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Emergent Inference and the Future of NASA Sergio Pissanetzky

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1 Emergent Inference and the Future of NASA Sergio Pissanetzky

2 Emergent Inference Any system VISIONROBOTSOFTWARE your mom grab an object computer program eyes cameras, sensors translation 100,000,000 dots of light memory EI in the brain EI in the computer “hi, mom”next move classes and objects your mom with a hat new environment development learning

3 ● NASA needs AIT’s for manned and unmanned space exploration. ● Autonomous robots can fly on their own or help the astronauts. ● All our current technolgies are analyst-dependent. ● Extricating the analyst from software requires understanding the analyst. ● Understanding the analist means understanding the brain. Analyst-independent technolgies (AITs)

4 The brain The brain is a computer ● Cognition ● In host-guest systems: guest ● We learn ● We remember ● We know ● We decide ● Do we think? ● Do we reason? The brain is an organ ● Unconscious ● In host-guest systems: host ● Where is the unconscious? ● What does it do? ● Hermann von Helmholtz ● Sigmund Freud ● James Clerk Maxwell ● Carl Jung ● Douglas Hofstadter ● Pink Floyd ● David Eagleman ● Juan Roederer ● Jean Piaget ● Sergio AND I believe that cognition is a giant memory of behaviors, stored as a hierarchy of structures. Then, an unconscious mechanism that von Helmholtz called UI and I call EI generates new structures, and again stores them as behaviors in our cognition for us to use.

5 The Great Unsolved Automation Problems of Software Engineering (GUAPs) The automation of: ● Object generation (80’s) ● Refactoring (90’s) ● Integration (2000’s) ● Self-programming (2010’s) ● Parallel Programming ● Image Recognition ● Semantic Web ● Ontologies ● Robots ●... and counting. All these problems have exact mathematical solutions that can be found by emergent inference.

6 chess brain drive Jeopardy play chess play Jeopardy drive a car BRAIN

7 SOFTWARE chess program quiz program car driving program chess sensors Jeopardy sensors car sensors chess controls Jeopardy controls car controls EMERGENT INFERENCE problem of Physics disorganized software set of programs sequential program pixels emergent inference solution integrated program recognized image refactored + objects asignement

8 Traditional software development cycle structure PROGRAM BRAIN (human analyst) emergent inference emergent inference emergent inference knowledge data subject-matter engineer file

9 History of mankind HUMAN LABORTASKS Source of mechanical power - heavy lifting - dig trenches - propel a boat Source of Emergent Inference - program computers - control machines - creative tasks Decision making- automating systems SINCE THE ADVENT OF HUMANS INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION The world cost for non-automation is $60 trillion per year. You are here

10 Plan and Conclusions ● EI should be developed in USA. ● NASA may develop EI. ● Step 1: independent verification. ● Step 2: development. ● Step 3: application in robotics. ● All current technolgies are analyst-dependent. ● Anayst-independent thecnologies are needed for space exploration, both manned or unmanned. ● EI provides the only way to extricate the analyst.

11 ● Structural Emergence in Partially Ordered Sets is the Key to Intelligence. S. Pissanetzky. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, a subseries of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNAI 6830, pp. 92-101. Springer-Verlag. ● Emergence and self-organization in partially ordered sets. S. Pissanetzky. To appear in Complexity. ● Emergent inference, or how can a program become a self- programming AGI system? Sergio Pissanetzky. Workshop on Self-programming in AGI systems. AGI-11 conference, Google campus, Mountain View, CA. August 3-6, 2011. 2011 publications

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