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MET 1321 Machining and Welding

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1 MET 1321 Machining and Welding

2 Introduction to Machining

3 The Lathe A machine in which a workpiece in a workholding device is rotated while a stationary cutting tool is forced against it. Some operations performed on a lathe include turning, boring, facing, thread cutting, drilling, and reaming.

4 The Lathe Cylindrical parts are typically machined on a lathe.

5 Drill Press A machine that rotates a drill against stationary material with sufficient pressure to cause the drill to penetrate the material. It is primarily used for cutting round holes.

6 Drill Press Drilled holes.

7 Grinding Machine Belt Grinder Surface Grinder Surface Grinder Bench Grinder A machine that removes material by rotating an abrasive wheel or belt against the work.

8 Band Saws Band machining makes use of a continuous saw blade to ensure rapid chip removal.

9 Milling Machine A machine that removes metal from work by means of a rotary cutter.

10 Milling Machine Milled parts.

11 Broaching Machine A machining process for flat, round, and contoured surfaces, both internal and external. A broach is pushed or pulled across the work, with each tooth removing only a small portion of the material. Cutting a key is typically a broaching process.

12 Nontraditional Machining

13 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
A process by which an electric spark is used to erode away small amounts of material from a workpiece. EDM is used to machine soft or hard materials that are difficult to work by conventional machining.

14 Ultrasonic Machining A machining process in which sound waves above the audible range propel an abrasive for use as a metal-cutting tool.

15 Electron Beam Machining (EBM)
A metal removing process in which heat is produced by a sharply focused electron beam.

16 Laser Machining A process that uses an intense source of coherent light energy as a cutting tool.

17 Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
CNC Lathe CNC Surface Grinder CNC Mill A system in which a program is used to precisely position tools and/or the workpiece and to carry out the sequence of operations needed to produce a part.

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