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2 WHY HBA WAS FOUNDED - Just as the HBA tag line above states: - HBA Founders attended numerous networking events And found that.. - Most small business owners were unhappy with most of their business networking options.

3 THE REASONS ? - Most Were too expensive and/or not worth the money - Groups became more social OR a “good ole boys club” - Obvious Favoritism towards bigger or more tenured businesses - Events became just a social gathering OR worse yet - A Drink Fest! - Organizations would “Nickel & Dime” members to death - They had a Political or other agenda not always shared by the member HBA was created to serve the “UNDERSERVED” at an amazing value!

4 HBA gives entrepreneurs and small business owners opportunities to network, promote their business and save money by doing business nationally and locally with other members. This is how…

5 1). FULL-PAGE - National Membership Directory Listing This Full-Page listing gives all members local & national exposure from our Web Directory. As a Member, you may offer a discount or incentive to other HBA members, while taking advantage of the discounts and savings offered by other members. Take a look at a sample directory listing..

6 National Exposure Pictures Link & Phone Sharing National Exposure Business Name Discount Offered Business Logo Optional Video Business Description Business Location Contact Form Full Web Page

7 2). BUSINESS NETWORKING EVENTS Local HBA Chapters host business networking & related events. (Expos, Lunch-N-Learns, Mixers, Networking, Seminars, etc.). Learn, network, and develop new relationships and since HBA has a faster influx of new members, you will have greater business networking opportunities to propel your business forward. Take a peek at a couple of our events…


9 3). HBA MEMBERSHIP ID CARD 1. Your HBA ID Card lets you enjoy discounted entry to all HBA events at ALL event locations Nationwide 2. By showing your HBA ID Card at other HBA Member businesses offering HBA members a discount, You will save money. (This applies to ALL HBA chapter locations Nationwide)

10 HBA MEMBERSHIP CARD Discounted Event Entry Discounts at Member Businesses Supports Your Community & the National Alliance

11 4). HBA NATIONAL DISCOUNT PROGRAM All members have exclusive access to the Working Advantage Discount Network. Through Working Advantage you can save on:

12 - DINING DISCOUNTS: (Discounts to restaurants nationwide) - ENTERTAINMENT DISCOUNTS: (Golfing, Movie Tickets, Museums, Sporting Events, Theme Parks, Zoo’s, Etc.) - SHOPPING PARTNER DISCOUNTS: (Online Partner Discounts) - TRAVEL DISCOUNTS: (Car rental, Hotels, Etc.) HBA Members can save up to 60% on Ticketed Events & Online Shopping PLUS: Members earn reward points redeemable for additional value. These discounts alone more then pay for our monthly membership

13 5). HBA EDUCATION Members have access to our Members-only area and access to our existing E-Book Library Planned Programs: Educational Webinar/Webcast program Business Coaching Much More

14 6. ADVERTISMENT & PROMOTION Members take advantage of our advertising and promotional opportunities. Table top displays at events, event bags with logo, event booklet, newsletter ad and many more ways to access the membership and promote your products or services.

15 As HBA continues to grow, our commitment to YOU and every member is to continuously search for and add valuable benefits that will help you grow your business or save you money. More about HBA Memberships Benefits on our website at the members benefits page.

16 As you know, Chambers of Commerce’s and other Business Networking Organizations charge anywhere from $200 to $1000 per year, not to mention steep event entry fees. AND offer very few of the benefits available with HBA.

17 AFFORDABLE MEMBERSHIP The cost to join Hometown Business Alliance is only $9.99 a month, (month-to-month). And.. A one-time $50.00 admin/setup fee

18 HBA’s VISION FOR TOMORROW As HBA expands around the globe, the leverage of numbers will allow us to bring many additional benefits & programs to our members, ALL for the same LOW membership price. Our Plan Is To Enhance What Is Already A Great Value and continually Strengthen the Alliance.

19 Let me ask, in comparison to any other leads group, networking organization or chambers of commerce, can you see how Hometown Business Alliance is bringing more value to your business as well as the business community as a whole for a fraction of the cost?

20 HERE IS HOW YOU CAN HELP JOIN & Support this great cause Get Involved: Attend events, support other business members Help Us Spread the word about HBA

21 Do you have any questions?

22 Based on ALL the benefits I’ve explained to you, can I count on you to join and help me support the small businesses in our local community?

23 WELCOME to Hometown Business Alliance!

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