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Automotive Service Auto Service Study Guide Chapter 38 Pages

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1 Automotive Service Auto Service Study Guide Chapter 38 Pages 694-723
Hybrid Drive Systems 48 Points

2 Automotive Service

3 Automotive Service Hybrid abbreviated version of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV); a type of vehicle that uses two types of propulsion. Híbrido La versión abreviada de vehículo eléctrico híbrido (HEV); Un tipo de vehículo que usa dos tipos de propulsión.

4 Automotive Service

5 Automotive Service

6 within 5 years, 20-25% of all new car & light truck sales will have
Automotive Service There are about 1.1 million hybrid vehicles on the road and some experts say that within 5 years, 20-25% of all new car & light truck sales will have hybrid powertrains.

7 Automotive Service 1. A ____________ vehicle uses 2 individual power sources to provide energy for propulsion.

8 Automotive Service 2. A hybrid ______ - _____________ vehicle has an gas internal combustion engine and an electric drive system combined into one vehicle power train.

9 Automotive Service 3. The extremely high _____________ and high ____________ stored and generated by gas-electric hybrid drive trains are the primary safety concerns when working on these vehicles. High Voltage & High Current

10 Automotive Service 4. About 110 years ago (1898) _____________ __________ built a car that used a small internal combustion engine to spin a large electric generator. Reprimand Ferdinand On-Demand

11 Automotive Service 5. The 6 major assemblies working in unison under the computer control to propel a hybrid vehicle and to operate its electrical accessory systems are: The high–voltage ________ _____ (many cells wired in series) The ____ - _______ (that can change functions between propulsion & generation) The ____ ________ (high voltage electronics to either invert or convert ac & dc) The ______ _____ ___ (an electronic control unit that monitors and controls) ____ _______ (large, insulated conductors, often bright orange in color) The _______ ________ ________ (either gasoline or diesel for highway speeds)

12 Automotive Service

13 Automotive Service 6. The gas-electric hybrid uses a conventional ___________ ______________ system to fuel the engine…ICE

14 Automotive Service 7. The motor-generator is used to both ____________ the vehicle and to help ________ the vehicle. Power & Stop Limit & Advance Afford & Payoff

15 Automotive Service 8. A vehicle that uses the motor-generator to initially accelerate and only runs the engine when the battery pack becomes discharged is known as a: [ ] full hybrid [ ] mild hybrid

16 Automotive Service

17 Automotive Service A vehicle propelled by its internal combustion engine only and then shuts it down for coasting, braking, or stopping and then quickly restarts it when the brake pedal is released is a: [ ] full hybrid [ ] mild hybrid

18 Automotive Service

19 Automotive Service Mild hybrids often have a ____ or a ____ volt electrical accessory system for EPS & HVAC. 6 or 12 36 or 42 90 or 100

20 Automotive Service 11. When describing or classifying Hybrid Drive Train Configurations: Have a separate Generator & Traction Motor [ ] series [ ] parallel [ ] series-parallel Motor-Generator cannot simultaneously drive & recharge [ ] series [ ] parallel [ ] series-parallel Can use any combination of drive & recharge [ ] series [ ] parallel [ ] series-parallel

21 Automotive Service Have a separate Generator & Traction Motor
[X] series [ ] parallel [ ] series-parallel

22 Automotive Service Motor-Generator can’t simultaneously
drive & recharge [ ] series [X] parallel [ ] series-parallel

23 Automotive Service Can use any combination of drive & recharge
[ ] series [ ] parallel [X] series-parallel

24 Automotive Service Series Parallel Series-Parallel

25 Automotive Service A series-parallel hybrid design allows the vehicle to operate in electric motor mode only or in combination with the internal combustion engine.

26 Automotive Service A drawing of the power flow in a typical series-hybrid vehicle.

27 Automotive Service This diagram shows the components included in a typical series-hybrid design. The solid-line arrow indicates the transmission of torque to the drive wheels. The dotted-line arrows indicate the transmission of electrical current.

28 Automotive Service The power flow in a typical parallel-hybrid vehicle.

29 Automotive Service Diagram showing the components involved in a typical parallel-hybrid vehicle. The solid-line arrows indicate the transmission of torque to the drive wheels, and the dotted-line arrows indicate the flow of electrical current.

Automotive Service BELT ALTERNATOR STARTER SYSTEMS (BAS) The belt system, called the belt alternator starter (BAS), is the least expensive system that can still claim the vehicle is a hybrid. For many buyers, cost is a major concern and the BAS system allows certain hybrid features without an entire redesign of the engine and power train. Consumers can upgrade to BAS hybrids at a reasonable cost and will get a 2% to 5% increase in fuel economy, mostly affecting city mileage. BAS replaces the belt-driven alternator with an electric motor that serves as a generator and motor. When the engine is running the motor, acting as a generator will charge a separate 36-volt battery (42-volt charging voltage). When the engine needs to be started again after being in idle stop, the BAS motor cranks the engine by taking power from the 36-volt battery pack and applies its torque via the accessory belt

31 Automotive Service The BAS system is used in the Saturn VUE hybrid SUV.

32 Automotive Service ________ - ____ hybrids can be connected to volt home outlet to fully recharge the battery pack.

33 Automotive Service

34 Automotive Service ________ - ____ hybrids can be connected to volt home outlet to fully recharge the battery pack.

35 Automotive Service

36 Automotive Service The 6 modes of full hybrid drive system operation are: All-electric drive mode Motor-assist mode Idle stop mode Regenerative braking mode Engine starting mode Battery pack recharging mode

37 Automotive Service

38 Automotive Service

39 Automotive Service

40 Automotive Service

41 Automotive Service __________________ braking uses the kinetic energy of normal stopping to recharge the high voltage battery pack. NOTE: During quick, hard braking the conventional hydraulic system is used. Regurgitate Regenerative My Generation

42 Automotive Service

43 Automotive Service Hybrids use 2 voltage systems, the high-voltage system for the drive system and a ___ - volt system for the vehicle’s conventional electrical & electronic components – including the computer systems. Medium Ultra-High Low

44 Automotive Service The hybrid high-voltage system can range
from ______ to ______ volts ac or dc… That’s deadly! 250 to 650 360 to 420 90 to 100

45 Automotive Service

46 Automotive Service High-voltage power cables are large in diameter and easily identified by their bright _________ color. Yellow Blue Orange

47 Automotive Service WARNING: Power remains in the high-voltage electrical system for up to 10 minutes after the HV battery pack is shut off. Never touch, cut, or open any orange high-voltage power cable or high-voltage component without confirming that the high voltage has been completely discharged.

48 Automotive Service Jump-Starting The 12-volt auxiliary battery may be jump-started if the vehicle does not start. The 12-volt auxiliary battery is often located under the hood but can also be located in the cargo area of some HEVs.

49 Automotive Service The full hybrid motor-generator or “MG” has 4 basic functions: Helps power the _________ _________ and propel the vehicle __________________ the high-voltage battery pack _____________ the internal combustion engine Helps to _________ and ________ the vehicle

50 Automotive Service

51 Automotive Service

52 Automotive Service The “MG” is usually a synchronous ac permanent _________, brushless motor-generator design. Magnet Vacation Disability

53 Automotive Service




57 Automotive Service Converter
28. A ___________ can step dc voltage either up or down. Converter Inverter Reverter

58 Automotive Service Converter
29. An _______________ can either change dc to ac or ac to dc. Converter Inverter Reverter

59 Automotive Service

60 Automotive Service The __________ _____________ is a planetary gearset used to control the transfer of power through the hybrid drive train. It is computer-controlled.

61 Automotive Service The __________ _____________ is a planetary gearset used to control the transfer of power through the hybrid drive train. It is computer-controlled.

62 Automotive Service For safety against short circuits and electrocution, __________ __________ interrupters, impact sensors or ___________ switches and high voltage fuses are used in hybrid systems. Ground Fault & Inertia Power Fault & Inertia Nobody’s Fault & Inertia

63 Automotive Service Hybrid systems can be cooled by ______________ coolant, by blower fan circulating ________ past the battery pack, and/or by a separate R-134a refrigerant cooling system. Engine & Air Passenger & Air Refrigerant & Air

64 Automotive Service

65 Automotive Service The hybrid power display informs the driver with a ________ ______ light, a ____________ warning light, a ______________ ________ warning light, and a conventional MIL. Drive Ready, Master, Battery Pack

66 Automotive Service

67 Automotive Service

68 Automotive Service Besides wearing safety glasses, removing all conductive jewelry, and creating a high-voltage buffer zone when working on hybrids, OHSA-approved gloves with a _________ volt insulation value must be worn. 250 750 1000

69 Automotive Service

70 Automotive Service Use of a warning cover over the steering wheel helps others realize that work is being performed on the high-voltage system and that no one is to attempt to start or move the vehicle. A lock box is a safe location to keep the ignition keys of a hybrid electric vehicle while it is being serviced. Notice that this lock box has two separate locks so it would require two people to open, helping to insure that no harm is done by accidentally attempting to start a HEV.

71 Automotive Service Insulated tools, such as this socket set, would provide an additional margin of safety to the service technician when working around high-voltage components and systems.

72 Automotive Service

73 Automotive Service

74 Automotive Service

75 Automotive Service

76 Automotive Service

77 Automotive Service

78 Automotive Service

79 Automotive Service

80 Automotive Service

81 Automotive Service

82 Automotive Service

83 Automotive Service

84 GM Future Car By: Dustin Westphal 1-2009

85 The Power Cell GM Skateboard car, powered by Hydrogen. . .four wheel drive electric engines, powered by the electricity produced by the hydrogen fuel cell. water is the only emission.

86 How it Works

87 Part Description

88 Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Power

89 Hy-Wire Hy-wire is a descendant of the GM Autonomy released at the 2002 North American International Auto show. The Autonomy is a car which combines a hydrogen fuel cell with drive by wire technology. These technologies in combination allow all the mechanicals of the car to reside as a separate component to the body and passenger space. A single docking port provides the electrical connection between the chassis and body. There are 10 pick-up points where the body mounts the chassis. Such few attachments provide maximum flexibility when designing a body.

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