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Budgeting for Outcomes: Top Priority Programs Arizona League of Cities September 1, 2011 Presented By: Chris Brady, City Manager Mesa, AZ.

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1 Budgeting for Outcomes: Top Priority Programs Arizona League of Cities September 1, 2011 Presented By: Chris Brady, City Manager Mesa, AZ

2 Persistent Fiscal Challenges We are in an “age of permanent fiscal crisis!” –The Price of Government (2004), David Osbourne and Peter Hutchinson

3 The Crisis Is Not Fiscal Fiscal trends and conditions are by and large out of our control and simply represent a reality with which we need to cope. (PM Magazine, June 2008, Fabian, Collins, Johnson) We have entered into a new reality.

4 The Crisis is Not Fiscal The real crisis on our hands is whether our organizations have the capabilities to address current fiscal realities and still meet the objectives of government and the expectations of our constituents. It’s a crisis of priorities. –(PM Magazine, June 2008, Fabian, Collins, Johnson)

5 City of Mesa Strategic Planning

6 Expectations-- Council and Staff What does the governing body expect of staff? 1.Present information honestly and completely. * 2.Follow policy and direction- no subterfuge. 3.Remember you serve the public. 4.Timely and accurate responses to constituents. 5.Integrity in job performance. 6.Pride and commitment to City. 7.Take ownership and respect public resources, including the money. What does staff expect of the governing body? 1.Clear and unified direction. * 2.Courteous and respectful of each other. 3.Respect and trust professional opinion. 4.Allow staff to take risks without fear of failure. 5.Be open and honest with staff and citizens. 6.Represent the community’s interest. 7.Optimistic leadership. 8.Provide direction through the CMO; but request information to appropriate staff.

7 Contributions – Council and Staff What will the governing body give/contribute to staff? 1.Be accessible (within reason) 2.Goals, objectives, expectations, stated clearly. 3.Reasonable time to complete tasks. 4.Respect staff in public– no ambush or blame game. 5.Treat staff as co- workers/colleagues. 6.Be honest with feedback and evaluation. 7.Do not include or play politics with staff. What will staff give/contribute to the governing body? 1.Honest, accurate, and timely information. 2.Cooperation, respect, responsibility, and accountability. 3.Benefit of experience and expertise. 4.Problem solution and analysis. 5.Historical perspective and benchmarking best practices. 6.Strategic alignment with goals and objectives. 7.Actively listen.

8 Celebrate Successes Looking Forward

9 Celebrate Successes


11 Looking Forward Rebranding

12 Looking Forward

13 City Financial Trends Budget Update

14 Electronic Brainstorming

15 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT pursues Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism/Technology (HEAT) and other dynamic, citywide opportunities, seeks entrepreneurial solutions, ensures success-oriented business and industry partnerships and tools, and delivers new jobs to propel Mesa’s economic growth, prosperity and innovative spirit forward within the global marketplace.

16 QUALITY OF LIFE for Mesa’s citizens and youth offers safe and clean neighborhoods, invests in outstanding recreation, libraries and community open space, delivers transportation choices, elevates culture, arts and education, and ensures solutions are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

17 FINANCIAL STABILITY provides proactive leadership and considers all financial factors in order to diversify revenues, bring new jobs to Mesa, create responsible budgets, and ensure operational efficiencies.

18 REGIONAL LEADERSHIP acknowledges that Mesa’s and the region’s well being are intertwined. We recognize Mesa’s responsibility to be a leader of and an active participant in working with regional partners to find innovative and sustainable solutions to regional challenges.

19 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT builds pride in Mesa, encourages and develops a wide range of civic and neighborhood leadership, involves non- profits, faith-based organizations, community youth and volunteers, and maximizes direct communications with residents using a variety of tools and technology.

20 (Sample) Shared Results “It's two years from now...what priorities and key outcomes do you believe Mesa should have underway or accomplished for Community Engagement?” 1.Grass roots efforts are increasing for neighborhood enhancement and code compliance 2.iMesa has become a hugely successful mechanism to change/engage community 3.There is a new sense of positive activism from the community aligned with many of our core initiatives 4.Social media is well utilized as platform for engaging the community 5.Outcomes demonstrate a continued focus on community outreach efforts 6.A village - type approach is creating neighborhood pride and development 7.Volunteerism at all time high and is linked with coordination to initiatives 8.Channel 11 programming has expanded and focuses on community engagement 9.Cultural centers/efforts are expanded in other areas (West Mesa) 10.More neighborhoods now participate in neighborhood watch programs with PD 11.Businesses, educational institutions and individual citizens have a renewed sense of the importance in give back in service 12.Engaging Mesa’s youth is a critical priority

21 Performance Management at the City of Mesa

22 Organizational Alignment o Council’s Strategic Initiatives Accountability Management by Data/Fact Fiscal Management Why Performance Management?

23 The Economy Multiple Priorities o Another Device in our Management Toolbox Deploys through First-Line Supervisors Why Performance Management Now?

24 Opportunities to address issues Facilitates proactive response Avoids “surprises” Reinforces City Council’s Priorities Helps develop leaders Benefits of Performance Mgmt.

25 Each requires: 1.Mission Statement that defines the charter of the Program 2.Desired Outcome(s) of the work effort that meets the needs of our community and aligns with our Council’s Strategic Initiatives 3.Performance Measures that allow the manager, et. al., to determine if the current performance of the Program is moving toward achievement of the stated Desired Outcome(s) Program Components



28 Mesa Stat


30 Designed to hold City Program leadership accountable Seven Principles EngagementAction Effective MeasuresFollow-up TargetsImprovement Candor MesaStat

31 Quarterly Forums Customer Service Quality Efficiency Effectiveness City Manger & DCMs Discussion Open to All MesaStat

32 New Approaches to Services: Mesa Express Library (MEL) Transitional Response Vehicles (TRVs) Regional Ambulance Service Fusion Center Permit by Inspection

33 “Remember that the six most expensive words in business are: ‘We’ve always done it that way.’” Catherine DeVrye

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