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Characterization Learning Goal:

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1 Characterization Learning Goal:
I can analyze how particular lines of dialogue or incidents in a story propel the action, reveal aspects of character, or provoke a decision.

2 View the clip Clip Incident: How does this incident Propel the action?
Reveal aspects of character? Provoke a decision?

3 Definition Characterization is…
How a character changes or remains the same in a story, and how an author chooses to reveal those changes. There are TWO ways to characterize Indirect Direct

4 Indirect characterization
The writer describes the character’s appearance (features), shows the character’s actions, reveals the character’s thoughts, has the character speak (speech) or shows how others react to the character. F.A.T.S.O.

5 Example: from Double-Dutch by Sharon Draper
“Titan and Tabu-tall and impressive looking, dressed exactly alike in black jeans, black sweaters, and black skullcaps-strode through the hall not as two people but as one unified force. Their faces wore the same menacing frown, their fists were clenched into the same tight threat, and their thick black boots stomped in unison on the scuffed hallway floor. They carried no books, even though it was almost third bell…With his shoulder, Titan pushed Delia against the lockers and Tabu knocked Charlene out of the way in the other direction as they passed…”

6 Direct characterization
The writer tells readers directly what a character is like. Example: Titan and Tabu were angry bullies who enjoyed scaring their classmates.

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