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2 Introduction Strategic Planning Process – Mission Statement – Objectives – Goals – Action Plan – Gathering Background Information – Strategic Planning Committee – Resources

3 Goals Create the vision that supports SRC activities – Advance the University’s SRC Agenda through creation of endowed chairs, support of PDF activities, support and development of infrastructure and space, and research collaborations Invest in new funding opportunities and maximizing the SRC output of the institution – Work to actively encourage an increase in the proportion of Faculty engaged in SRC – Develop new sources of research funding Advance SRC among different communities – Provide additional opportunities for collaboration within Ryerson and through external partnerships

4 Goals Continued… Propel our ideas and innovations into the community, industry and marketplace – Promote knowledge transfer and commercialization – Rationalize IP policies and provide additional opportunities for researchers to dock with commercial enterprises Increase Ryerson’s impact nationally and internationally – Work to develop partnerships to build Ryerson’s research footprint

5 Goals Continued… Continue to invest in the development of our undergraduate and graduate programs – Work to align the vision of the VPRI with that Provost in building an integrated strategic plan that recognized Research as central to the University Mission Reputation Building – Work to attract research prizes, awards and fellowship to enhance the profile of Ryerson within the research community – Examine collaborations with University Advancement and Faculties to forward the SRC goals and celebrate successes Public advocacy on research and building relations – Work with Government, Community and Industrial stakeholders to advocate for Ryerson’s research aspirations

6 Goals Continued… Create a vision and administrative structure that supports SRC activities – Build the operational infrastructure with sufficient capacity to promote and encourage growth of Ryerson’s SRC goals Measure our progress and adjust policies as needed – Benchmark against accepted metrics to ensure that the VPRI is delivering on its stated goals and initiatives

7 Consultations The VPRI will be consulting with academic, community, and external stakeholders in developing the strategic plan The plan will recognize the unique strengths of Faculties


9 OIA Mandate The Office of International Affairs (OIA) works within the University community to strengthen Ryerson’s international partnerships and expand the range of overseas experiences for students and faculty.

10 Context - Internationalization Internationalization is becoming increasingly important to Canadian institutions – As of 2006, 95% of universities reference the international dimension in their strategic planning documents, as compared to 84% in 2000 (AUCC) – Canadian universities are increasingly backing their interest in internationalization with concrete measures and investments

11 Why internationalize? Prepare internationally knowledgeable graduates Build strategic alliances abroad Promote curricular innovation & program diversity Ensure research and scholarship address international and national issues Respond to Canada’s labour market needs

12 International Research Collaboration As of 2003, only 3.6% of world knowledge came from Canada (0.5 % of the world’s population) – Emphasizing the point that Canadian researchers need to be part of international networks No longer sole domain of natural sciences and engineering Shift from individual researcher collaborations towards collaboration stemming from specific priorities and strengths of institutions

13 Barriers to undertaking international research 1.Setting clear and strategic priorities 2.Involving faculty members 3.Securing financial support 4.Coordinating government involvement 5.Sharing knowledge among institutions

14 OIA’s support for the development of the VPRI’s Strategic Plan Work with the Faculties to collect data on their strategic objectives for the internationalization of SRC activities Inform the work and decisions to be made by the Strategic Planning Committee, through the collection of data and information as needed

15 OIA’s support for the development of the VPRI’s Strategic Plan Inform the Strategic Planning Committee of Federal and Provincial Government priorities for international research collaboration and match these with the SRC strengths at Ryerson, and relevant funding opportunities Identify strategic Canadian and international partners to pursue funded international SRC opportunities

16 OIA Marsha McEachrane-Mikhail, Director, OIA and International Liaison Officer – (416) 979-5000 x-6995 – –


18 Objective Provide administrative support services for SRC to internal and external stakeholders E.g. – Review and assistance in preparation of proposals – Financial processing, monitoring and reporting – Seed programs – Research statistics

19 Motivation Help faculty members achieve their SRC goals Advance and protect the reputation of the University Fulfill our contractual obligations

20 Landscape Increased competition for external dollars Increased complexity in the management of awards – “Accountability”

21 Goals A plan that will simultaneously allow us to grow our SRC income and lessen the burden on faculty

22 Supporting the Vision Provision of background materials and statistics Consultation with counterpart offices at other universities

23 Key components Increased support for the development of proposals Improved systems and better use of existing systems Streamlining of processes Appropriate balance between local and central administrative supports

24 ORS Robert Dirstein – (416) 979-5000 x-7609 –


26 Objective To support Ryerson’s research agenda by promoting knowledge transfer and commercialization of SRC outputs To foster relationships with industrial partners and create a collaborative environment in support of research and innovation efforts

27 Motivation Ontario universities and colleges have world class researchers and facilities – capability exists to conduct research There are many excellent sector-specific programs and supports for research initiatives… Auto21, MaRS, OCE… There exists a gap in translating new ideas efficiently to into innovative, economically viable products – requires the right people and an appropriate forum

28 Importance of Innovation Example Situation: – If Canadian industry wants to compete on price alone, then LCCs (Low Cost Countries) will win – But if our industry can continuously come up with new products, processes and services that meet market demand, we have the “first to market” advantage over LCCs Answer: – We need to drive the innovation agenda and do it at several levels simultaneously

29 Landscape The Federal Government has been developing its innovation strategy since 2002, aiming to "move Canada to the front ranks of the world's most innovative countries" In 2007 the Federal Government issued its S&T Strategy, stressing that "For Canadians to enjoy a high quality of life and standard of living, we must improve our productivity and competitiveness through innovation."

30 Canada’s Ranking Most recently, Canada's report card on innovation was released and prominently publicized in the media. The Conference Board, a not-for-profit, economic think-tank based in Ottawa gave Canada a grade of "D" in innovation, ranked 14 th out of 17 OECD countries concluded that "Innovation is centrally important to Canada's competitiveness and sustainable prosperity, but our performance is woefully inadequate."

31 Summary Canada’s productivity and competitiveness are falling Social Innovation – the focus of a great deal of Canada’s R&D investment – is strong and is respected world-wide, but difficult to quantify $ results Our entrepreneurial culture is weak Canada’s Innovation Eco-System is complex, but needs to be understood by participants

32 Solution The gap between R and D can prove insurmountable leaving great ideas to languish We are working to develop a plan that will fill this conceptual gap with a new innovation methodology that provides guidance in navigating the move from lab to market The result will be a new methodology with foundations in both academia and business for collecting the outputs of research and creative endeavours and getting them to market quickly

33 Goals To build within Ryerson the premier Innovation and Commercialization framework in Canada To develop new means and methods of innovation and commercialization To construct the much needed translation apparatus to take the excellent outputs of Ryerson SRC and turn them into commercially viable processes, systems and products To improve Ontario’s competitiveness

34 Synergy The objective will not be to set the research agenda, but to provide a concrete avenue for implementing research outputs Industry, Academia and Government will act in an advisory capacity to ensure a collaborative environment – a synergy of purpose Across-the-board support of VPRI Strategic Plan

35 Commercialization Steven Martin – (416) 979-5000 x-2792 –


37 Academic Integrity University research is governed by policies and practices that ensure the protection of: research participants faculty, student or staff researcher the University the public

38 Creating a Culture of Research Integrity Develop and oversee research integrity and compliance programs for: Research involving humans Research involving animals Research involving controlled goods

39 Role Consultation with faculty and students Educating and motivating the Ryerson community School of Graduate Studies support Advice and outreach to senior management Networking with integrity community Development of Research partnerships Introduction of SRC Integrity Policy

40 Contribution to Goals and Action Plan Create the vision that supports SRC activities Advance SRC among different communities Propel our ideas and innovations into the community, industry and marketplace Reputation Building Public advocacy on research and building relations

41 Research Integrity Alex Karabanow – (416) 979-5000 x-7112 –

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