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Landscape Intelligence. Exclusive partner on this project GATE to the Future.

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1 Landscape Intelligence

2 Exclusive partner on this project GATE to the Future

3 Launched on June 14 th, 2012 Recruitment initiative that targets individuals who have completed secondary school 275 persons will acquire technical skills and gain work place experience in 4 distinct blocks

4 Cadets will receive hands- on training in: Connect Antigua & Barbuda Initiative Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Diagnostics Support for Community Projects New Media

5 Secondary school students (Government and Private) will be allocated: A modern, 4G LTE enabled computer tablet 4G LTE broadband Internet connectivity Mondays -Fridays from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Up to 6000 secondary school students will benefit from this component Program will commence with students in Forms 3 – 5

6 Discounted evening and weekend packages for students and families 4G LTE enabled smart boards will be made available on a phased basis to secondary schools

7 GATE will propel forward the e-Government agenda. 1000 dongles will be provisioned with 4G LTE connectivity. Remote Government offices will receive broadband Internet connectivity. New international airport will be fully 4G LTE enabled.

8 Digicel will construct, on state owned lands, in the Michael’s Mount Area a multi-purpose ICT Training Facility and Special Needs Resource Center.

9 This facility will serve: 2700 students at six schools: Seventh Day Adventist Mary E. Pigott Ottos Comprehensive Baptist Academy St. John’s Lutheran Minoah Magnet Academy The Roman Catholic Pastoral Center Mount St. John’s Medical Center Non-governmental, community-based and faith-based organizations

10 The ICT training facility will house a special needs resource center, which will be specifically designed to enhance the ICT training of adults and children with special needs (physical, hearing and visually challenged persons).

11 4G LTE is Antigua and Barbuda’s Game Changer Increase in international investment in ICT sector World class communications for tourism sector Major boost for mobile banking Super competitive yachting destination Globally competitive small and micro enterprises

12 Innovation Entrepreneurship Job Creation Sustainability

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