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LineLazer IV – Advanced striping system Self-Propelled Automatic High performance.

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4 LineLazer IV – Advanced striping system Self-Propelled Automatic High performance





9 We’ve worked out an easy OPERATION! Gun trigger Fwd – stop - Rvs Fwd - Rvs Stop brake Front caster lock Fwd - stop Gun (s) on/off Rvs - stop Steering = Right / left from pivot point Steering = handle bar Just like a bike ! Instinctive driving ! Simplified ! Two hands only to control the LineLazer 250

10 Folding platform No tools ! Up for: Transport Walking position Down for: Riding “Paint transport” Rubber bumpers Two = smooth ride for better lines Adjustable handle bar No tools ! To your height Whether walking, standing or pushing Down for transport = compact “Comfort-Ride” pad 3 height positions Adjust once to your height Because there is a comfort zone ! We’ve worked it out to your HEIGHT

11 11 Directional bar Rwd – Stop - Fwd Foot brake Self-centering front wheel (pat. Pending) Spring loaded Simple thumb button gun (s) Ambidextrous. Easily places left or right. You choose Button = no strength to push. No fatigue operation ! Hydraulic opening & closing = super fast. Resulting in better lines and short spacing now possible All from the back ! All controls centralized All operation from one spot Great for loading / unloading Improved line of site Ideal to program 2012 Automatic on/off We’ve worked out an EASY DRIVE !

12 Line Guide New ! Length adjustable Flag width adjustable LED light Same as Line Driver Jack connection Folds to avoid damage Bead kit Improved height for better gravity Wind shields included Shorter hose for better flow Twin Jack plug’ins Easy plug-ins for accessories Cone holder Standard on Euro model


14 Has: Pressure Monitor Speedometer Rolling Average Film Build Job Distance Meter Job Material Counter Line Width Selector Job Film Build Etc... It´s a LINELAZER

15 1.English (standard) 2.German 3.French 4.Spanish 5.Italian 6.Dutch 7.Russian (checking) 8.Polish 9.Turkish 10.Norwegian 11.Bulgarian 12.Danish 13.Finish 14.Hungarian 15.Portuguese 16.Swedish 17.Romanian At first power up... Select your language ! Can always be changed from the “calibration menu” We’ve worked out new FEATURES !

16 More new FEATURES ! 0.5 km/h

17 ManualAutomaticParking MODES Sub Menus The WORKS !

18 Gun controls Gun 1 >Skip line>Off>Full line Gun 2 >Skip line>Off>Full line Menu Navigation display One button to operate the system WORKING with the LineLazer 250 !

19 Auto-Layout works out the math out of laying out your parking Now with your gun (vs. aerosol cans) Calculates the best spacing Even in angles and curves Auto-Layout Recap


21 Electric Clutch System Proven system for simple and easy engine starting. Quiet and durable. Self Centering Front Wheel System Straight lines are now easier than ever without need for front caster wheel release. Patent Pending. Handle Bar System All striping controls in easy reach of operator – spray, forward, reverse – without taking hands off handle bar for safe operation Adjustable for all users. Patent pending Integrated Stand-On Platform Comfortable and easy to get on and off. Provides excellent sight lines and a comfortable ride with shock absorbers. QuickSelect™ Gun Selector Simple switching between one and two gun striping needs. Patented design Graco Hydraulic Motor Exclusive No-Stall Graco hydraulic motor – field proven performance and long life with superior design. High Production Performance At 2.5 gpm this striper can do it all..039 tip for (2) - gun production handling the toughest jobs.. Automatic or Manual Guns Simple to use automatic or manual paint guns. Ultimate flexibility for striping with a push of a button. Auto Layout System II No aerosol needed with this unit! Spray right from the guns via the automatic gun engagement system – Industry First! Propel System Propel forward or backward with a simple squeeze of a ergonomic lever on the handle bar. Simple and intuitive. 21

22 22 Combo’sLL IV 250 Sps Length3,50 m1,75 m Weight250 kgs200 kgs Combo’sLL IV 250 Sps Flow 7.5 lpm9.5 lpm On-board paint tank 60 lit.120 lit Front directional wheel Manual releaseSelf-centering Gun activation Manual triggeringAutomatic Engine 2 x Honda 4 kw (5.5 hp)1 x Honda 6.7 kw (9.0 hp) New parking lots laying Manual premarkIntegrated Autolayout fonction

23 New “brilliant” tool tray Plastic cannister (from Gmax) will contain paper manual in; English, French, Spanish CD ROM will contain all other languages and manuals Menu flow chart Tool tray for wrench, screw drivers etc Tip canister with lid (same as T-Max) Tips are: 1.286111Autolayout 2.LL531910 cm line 3.262421Stencil The work before you BEGIN


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