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Presentation1 Course presentation Digital Systems M.

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1 Presentation1 Course presentation Digital Systems M

2 Presentation2 This advanced course will start at 8.15 sharp on Monday, Tuesday and Friday and 8.15! The lectures will be divided into two sectiond with 15 minutes interval. Course slides, recorded lectures and detailed exam rules are provided on the web site Since the course can slightly change during its unfolding it is suggested to download only the files of the already held lectures. Course files at address are both in.PDF and.PPSM form: for watching the.PPSM files the program PowerPointViewer.exe can be installed (with Windows OS) which is in the same directory of the other files. Recorded lectures at address are in.ASF or.MP4 form and they can be watched for instance with with VLC (Windows) media player (freeware) On the same site (root students can download the Xilinx software (same installation files for Windows and Linux) Students reception: on demand.. Cancellations are possible up to one day before the reception. My e-mail address is My twitter hashtag is @blackjohn912. Real-time news are sent with twitter

3 Presentation3 For the exams the course program is ALWAYS that of the last held course A digital design must be prepared before the exam (see rules in the website). The design must be beforehand approved by the lecturer. For the exams students must register in Alma Esami up to one week before the date of the exam. No late registration is under any circumstance accepted, Students must carry a valid identification document (passport, ID card, driving licence etc.) Multiple applications in different dates are strictly forbidden and strongly sanctioned. Exams applications with no show without previous notifications will be sanctioned. A negative result of the exam will be in any case recorded and prevents students from applying for two months. A positive result cannot be refused and will be in any case recorded.

4 Presentation4 A two points bonus is awarded to students who pass the exam at the first attempt within 365 days from the end of the lectures. «Lode» is not part of the bonus Late students (arriving after the stated time of the exams) will be not accepted. Detailed rules on the web site http://gneri.deis.unibo.it

5 Presentation5 A students list on the web site has been created for communications. It can be accessed using the Alma e-mail address and the Alma password. List name = Digital-systems Students MUST every day read the e-mails which are the only communication way for contacting them. Changes of dates or times of the exams are communicated through e-mail and therefore possible misunderstandings are only responsibility of the students.

6 Presentation6 Recorded lectures (slides plus voice) are broadcasted in real time on Internet. To attend them anywhere in the world students must connect to the site and register themselves. Using the same credentials at the same address students can attend the lectures on any device provided with Adobe Flash Player (i.e. for iPad the Photon browser) Through the system console they can ask questions: the professor can answer either in voice or through the console Obviously channel bandwith is of the foremost importance (Alma WiFi is not enough) Recorded lectures are available on ASF and MP4 files can viewed with H264 codec. VLAN is a good Windows display program which can be downloaded at address On the same site students can find a wealth of exercises with solutions and Xilinx projects. They are in italian because it would have been impossible to provide their translations in english owing to time constraints

7 Presentations7 Behaviour rules Lectures will start at indicated time sharp. There will be a 15 minutes interval between the two lectures sections After the start of the lectures start no students are admitted in the classroom. Students can attend in this case the lecture on internet and possibly enter the classroom during the interval Absolute silence is required in order to respect the professor and the colleagues. Questions to the teacher are always allowed, obviously

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