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Sustainable Tourism Development Solution Designer. Nancy, Bill and Gordon Gangplank City Research & Development Institute Ltd Developing the tourism as.

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1 Sustainable Tourism Development Solution Designer. Nancy, Bill and Gordon Gangplank City Research & Development Institute Ltd Developing the tourism as developing the tertiary industry in Karamay

2 Extensible Validity Solution platform provides capability for extensions and value-added validity. Step by Step Achieve the goal by accurate, deliberate planning and analyzing. Multiple Earnings The retribution that this kind of investment bring to us is considerable. Unilateral Expenditure The initial investing can be rarely small with risk lower than our assumption.

3 Characterizations and Elements of our planning

4 “Environmental protection benefits anyone, anywhere, anytime.” Environmental Friendly

5 The idea of the “GREEN” Advertising and building up the idea of the “Green city, Green life.” Inspiring the public aware that how important of the environmental protection to the establishment of the tourism industry. Set up an insightful strategy to build a green sustainable developing brand new city.

6 “All things that the god gave to you must have its meaning of exist.” Natural Advantages

7 Gift from the Nature Rebuild Project Upgrade Process Utilize the subliminal tourism resources within the natural advantages Rebuild the black oil park land. Upgrade the place to the official tourism spot with high motivated team. Set up the Bai Yang river grand canyon, install the new facilities to protect the safety of the tourists. Ghost city is still one of the attractive hot spot that abound in gifts of the nature, take full advantages of its influence and expand the publicity.

8 Consumption “Stable customer current brings the same in earnings.”

9 Propel the consumption Establish a sane consumptive system. international commercial multifunctional center within the entertainment venues and a shopping center A great diversity of the products that can manifest the specificity of the Karamay, also can satisfied the daily requirements from the locals. The whole city was covered by wireless network signal

10 Cooperation “The core of the group work is cooperation.”

11 Corporate on various fields Make a connection with the cities nearby the Karamay, not only rebuild the cooperation between cities and cities, also focus on the connections of the travel agencies. Both of two local travel agencies found in 2003, there is no official route designed for the tourism use previously another travel agencies did not arrange the group tour around the city.

12 Corporate on various fields Transport, Hot Spot, Route etc. Set up a hot spot and rebuild transport system to attract more tourists Design a new route for the city tour. Co-ordinate with the Government hold the official activities such like the Local culture exchange festival expand the network of the independ ent tour.

13 Extension “The extended scale can manifest the ambition from a group.”

14 Expand the scale of the influence High Service Qualities Construct high density hotels and restaurants to deal with the growing requirements from the tourism current, improving the service qualities to satisfy the tourists’ needs. TransportationRegion Development Upgrading the transportation system belong to the city, broadening the arterial street, road and the block. Also build several high-ways to connect the Karamay and the other regions. Looking for the opportunities of exploiting the developing area surround the city. Establish a new oil exploration industrial park in Bai Jian Tan and Du Shan Zi respectively

15 The exploitation of the general spot in Karamay


17 The new bank invested by Gangplank provides a complete financial services for our customers, not only for local residences, we also provide service to the tourists, you can exchange the currency from the various countries in this building conveniently. Financi al

18 3 rd Party Service The whole tourist center with the completed information network system occupies around 1.9 hectare area located on the center of city, it is also a place that can carry out more than 3,500 tourists in Karamay. For anyone who wants to enquire any information about Karamay will be answered as well.

19 International Shopping Centre Ample products with reasonable price Remarkable modern facilities Multi-Functions Manifest the local specificities

20 The reconstruction of the scenery spot iiiiiiiv Mount Black Oil The grand canyon of aspen “Ghost town” Reconstruct of region

21 Modification on Region Current Condition Currently, the rebuilding of rapid expressway to Du Shan Zi region has already completed, make a connection with other towns or regions contributes to the cooperation between cities and cities, not only revealed on the transport conveniences, but also benefits the tourism development, and that is one way we need to prove. Process Repaving the expressway from Karamay to Altay, broaden the width of the arterial road, in order to find more room for more vehicles. Railway construction in Karamay not start yet for now, to release the pressure from the path, we need to start establishing at once, by contacting with the other cities can be helpful for the regional development, thereby to concentrate the scatted regions and chaining them as well. Modern petroleum related facilities are distributed in Bai Jian Tan and Du Shan Zi area respectively, Clue the possibilities of the developing the tourism industry, which involved in its subliminal scientific value.

22 Four Districts Designed For Touristy Karamay (Mainland) East Scientific Technical District South Industrial Touristy District North Ecological Construction District West Petroleum Developing District

23 Reconstruction of Mount Black Oil The natural advantages of the Mount Black Oil is its petroleum resources and the value of the scientific exploitation. Petroleum Resources Because of its specific geographical characterization, the “oil fountain” will only appear on Mount Black Oil, and here is only one place you can see the amazing scenery around the whole world. This is one of its subliminal tourism resources that we will take advantage from it. AMAZING SCENERY Functional Range The Mount Black Oil is also the place that is selected for holding the official activities, you might realized the usage of this place used for. We need to utilize the policy opportunities to attract the tourists by holding the meaningful opportunities. USAGE

24 The Ghost Town One of the most attractive place belong to Karamay, famous by its unique geographical features called Ya Dan with all kinds of shapes, since the strong wind forced on the main land over day and night, it also called “Wind city” as well. Even the ghost town is one of the most attractive choice for tourism construction, we still need to rebuild and install the brand new facilities to make it better Propel the process of spreading out it reputation. (Establish an exhibition center to show how marvelous of the ghost town is) Recreation Arrange several amusing outdoor activities, like sail in the desert or make an interaction with the camel.

25 The grand canyon of Aspen river Located on the Ururhi, the north region with rich tourism resources in Karamay, it is a largest canyon in Xinjiang currently, the origin of the river is from Mount. Kunlun. And finally converge into the Eric Lake Since the sides of the river is covered by the Aspen forest, it can be an opportunity to develop the tourism industry at here. set up an natural protection zone to make sure the forest can not be damaged build more summer villa can be helpful to get away from the heat in summer


27 How to win the game.

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