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Serving engineers and the world for more than 150 years to build a better quality of life.

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1 Serving engineers and the world for more than 150 years to build a better quality of life.

2 Overview  ASCE Facts  What’s In It For Me?  What Does ASCE Do?

3 Just the Facts As of May 31, 2008: More than 140,000 Members  More than 25,000 students  10% of membership is international

4  Your Student Chapter or Club has:  prepared you to enter the civil engineering profession and the Society Specifically:  Professional matters  Professional contacts/networking  Leadership development What’s in it for Me?

5 What’s in it for Me? ASCE Graduated Dues Schedule  First year $50  Second year $80  Third year $115  Fourth year $155  Fifth year and thereafter$205

6 What’s in it for Me?  FREE subscriptions to Civil Engineering magazine, ASCE News and ASCE’s bi- weekly e-newsletter keep you “in the know” on the civil engineering community and industry.  Sign-up for Smart Briefs and receive daily e-mails with top civil engineering news stories from around the world

7 What’s in it for Me? Build your career with Career Connections “CE jobs are expected to increase 8 percent between 2002 and 2012.” -U.S. Department of Labor  Post your resume  Post open positions  Search our job/resume bank  Professional resume writing service  Hire a Career Coach 

8 What’s in it for Me? Mentoring  Program will provide personal and professional guidance to civil engineer protégés  New online mentoring in 2008 

9 What’s in it for Me? Salary Survey – Prepared to negotiate your first salary? You will be with the only comprehensive, civil engineering salary survey. Get information on salaries for your region and position and get paid what you’re worth.

10 What’s in it for Me?  The Institutes propel the knowledge and practice of specific civil engineering specialties by focusing on the technical, educational and professional issues within your area.  Stay on the cutting edge of your technical discipline by joining one of our eight (8) Specialty Institutes for FREE!

11 What’s in it for Me?  ASCE Sections & Branches mean more networking opportunities for you:  Exchange ideas  Build leadership skills  Create lifelong professional connections  Find your nearest Section/Branch by visiting

12 What’s in it for Me? Younger Members (35 & Under)  Grow personally and professionally by taking advantage of diverse programs and opportunities to help: Leadership styles Communication skills An appreciation for skills in business development Expanding your network Fun activities  Easy transition from college to the “real world,” plus most Sections and Branches offer Younger Member Programs making them easily accessible  Stay up-to-date with Younger Member Activities with the Younger Member Newsletter, published three times a year

13 What’s in it for Me? Transferable Leadership Skills Work Experience  staff management  decision making  negotiating  public speaking  setting priorities  sales/marketing ASCE Experience  team building  consensus building  negotiating  presentation skills  fiscal responsibility  fundraising/membership

14 What’s in it for Me? Volunteer Your Skills with Engineers Without Borders-USA  ASCE’s new partnership with EWB-USA gives members the opportunity to volunteer to help developing communities world wide

15 What’s in it for Me? ASCE members enjoy a significant discount when joining EWB-USA  Supporting Members - $75  ASCE Members - $40  Professional Members - $100  ASCE Members - $60

16 What’s in it for Me? Continuing Education Opportunities  Keep your civil engineering skills sharp with :  Hundreds of seminars, workshops, webinars & conferences each year  Fulfill mandatory state requirements by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and/or Professional Development Hours (PDHs)  Take advantage of EIT and PE study courses

17 What’s in it for Me?  Publications  Check your facts or dive into analysis with ASCE’s Civil Engineering Database. Containing over 150,000 bibliographic and abstracted materials, it will meet your research needs.  The Research Library provides you with unprecedented access to more than 33,000 full-text papers from published ASCE Journals and Proceedings

18 What’s in it for Me?  ASCE Conferences – Use conference discounts to shake hands with industry colleagues, open doors to new professional opportunities, and exchange ideas with peers.

19 What’s in it for Me? Control your membership preferences with MyProfile   Update your address  Provide education background  Sign up for ASCE publications  Customize the material you receive by filling out ASCE’s Personal Interest Inventory

20 ASCE Benefits/Affinity Programs

21 What does ASCE Do?  Located in Reston, VA  Second Office in Washington, D.C.  ~250 staff  ~$55 million budget

22 What does ASCE Do? ASCE Departments Working for Our Members:  Membership  Publications  Continuing Education  Professional Practice  Government Relations  Communications  Educational Activities  Institutes and Technical Activities  Geographical Services

23 What does ASCE Do? Promote Professional Practice with programs in:  Licensure  Ethics  Business practices  Career Development  Community Service  Leadership & Management  Diversity Awareness programs  Mentoring

24 What does ASCE Do? Engage the next generation with programs like:  K-12 Outreach  Zoom into Engineering  West Point Bridge Design Contest  Building Big  Design Squad  Liquid Assets

25 Excellence in Civil Engineering Education What does ASCE Do?

26 ASCE is a powerful voice for civil engineers in the public policy arena, ensuring your voice is heard with programs like:  Key Contacts  2005 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

27 Key Contacts  Send your federal or state representative a message on current civil engineering legislation.  Six Clicks - receive a weekly e-mail update on legislative and regulatory issues affecting civil engineering  Learn about issues and bills affecting civil engineering that are active in congress and your state legislature.  Track how your U.S. Representative and Senators voted on key ASCE bills

28 2005 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure (To be updated in 2009)

29 An assessment of 15 infrastructure areas that are essential to the nation’s economic survival and quality of life What is the Report Card?

30 Why ASCE? Civil engineers are stewards of the nation’s infrastructure, responsible for… …design …construction …maintenance If not civil engineers, then who?

31 Now What? In 2007, ASCE instituted an Action Plan for the 110 th Congress The plan is a proactive approach that includes steps that must be taken to help raise poor infrastructure grades

32 ASCE Responds  ASCE’s response to infrastructure tragedies such as hurricane Katrina and the I-35 bridge collapse was immediate.  ASCE members were called upon as experts for the public appearing in multiple media outlets including:  The Washington Post  The New York Times  The Boston Globe  National Public Radio…  …and many others. What does ASCE Do?

33 The Most Important Reason to Upgrade your membership  Make a difference in your profession by working to increase society’s understanding of the importance of civil engineering.

34 Give Back Upgrade your membership, and ASCE will give $10 back to your Student Chapter/Club.

35 “ASCE Membership is the single greatest investment you can make in the advancement of your career and your profession.” -Pat Natale, P.E., F.ASCE Executive Director American Society of Civil Engineers

36 Questions? Contact ASCE (703) 295-6300 (800) 548-2723

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