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In partnership with: Promoting a Healthy Environment for your School or School District Rebecca Bassett-Gunter Caley Hartney.

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1 In partnership with: Promoting a Healthy Environment for your School or School District Rebecca Bassett-Gunter Caley Hartney

2 Health and Learning Go Hand in Hand 2

3 A Complex Issue… 3

4 Healthy School Community Approach Growing body of evidence Stewart-Brown S. What is the evidence on school health promotion in improving health or preventing disease and, specifically, what is the effectiveness of the health promoting schools approach? Copenhagen: Health Evidence Network Report; WHO Regional office for Europe; 2006. Health Evidence Network Report. Murray NG, Low BJ, Hollis C, Cross AW, Davis SM. Coordinated health school programs and academic achievement: A systematic review of the literature. Journal of School Health. 2007;77(9):589-600. Challenges to progress 4

5 A Challenge We Face… 5

6 Moving Forward… Different sectors and jurisdictions using different words and language to discuss the same ideas Common understanding and improved communication Defining processes and strategies to advance healthy school communities 6

7 Moving Forward… Partnership between PHE Canada and Propel to engage stakeholders to develop a communication document that helps people at various levels understand the core components and processes for healthy school communities 7

8 Guiding Goals of the Paper Identify core components of healthy school communities AND key processes and strategies for implementation Achieve common understanding among Canadian practice, policy, and science stakeholders on healthy school communities Use processes that facilitate building consensus and encourage confidence 8

9 Method Steering Committee & Expert Panel Targeted Review - Identify key resources Key Informant Interviews Meeting of Experts Iterative process to revise and refine Today seek further feedback… 9


11 Your Core Components vs. Core Components identified in review… What are we missing based on your experience? 11

12 Frameworks Joint Consortium for School Health PHE Canada “Comprehensive School Health” “Health Promoting Schools” 12 EducationEverywhere EveryoneEnvironment The Four E’s Framework

13 Overlapping Core Components 13 Components of Healthy School Community Frameworks Policy Environment: Social & Physical Teacher & Learning/ Education Community: Partnerships & Services Evidence

14 How Can We Implement Healthy School Communities? 14

15 Implementation Strategies POLICY Clear communication and engagement of all stakeholders Grass-roots and top-down approaches Flexibility and Rigidity Embed health in school culture and overall school improvement plan Policy support 15

16 Implementation Strategies ENVIRONMENT: PHYSICAL & SOCIAL Physical Environment – Make use of existing structures – Visual supports/ Messages on announcements – Look to the community Social Environment – Grass-roots and top-down approaches – Healthy workplace support; Teacher modelling – Student involvement and positive engagement 16

17 Implementation Strategies TEACHING & LEARNING/EDUCATION Curriculum – Full implementation and taught to fullest potential Beyond Health and Physical Education Education of community Teacher training 17

18 Implementation Strategies COMMUNITY :PARTNERSHIPS & SERVICES Meaningful and transparent communication Involve all parties in planning and decision making Parent involvement is vital! Promote the culture of a healthy school community 18

19 Implementation Strategies EVIDENCE EvidenceCommitment & Buy-In Efficacy and effectiveness research – Health, academic achievement, knowledge Feasibility research Use evidence to guide future initiatives – Evidence-based practice – Practice-based evidence 19

20 Key Processes and Principles 20

21 Possible Challenges to Implementation Financial Constraints – Develop realistic budget – Get creative! Inundation of Requests – Value in relation to numeracy and literacy – Seek administrative, HR, volunteer support – Healthy school facilitators in Canada Shared Understanding – Enhance communication and shared planning 21

22 A Model for Moving Forward 22

23 Recommendations Apply principles of the paper NOW! Link pockets of expertise Identify a central resource/connection Recognize, share, celebrate success! 23

24 What Can YOU Do NOW? Feedback? – Sign up for draft copy of paper for opportunity to review and provide feedback Increase awareness – Share – Ancillary documents 24

25 Contributors Propel Centre for Population Health Impact Rebecca Bassett-Gunter Erin Hobin Steve Manske Lisa Stockton Jennifer Yessis Dana Zummach 25 Pan-Canada Joint Consortium for School Health Sterling Carruthers Gail Diachuck Katherine Kelly Marlien McKay Dwayne Provo PHE Canada Andrea Gratham Caley Hartney Louise Humbert (U. Saskatchewan) Sharon May APPLE Schools Marg Schwartz Ever Active Schools Audrey Seehagen Brian Torrance Canadian Association of Principals Bill Tucker British Columbia Ministry of Education Paige MacFarlane Middlesex London Health Unit Christine Preece University of Alberta Kate Storey Brock University James Mandigo Grant MacEwan University Doug Gleddie Memorial University Antony Card

26 26

27 Rebecca Bassett-Gunter 27

28 Propel is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and the University of Waterloo.

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