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Folk and Pop Culture Erin Sinski

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1 Folk and Pop Culture Erin Sinski

2 Culture Shared set of meanings that are lived through material and symbolic practices of everyday life. A particular way of life, such as a set of skilled activities, values, & meanings surrounding a particular type of practice Habit-Repetitive act of an INDIVIDUAL Bri goes to Starbucks every morning before school. Custom- Repetitive act of a GROUP Muslims pray five times a day.

3 Cultural Geography Cultural Landscape Cultural Ecology
Study of people, material, and symbolic practices Material- artifacts Nonmaterial- thoughts, laws Cultural Landscape PHYSICAL imprint a culture makes on the environment Historical Geography/Genre de vie Cultural Ecology Results of human interaction with the environment Sequent Occupancy

4 Human-Environment Interaction (One of the five themes of Human Geography!)
Environmental Determinism Human behavior CONTROLLED by environment Possibilism Counterargument! Environment places limits, but people propel development Cultural Determinism Environment places NO restrictions on human behavior. Political Ecology Exploration of why human culture interacts with the environment the way it does.

5 Culture Trait Culture Complex Culture System Culture Region
Fireworks on the Fourth of July Culture Complex All culture traits No two cultures are the same! Culture System Many complexes with shared traits Culture Region Regions that include places/people with similarities in their culture systems The South Culture Realm Fusing culture regions Latin America

6 Cultural Diffusion Expansion Relocation Migrant Diffusion
Spreads outward but remains strong in hearth Stimulus: Iced to Sweet tea Hierarchical: Hip-hop Contagious: Disease Relocation Actual movement from hearth to new place Migrant Diffusion Innovation spreads but only last a brief time Band groupies

7 Hearths An area where innovations in culture began. They are sources of human civilization. Often developed in places with capacity for innovation (water and arable land). Ancient Hearths Mesoamerica Nile River Valley Indus River Valley Huang River Valley

8 Torsten Hagerstrand Innovations diffuse from hearths in stages
Stage 1- Acceptance in place of origin Early adopters Stage 2- Spread rapidly outward Majority adopters Stage 3- Diffusion slows down and dispersal/saturation reaches maximum level. The late adopters phase


10 Cultural Convergence Cultural Divergence Acculturation
Two cultures adopt traits and become more alike Cultural Divergence Two culture become more different Acculturation Weaker culture adopts traits from the stronger one. Assimilation Original traits of the weaker culture are completely replaced Transculturation Two cultures of equal power meet and exchange.

11 Folk Culture Limited to smaller region/group of people Rural community
Homogeneous Rural community Anonymous hearths Resistance to change Diffuses slowly/relocation diffusion

12 Popular Culture Large heterogeneous societies Diffuses rapidly
Expansion Diffusion Hierarchical Can threaten local distinctiveness Cultural homogeneity Globalization Western Media Imperialism US, Britain, and Japan dominate media Environmental Problems MDCs

13 Cultural Imperialism Cultural Nationalism Taboo
Invasion of a culture with intent to dominate Cultural Nationalism Resistance of a group against cultural imperialism and convergence. Taboo Restriction on behavior imposed by social customs

14 Folk Housing Product of cultural traditions and natural conditions
Distinctive materials from environment US Folk Housing Lower Chesapeake-Tidewater style One story Middle Atlantic-Principle House “I” house, Two stories, gables on side New England Saltbox, Two-Chimney, Cape cod, and front gable and wing.


16 Folk vs. Pop Culture Game

17 Small Rural Community? FOLK POP

18 Winner!

19 Hierarchical Diffusion?

20 Winner!

21 Most Sports originated in which culture?

22 Winner!

23 Environmental Determinism affects which culture the most?

24 Winner!

25 Taboos are often found in countries dominated by which culture?

26 Winner!

27 This culture has turned to tourism to help revitalize?

28 Winner!

29 This culture often uses the environment for leisure activities?

30 Winner!

31 Breaking Amish, the reality TV show, is an example of which type of culture?

32 Winner!

33 This culture’s music tells a story or conveys information?

34 Winner!

35 Reinforces gender roles and traditions of family?

36 Winner!

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