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Marine Biology project

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1 Marine Biology project
Octopus By Lucas Willenbrock

2 Octopus Octopus’s belong to the class Cephalopoda which includes squid and cuttlefish It belongs to the order Octopoda which includes all octopi There are about 300 known species of octopi

3 Physical Characteristics
All species of octopus have eight arms unlike squid and cuttlefish which have ten They are invertebrates All species have a beak not unlike a parrots that functions as a mouth They come in a variety of sizes and colors and some have the ability to change color

4 Habitat Octopus’s live on the sea floor
They range from shallow coastal waters to the deepest parts of the ocean

5 Food Octopuses eat a wide range of sea creatures from crabs to clams to many kinds of fish They have few natural predators but are sometimes eaten by sharks , rays and moray eels

6 biology Octopuses have a highly developed nervous system
They are also regarded as one of the most intelligent of all sea creatures for their uncanny problem solving skills They have the ability to open jars and can be trained in similar ways to a dolphin or dog

7 Reproduction and life cycle
Octopuses have a short life span Generally living from only a year or two They reproduce sexually Most octopuses die a few weeks after mating This is due to a gland that secretes a “death” hormone to ensure a genetically-preprogrammed death

8 Facts All species have the ability to secret a smelly ink like fluid that can act as a distraction or defense mechanism Octopuses have been known to hid inside clam shells for defense They have some of the largest eyes of any sea creature and possess excellent vision They are able to propel themselves though the water by squeezing water out of an opening called a siphon

9 An octopus using a shell
an octopus propelling itself using a water jet

10 An octopus fanning itself out in defense

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