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Protists Quiz Review.

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1 Protists Quiz Review

2 What is the kingdom of eukaryotic organisms that live in moist environments?
Kingdom Protista

3 Kigdom Protista

4 What are the three main groups of protists?
Animal-like Plant-like Fungus-like

5 What is another name for animal-like protists?

6 Which group of animal-like protists use pseudopods or “false feet” to move?
Sarcodines Amoeba

7 What is the group of animal-like protists whose members are propelled by hair-like cilia?
Ciliates Paramecium

8 Protozoans that propel themselves with a whip-like structure are called _________.

9 What is the group of protozoans that are almost all parasites?

10 Which human disease is caused by a protozoan and is transmitted by a mosquito?

11 An organism that can make its own food is called an __________.

12 Plant-like protists are commonly called ______.

13 Which group of plant-like protists has flagella and an eyespot?
Euglenoids Euglena

14 Which group of plant-like protists has 2-part glassy shells and is referred to as the “jewels of the sea?” Diatoms

15 Which group of plant-like protists causes red tides?

16 Dinoflagellates produce __________ or poisons that kill other organisms in the oceans.

17 What is the name of the whip-like tails of some protists?

18 What Euglenoid structure helps these organisms detect light?

19 The shells of these protists are used as polishing agents in toothpaste.

20 Which structures allow plant-like protists to make their own food?

21 This extract from red algae is found in ice cream and hair conditioners.

22 __________ is a type of algal bloom that occurs in fresh water.

23 Which group of protists are eukaryotic and have a cell wall?
Fungus-like Protists

24 ___________ is the relationship between two organisms that live in close contact and at least one benefits. Symbiosis

25 __________ is a symbiotic relationship in which both species benefit.

26 An organism that lives on or in a host and harms it is called a _______.

27 Which fungus-like protist produces a fruiting body that contains spores?
Slime Mold

28 Which type of fungus-like protist caused the Irish Potato Famine?
Water Mold

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