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19.3 O UTLINE N OTES Recent and Future Space Missions.

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1 19.3 O UTLINE N OTES Recent and Future Space Missions

2 I. M ISSIONS TO S UN AND M OON A. Solar probes – purpose to study the high-energy radiation and charged particles emitted from sun in order to protect spacecraft and humans B. Lunar probes – help scientists select a place for a lunar outpost

3 II. M ISSIONS TO I NNER P LANETS USING PROBES (M ERCURY, V ENUS, M ARS ) A. Learn how inner planets are formed B. Geological forces are active on them C. Whether they could support life

4 III. M ISSIONS TO OUTER PLANETS AND BEYOND USING PROBES A. Outer planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune B. Pluto is now a dwarf planet* (round body that orbits the sun but not big enough to clear away objects in its orbit) C. Long and difficult missions due to distance D. Cassini went to Saturn E. Probes use gravity from other planets to propel them since no rocket is strong enough

5 F UTURE S PACE M ISSIONS Mars Missions: Can humans travel further into space than the moon? Will we build cities in space? Who knows?

6 S EARCH FOR L IFE A. Astrobiology – study of life in the universe, including life on earth and the possibility of extraterrestrial life 1. Investigating life on Earth may help us predict where else we might find life elsewhere 2. Need water! 1. Our moon 2. Today’s Washington Post headline reads “NASA rover finds that soil on Mars is similar to Hawaii’s”

7 VI. U NDERSTANDING E ARTH BY EXPLORING SPACE A. How other objects influence Earth B. How Earth was formed C. How Earth supports life (Even in EXTREME conditions) 1. Need liquid water, organic materials, source of energy D. Learn that Earth is UNIQUE! E. Not all missions are to outer space – some monitor Earth by satellite to show changes in weather, land forms, etc.

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