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1 Medical Terminology Chapter 13 Female Reproductive System.

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1 1 Medical Terminology Chapter 13 Female Reproductive System

2 2 Female Reproductive System Anatomy and Physiology F ovaries F fallopian tubes F uterus  fundus  cervix F vagina  myometrium  endometrium

3 3 Ovaries F two almond-shaped organs on either side of the uterus F contain hundreds of thousands of ova F all ova are present at birth F each ovum is surrounded by a single layer of cells comprising a follicle F ova are the female gametes

4 4 Fallopian Tubes F oviducts, uterine tubes: salping/o F extend laterally from each side of the uterus supported by the broad ligament F outer ends of the tube are open to receive a released ovum F finger-like projections at the outer ends (fimbriae) propel the ova into the tube F fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes

5 5 Uterus (Womb) F pear-shaped organ with very strong, smooth muscle walls with a mucosal membrane lining called the endometrium F hyster/o, metr/o, metri/o, uter/o F endometrium responsive to hormonal changes F anteflexion (normal position) F cervix

6 6 Vagina F tubular structure extending backward and upward to the cervix F lined with mucosa F colp/o and vagin/o

7 7 Menstruation F menarche F menstruation  menatrual phase  follicular phase  luteal phase

8 8 Pregnancy F Gestation F parturition F implantation F zygote (2 wks) F embryo (2-8 wks) F fetus (9 wk - delivery)

9 9 Labor and Childbirth F Stage of dilation - first  effacement F stage of expulsion - second F stage of placenta - third

10 10 Childbirth F antepartum, postpartum F operculum F amniotic sac F presentation F crowning

11 11 The Mother F gravida F para F nulligravida, nullipara F primigravida, primipara F multipara F viable

12 12 Menopause F Menopause F amenorrhea F climacteric F estrogen replacement therapy F osteoporosis

13 13 Postpartum F natal, neonate F meconium F uterine involution F lochia F colostrum F lactation

14 14 Pathology F Dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia F Premenstrual syndrome F Endometriosis F Pelvic Infections F Vaginal Infections

15 15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases F Gonorrhea  asymptomatic  oophoritis  salpingitis  urethritis  dysuria  cystitis  arthritis

16 16 Uterine Tumors F Uterine Tumors  Leiomyomas F Oncology  Cervical Cancers u Pap smears

17 17 Diagnostic Procedures F Endovaginal ultrasound F Papanicolaou test F amniocentesis F pelvimetry F electronic fetal monitor F hysterosalpingogram F colposcopy F laparoscopy

18 18 End of Lesson 13 Female Reproductive System

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