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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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1 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
By Christopher Mack & Jason Tarapasky

2 Plot Summary Christopher Boone lives with his father named Ed Boone. Christopher is trying to be a detective because someone killed Ms.Shears dog named Wellington. Christopher started doing A level Math at his school because he thinks that he's too smart to take the math that everyone else takes in his school. Later on in the story... Christopher finds out who killed Wellington, the dog belonged to Ms.Shears. The person that killed Wellington the dog, was his father. Christopher was so upset when he figured it out that it was him. He didn't want to see him ever again so he found a way to get to London and live with his mom and continue his schooling there.

3 Detailed Character Sketch: Christopher
Christopher Boone, exhibits the personality trait of anxiety. In the story the anxious Christopher Boone finds a dog dead in his neighbor's lawn. He wants to find out who the murderer is and during his investigation he finds out that his mother has not been dead for two years and that his own father killed the dog.   There are many things that make him anxious such as changes in his environment, things that have rules that are not followed, specific colors, and being touched.

4 Secondary Characters Siobhan: Mrs Eileen Shears: Judy Boone:
Christopher's para-professional, friend, and mentor. She teaches him how society works and how to behave within its complex guidelines. “You must never punch Sarah or hit her in any way, Christopher”. (29) Mrs Eileen Shears: Owner of Wellington, the poodle. A neighbor and friend of Ed's, she lives on the opposite side of the road, two houses to the left. She screams and screams when she sees Christopher with her dead dog. When she sees the dog spouting blood from the holes that have pierced it with the fork she doesn't pick it up. Judy Boone: Christopher ‘s dad told Chris that his mother died 2 years ago. Later in the story Christopher travels to London and finds her alive, and he mentions that Christopher’s dad said that you (his mother) died two years ago. “ If you ever do that again, I swear to god, Christopher, I love you, but... I don’t know what I'll do.” (204)

5 Setting The first half of the book takes place within a remarkably small area what Christopher himself describes as "home, or school, or the bus, or the shop, or the street”. These are the places where he feels comfortable, because, as he claims, "I have seen almost everything in it beforehand and all I have to do is to look at the things that have changed or moved". Christopher's familiarity with these places comes through in his writing – his familiarity is somehow contagious, and even without much by way of detailed description, we feel like we know them ourselves.

6  Topic and Theme Everything in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is seen through the eyes of Christopher, the fifteen-year-old genius narrator with Asperger’s syndrome. All events are processed through his remarkable mind. Very early on we are made aware that the novel Christopher starts writing is the novel we have in our hands.  For that reason we always feel close to Christopher: we are not only looking out on the world from his perspective but we are literally positioned in his shoes, holding the very novel that he is holding as he writes. We are effectively written into his story. For this reason we become more and more tuned into the way in which Christopher views the world. 

7 Symbol Maps: When he was traveling to London by train, he didn’t know where to go. He asked people how to get to the train station that brings him to London. When he got to the train station, he asked can I go to “451c Chapter Road, London NW2 5NG”. The person behind the booth didn't know where that was besides being in London, so he showed him the map, and Christopher didn’t know how to use it. Math/Numbers: Christopher likes doing mental math in his head, he likes doing math. He wants to go to do A Level Math in his school because doing regular math in his school is too easy for him.

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