exposure. Executive functions are also impaired when EMF exposure disrupts the electrical activity within and between brain cells – which are specifically specialized nerve calls called neurons.

57 Executive functioning is also impaired by the constant unending stress caused by EMFS, which puts the body into a fight or flight response.

58 As a part of the flight-fight response, there is a reduction in blood flow to the Frontal lobes/ forebrain, where executive functioning takes place; this means there is less energy available for executive functions.

59 Executive functioning is also impaired by the loss of important electrolytes through the process of cyclautronic resonance.

60 The disruption in executive functioning has wide reaching implications during childhood.

61 EMF Protection using EarthCalm EMF Protection Products, is sensible and the healthiest means of EMF protection.

62 EarthCalm EMF Protection products, 1.protect against EMFs from personal devices, making for healthy enjoyment of such devices; 2.protect against sources of EMFs not under personal control, such as cell phone towers and smart meters; and 3.eradicate radiation throughout the body, home, office, the body experiences only Earth's NATURAL electrical airwaves, as Nature intended.

63 EarthCalm Provides You with the Sensible Essentials for Healing & Prevention 1.effective EMF protection, from the EMFs to which the body is exposed to in daily life; and 2.a strong connection to Earth’s frequencies, which are growing increasingly less accessible due to electropollution.


65 IIREC is a government funded research institute in Austria and backed by globally recognized scientists of electro physics, biophysics, environmental medicine and wave genetics.

66 Research and independent testing show EarthCalm products: 1.Harmonize biologically “irritating” electromagnetic fields with the natural frequencies of the Earth. 2.Shift the body from dysfunction due to EMF exposure, to natural, healthy functioning, as expected when aligned with the Earth’s frequencies. 3.Improve processes vital for health, clarity, and well being as well as propel the body's healing energies.

67 1.become easily empowered so that you can protect and heal 2. minimize your exposure to environmental electricity 3. safely use modern technological devices Using EarthCalm EMF Protection You Will

68 Proprietary geometric circuits, carefully constructed and calibrated, and which mirror the structure of Earth’s electromagnetic field, function as resonant antennas.

69 EarthCalm’s resonant antennae and other elements work synergistically to, 1.powerfully amplify the body’s natural resonance to Earth’s frequencies and 2.powerfully amplify Earth’s natural frequencies in your EarthCalm- protected space (from devices you use and from external sources).

70 The amplification produces a natural electrical grounding of the body to Earth’s electromagnetic field.

71 EarthCalm technology empowers your body so that your body naturally dissipates EMFs.

72 Grounding blocks out other forms of electricity. It provides the body with a natural means of dissipating/releasing EMFs.

73 Grounding to the Planet’s electromagnetic field is our birthright.

74 Years of research has demonstrated, the deeper the ground, the deeper the protection and the greater the healing.

75 EarthCalm’s powerful action provides the deepest level of grounding.

76 EarthCalm grounding immerses the body, fully, in Earth’s electromagnetic field, the Schumann Resonances. 24-7 Moment to Moment

77 Child Resonators $169 Adult Nova Resonator $349 S Series $199 Protection from Ambient EMFs

78 Home EMF Protection System EMFs associated with the AC grid (lighting, appliances) Smart Meters $329. Only 1 Needed per Home

79 Graduated 4 step process to minimize any detoxification symptoms that naturally follow once the body’s healing energies are released.

80 EarthCalm Home Protection System The only product on the market that provides strong enough EMF protection to help fortify people with electrosensitivity or chronic conditions, while still allowing for a gradual change or adaptation period.

81 Quantum Protector Cordless Base & Cell Phone $129

82 EarthCalm Family Premier Pak 10% Off protection for Everyone When in the Home This package of products is appropriate for most everyone, even those without wifi in the home Purchased individually: $637 F AMILY P REMIER P AK P RICE : $573 This Pak includes the option to purchase the Nova Resonator at 10% Off Pak contents: 1 Scalar Home Protection System 1 Omega Wifi (Choice of USB or Ethernet) for the home’s router 1 Quantum Cell Protector for the home’s cordless phone system

83 Voyager Vehicles & Motorized Equipment $129 Torus Protector Wireless and internet-ready devices, when used away from home $129

84 The Schumann resonances occurring over an eight- hour period can be clearly seen at approximately 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz.

85 The body’s requirement for all of the Earth’s frequencies, for good health, is not served by EMF protection devices which seek to protect by grounding the user to the Earth's crust with mats, pads, etc,, shielding against EMFs, blocking out EMFs, or with material that is activated or charged with bio- compatible frequency, (which often lose effectiveness without the user knowing).

86 EarthCalm philosophy is simple: Provide the most powerful, sensible and healthiest protection anywhere, in keeping with natural laws.

87 90 day money back guarantee to afford you the time to monitor the effectiveness yourself.

88 Toronto Calling Area: 416-222-2368 Outside Toronto Area: 1-888-993-9123

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