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PHP + Symfony Rapid application development Jonathan Bell Nov 18, 2010.

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1 PHP + Symfony Rapid application development Jonathan Bell Nov 18, 2010

2 A Developer ’ s User Story It’s 5:00pm on Sunday Need to have a web app together for Monday Want to sleep tonight Want to have a “complete app” (validation, security, etc) Don’t have time machine EJB? No….Net? No…

3 Enter Symfony Symfony is a code generator/MVC framework for PHP. Sounds a lot like ruby on rails. Why PHP? PHP is super C-like, might be easier to pick up ORB mapping (pluggable) CRUD generation Validation Routing Templating Plugins Unit Testing

4 Object Brokering (Model layer) Automatically generates fully documented PHP classes from config file Removes need for repeated DB calls, provides abstraction schema.yml propel: weblog_post: _attributes: { phpName: Post } id: title: varchar(255) excerpt: longvarchar body: longvarchar created_at: PHP Code $p = new Post(); $p->setTitle(“Test Post”); $p->setBody(“the body”); $p->save(); $posts = PostPeer::doSelect(new Criteria()); foreach($posts as $post) { print “Post: “.$post->getTitle(); }

5 CRUD Generation + Validation (Controller + View) Web programmer ’ s worst nightmare: writing huge forms with dozens of inputs, associated form processors and validators Symfony to the rescue: generates template Create/Read/Update/Delete Very, very easy to customize once generated

6 symfony propel:generate-module admin findable FindableItem indexSuccess.php: Findable List Id Name Cardinality Points Description S findable category getId()) ?>"> getId() ?> getName() ?> getCardinality() ?> getPoints() ?> getDescription() ?> getSFindableCategoryId() ?> ">New actions.class.php: public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request) { $this->findable_item_list = FindableItemPeer::doSelect(new Criteria()); }

7 Validation Free with form generation! We already defined the form “ widgets ” in the original.yml file, including basic data ranges BaseFindableItemForm $this->setValidators(array( 'id' => new sfValidatorPropelChoice(array('model' => 'FindableItem', 'column' => 'id', 'required' => false)), 'name' => new sfValidatorString(array('max_length' => 255, 'required' => false)), 'cardinality' => new sfValidatorInteger(array('required' => false)), 'points' => new sfValidatorInteger(array('required' => false)), 'description' => new sfValidatorString(array('required' => false)), 's_findable_category_id' => new sfValidatorPropelChoice(array('model' => 'FindableCategory', 'column' => 'id')), )); Can easily override this in the implementation for FindableItemForm with new validators. Or, don’t bother and leave it at default!

8 Aspect Oriented Development? Symfony supports “behaviors” Automatically creates many hook-spots Classic example: “paranoid” behavior – Replace deletes with setting a flag – Augment selects to avoid records with that flag

9 Routing Problem: We all love having simple looking URLs: – – Instead of humb.php?id=5&width=320 humb.php?id=5&width=320 Solution: – Apache mod_rewrite No... too complicated and hard to change on the fly. Who wants to deal with RegExp? – Symfony: routing.yml resized_image: url:image/:id/:width param: {module: upload, action: imageThumb}

10 Templating Generic template setup Allows for “ partial ” templates Inheritance! Helpers – link_to() – img_tag()

11 Plugins Easy to extend Symfony with plugins Follow observer pattern – static public function listenToSomeSortOfEvent(sfEvent $event) – Hooks your plugin to any part of Symfony Uses: objects, aspects – Security? AJAX?

12 Free Lime Tests! (note: not Lime ’ s Disease tests) Unit test the model Functional test the controllers (WOW!) $t = new lime_test(1, new lime_output_color()); $t->diag('->retrieveByUsername()'); $user = UserPeer::retrieveByUsername('jbell'); $t->is($user->getLastName(), 'Bell', '->retrieveByUsername() returns the User for the given username'); $b = new sfTestBrowser(); $b->get('/foobar/edit/id/1'); $request = $b->getRequest(); $context = $b->getContext(); $response = $b->getResponse(); // Get access to the lime_test methods via the test() method $b->test()->is($request->getParameter('id'), 1); $b->test()->is($response->getStatuscode(), 200); $b->test()->is($response->getHttpHeader('content-type'), 'text/html;charset=utf-8'); $b->test()->like($response->getContent(), '/edit/');

13 But wait, there’s more! Who would want to run each test manually, or write a script even (bah!) Put all tests in the “ unit ” folder then... $ symfony test:all

14 A code review: Rentpost Managing landlord/tenant relations PHP, Symfony, AJAX

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