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ICTUS VALUE PROPOSITION August 2011. Ignited Thrust towards Accelerated Growth ICTUS adds value by assisting our clients to make money. 2.

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2 Ignited Thrust towards Accelerated Growth ICTUS adds value by assisting our clients to make money. 2

3 About Us! ICTUS and Associates have added value for the last 21 years to its clients to make money by delivering global professional consulting advisory services  Our Vision is to be the preferred management consulting advisory service company in selected industries and countries in the World  Our Mission is to Ignite our clients Human Capital and enable thrust within the Business to propel it to the next tier achieving accelerated EBIT growth as a sweet reward for all stakeholders  We will achieve this by focusing on well formulated & executed business strategies through professionally coached human capital effectively managing Business & Project Portfolios using well Integrated Business Execution Models  Our Impact is therefore - “Ignited Thrust towards Accelerated Growth” 3

4 TransactionalTransformation Integration Mitigation Business Strategy 1 Execution Strategy 2 Strategy Map 3 Value System 4 Governance & Compliance Frameworks 6 Risk Management 5 Human Capital - Engagement 13 Balanced Scorecard 7 Performance Management 8 Reward Management Model 9 Coaching & Mentoring 12 Leadership 11 Organisation Design & Development 10 Program & Project Management 15 Portfolio Management 14 Flow chart of our services

5 ICTUS Services Integration Matrix – 1/5 5 ElementsICTUS CoreICTUS Associate Business Strategy Strategic ConversationsX FormulationX DocumentationX CommunicationX ReviewX Execution Strategy Strategy MapX Value SystemX Balanced ScorecardX Communication & Roll-outX Risk Model AssessmentX MitigationX ReportingX Roll-outX Governance & Compliance Frameworks King III Guidelines X Industry Specific Legislation X Board Conformance & PerformanceX

6 ICTUS Services Integration Matrix – 2/5 6 ElementsICTUS CoreICTUS Associate Performance Management Establish KPA /KPI/ Measures Model (Dashboard)XX Roll-outX X AssessmentX Reward Execution Model Remco X Reward Strategy & Policy X Reward Benchmarking X Short Term Incentive SchemeXX Long Term Incentive Scheme X

7 7 ElementsICTUS CoreICTUS Associate Organisational Design & Development Organisational Structure XX Job Profiling XX Job Evaluation XX Job Grading XX Restructure & Development XX Matrix Structures X X Leadership Model for Development X Training X Leadership Distinctions X Leadership Paradigms X Leadership Transition X Leadership Styles X Assessment X Coaching & Mentoring Framework X Personal X Business X Assessment X ICTUS Services Integration Matrix – 3/5

8 8 ElementsICTUS CoreICTUS Associate Human Capital – Engagement Engagement Framework X Engagement Process X Human Capital Strategy XX Human Capital Development X Change Management X Value Conviction System X Strength Finder X Myer- Briggs X DISC X Lemon Management Styles X Lifestyle Balance X Team Roles (ie Belbin) X High Performance Team Development X Talent Management XX Assessment XX ICTUS Services Integration Matrix – 4/5

9 9 ElementsICTUS CoreICTUS Associate Business Processes Business Process Engineering/ Re-engineering X Theory of Constraints X Business Process DocumentationX Technology IT StrategyX Business Execution ModelsX HR Information Systems X Portfolio Management TransactionalX TransformationX IntegrationX MitigationX Program & Project Management FrameworkX ProcessX EPMOX TrainingX Coaching & MentoringX Project Thinking CultureX ICTUS Services Integration Matrix – 5/5

10 Current EBIT Growth Time EBIT Accelerated EBIT Growth Impact of ICTUS EBIT Growth with Thrust

11 ICTUS is Latin for the word THRUST Thrust is the FORCE which moves an aircraft through the air. Thrust is used to overcome the drag and the weight factor of an aircraft which enables the plane to PROPEL forward. The magnitude of the THRUST depends on the amount of gas that is ACCELERATED. To accelerate the gas, ENERGY has to be expended. The energy is generated due to the heat by the COMBUSTION of the fuel which results in the thrust equation. The marvel of a massive aircraft which can soar through the air overcoming the weight, lift and drag factors as a result of sufficient thrust produced to motion forward, gave birth to the unique slogan of our company: ‘ Ignited Thrust towards Accelerated Growth’. ICTUS – What's in our name 1/2

12  Step 1: IGNITE We ignite the barrage of ideas in conjunction with our client to start their unusual trajectory toward positive results. It can be explained as an explosion of sorts to radically change the direction of your growth pattern.  Step 2: THRUST We then assist you to surge ahead, remaining on the new growth path.  Step 3: ACCELERATED GROWTH Finally, we reap the benefits of accelerated growth in your business. With this constructive three tier approach, we aim to successfully turn your business around. Put plainly, we cause you to make more money. ICTUS – Three Steps in our Name 2/2

13  Assist Leaders in seeing what others don’t see yet  Ignite good Leadership to lead with passion  Understand People Behaviour to help them live their dreams and achieve the objectives of the company they work for  Build Business Operational Models to achieve sustained throughput for the Organisation  Translate Strategies into Executable Operational Plans that achieve acceptable earnings for the stakeholders  Manage Improvement Projects to ensure required deliverables are met ICTUS - What are we GOOD at 1/2

14 ICTUS What we are GOOD at 2/2  Establish Robust Processes, Structures and Systems to deliver on the Customers’ promise  Continually improve and transform to be ahead of the competitors and make use of opportunities  Capacitate People through identification of EQ, Psychometric & Behavioral Testing

15  Accelerated EBIT Growth required  New Investment Decisions are made  Start-up of new Company or Division (Greenfields or Brown Fields)  Down Sizing or Up Sizing your Company or specific operations  New Projects or Initiatives  Mergers & Acquisitions  Changes in Market Trends or Entry of Competition  Restructuring of Company or Divisions ICTUS - When you will NEED us 1/3

16 ICTUS - When you will NEED us 2/3  Changes in Management - Executive or Divisional  Energise, ignite and re-motivate Executive Team  Change in Compliance or Governance conditions  Alignment with Industry Benchmark of Rewards and Performance  Need connection with Funders, Manufacturers, Distributors and Legal Advisors for Initiatives and Projects

17 ICTUS - When you will NEED us 3/3  Business or Project Risk Profile Changes  Corporate Strategy Changes and calls for entire company alignment  Constraints experienced in Business Processes  Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies

18 ICTUS – What we do DELIVER 1/4  Well documented and effectively communicated Business & Execution Strategies  Documented logical cause & effect Strategy Maps  Well documented Strategic Conversation Processes for ongoing Strategic Alignment  Well documented and entrenched Shared Value System  Well documented and populated Risk Model for ongoing effective Risk Management  Well documented customised Compliance & Governance Framework for the Industry you operate in

19 ICTUS – What we do DELIVER 2/4  Well documented and communicated customised Balanced Scorecards that shows the different stakeholder views  Integrated Performance & Reward Management Model with Performance Dashboards, Benchmarked Remuneration and Short & Long term Incentive Schemes quantified  Well designed and documented Organisation Structures with Job Grading Framework

20 ICTUS – What we do DELIVER 3/4  Business & Personal Coaching & Mentoring Framework with Assessment functionality  Human Capital Strategy  Human Capital Development Strategy  Documented Personal Profiles and Team Roles for all Employees  Well documented Business Processes optimised through TOC principles  Well designed Leadership Development model with Assessment functionality

21 ICTUS – What we do DELIVER 4/4  Well documented Technology & IT Strategy, Automated Business Execution Models and Integrated Information Systems  Portfolio of Populated Programs and Projects  Well established Enterprise Program Management Office with Best Project Management Framework  A well established Project Thinking culture through effective Coaching & Training

22 Where we operate – Some Clients

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