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WELCOME. ARRANGEMENTS FOR TRANSFER 2010 TRANSFER 2010 Trustees and Boards of Governors of five local Grammar Schools have decided to use the following.

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3 TRANSFER 2010 Trustees and Boards of Governors of five local Grammar Schools have decided to use the following Transfer Arrangements. Arrangements shared by 34 other Grammar Schools (including all Catholic Grammars).

4 TRANSFER 2010 All Schools would have preferred a Department of Education commissioned assessment which would be regulated for everyone No Cost

5 TRANSFER 2010 - Timetable Monday 18 th May 2009 - Registration packs are available from Post Primary schools (school websites, by post or in person) Fri 18 th September 2009 - Final date for receipt of completed Registration Forms Sat 21 st November 2009 - Entrance Assessment Mon 30 th November 2009 - Deadline for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Assessment Sat 12 th December 2009 - Supplementary Assessment Fri 18 th December 2009 - Deadline (4.00pm) for receipt of claims for Special Circumstances. Fri 5 th February 2010 - Results of Entrance Assessment posted to children’s homes. Fri 19 th February 2010 - Deadline for receipt of request for re-mark.

6 TRANSFER 2010 Registration Pack Contents Registration Form Guidance Notes Access Arrangements Form (AA1) Access Arrangements Form (Medical Information) AA2 Access Arrangements Form (Special Educational Needs) AA3 Specification of the Entrance Assessment Sample papers Frequently asked questions

7 TRANSFER 2010 Registration Form Personal Details Passport Size Photograph Birth Certificate Contact details Access Arrangements Assessment Centre Location Irish Medium Entrance Assessment Special Dietary/Medical Requirements Parent/Guardian signature Forms Received by 4.00p.m. 18 th September 2009

8 TRANSFER 2010 Pack also Contains: Guidance Notes on: - Completing the Registration form - List 34 Schools Frequently Asked Questions

9 TRANSFER 2010 Access Arrangements Arrangements approved beforehand which allow the pupil to be able to demonstrate their attainment. Examples Provision of an enlarged paper (visual impairment) Provision of a scribe (physical impairment) Provision of extra time 25% (moderate dyslexic condition)

10 TRANSFER 2010 Access Arrangements Application with the Registration Form AA1 Nature of Need AA2 Completed by G.P. AA3 Completed by Educational Psychologists/private Psychologists/Specialist teacher (SENCO)

11 TRANSFER 2010 Access Arrangements Application considered on its merits in light of the child’s needs Not affect the security/integrity of the Assessment

12 TRANSFER 2010 Supplementary Assessment Same Specification as Original Illness/unforeseen exceptional circumstances Cannot do both Assessments Receipt Deadline Monday 30 th November 2009 Receipt Requests to contain properly documented objective evidence Supplementary Assessment 12 th December 2009

13 TRANSFER 2010 Special Circumstances Post Assessment Claim – Deadline 4pm - Friday 18 th December 2009 Examples - accident/injury at time of assessment - serious domestic crisis - immediate family bereavement Full supporting objective documentation to be attached to the Transfer Form. (Feb. 2010)

14 TRANSFER 2010 After Registration Parents will be notified in writing (end of September/Early October) School in which the child will do assessment Dates/times for Familiarisation Days Final arrangements for the Assessment Day

15 TRANSFER 2010 Which Assessment Instrument? GL Assessment is a leading provider of independent tests and assessments Experts in assessment for over 25 years We are using a Special Access/Closed test from GL Assessment in English and Mathematics Referenced against the Key Stage 2 Northern Ireland Curriculum.

16 Details of Assessments To be held on Saturday 21 st November ’09 One English Assessment of 50 minutes One Maths Assessment of 45 minutes Multiple choice answers

17 Details of Assessments Supplementary Paper held on Saturday 12 th December 2009 Held in Grammar School in classrooms of approx. 25 candidates GL Assessment supervises the setting, marking, standardising of Assessments and will provide remark service if required Results will be posted on Friday 5 th February 2010

18 TRANSFER 2010 Specification of Assessments List of topics in Mathematics and English Multiple Choice Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

19 English Assessment English paper Practice session: 1 Reading passage, 3 familiarisation questions and 7 practice questions which takes 15-20 minutes Assessment paper: 3 Reading passages; 55 questions and 10 general questions which takes 50 minutes Maximum time required is 70 minutes

20 Mathematics Assessment Mathematics paper Practice: 3 familiarisation questions and 6 practice questions (10-15 minutes) Assessment paper: 45 questions which takes 45 minutes Maximum time needed 60 minutes

21 Assessment Day Arrive at school Centre at 9.00am Children to be seated at 9.30am English Practice and Assessment paper Break at 10.45am to 11.30am Resume at 11.30am Maths Practice and Assessment paper Completion at 12.30pm Definite times will be confirmed in writing to parents

22 Administration on the Day Parents are asked not to enter the building Invigilators will meet, greet and take pupils to allocated rooms Pencils and eraser will be provided by school for each pupil Answer sheets are pre-printed with pupils personal details Pupils can bring water to drink Pupils can bring a snack for break time Pupils will be given refreshments at break

23 TRANSFER 2010 Results 5 th February 2010 Grades A, B1, B2, etc Scores in English and Maths Assessments Grade Boundaries Remark Requests by Friday 19 th February 2010.

24 TRANSFER 2010 Transfer Forms February 2010 Meet with P.S. Principals Choice of Schools Result slip to be attached to Form If Claim for Special Circumstances then all objective documentation to be attached to Form, e.g. letter from G.P. and Educational Evidence from P.S. Parents Responsibility

25 TRANSFER 2010 Transfer Booklet SELB Each Schools Admissions Criteria SELB process Forms

26 TRANSFER 2010 Similarities Assessment based Results by grade Open Nights Transfer Form/Meeting with Primary School Principals SELB notify Parent of placement

27 TRANSFER 2010 Differences Assessment in Grammar School English and Mathematics (no Science) Multiple Choice Must Register for Assessment (18 th September 2009)

28 TRANSFER 2010 Information 1. Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, Newry Tele: 028302 63142 – 2. Our Lady’s Grammar School, Newry Tele: 028302 63552 – 3. Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry Tele: 028302 64632 – 4. St. Colman’s College, Newry Tele: 028302 62451 – 5. St. Louis Grammar School, Kilkeel Tele: 028417 62747 -

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