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TIBETIAN PERSONALITY TEST. Make some time for this test. You’ll be amazed.

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2 Make some time for this test. You’ll be amazed.

3 The Dalai Lama advises you to read this for your own benefit. Fascinating.

4 Just 4 simple questions. The outcome will suprise you.

5 Be honoust and do not spoil the test by looking for the answers on beforehand. Your mind is like a parachute: it functions best when it is open. It is fun to do. So follow the instructions carefully. Do not cheat!! Attention ! !


7 Answer the questions one by one. There are only 4 questions. If you read the questions before you are ready, the outcome will not be correct!! Attention!

8 Take a pen and paper to write down your answers. You will need them afterwards.

9 This test will tell you a lot about yourself. Answer every part of the questions. The first answer that pops up in your mind is mostly the best. Note, that no one sees this but you.

10 (1) Write down the following 5 animals in the sequence of your favourite (your most favourite on top) Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig.

11 (2) Give one discriptional word for each of the following: Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea.

12 (3) Look at the colours below. Connect each colour to a person that you know and who is important to you. One colour for one person. Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green.

13 (4) Write down your favourite number and favourite day of the week.

14 Convince yourself to have given the answers that you REALY WANT. READY?

15 Go to the next slide for the explanation. But before you go on, REPEAT REPEAT your wish.


17 This determines your priorities. Cowstands for CAREER Tigerstands for PRIDE Sheepstands for LOVE Horsestands for FAMILY Pigstands for MONEY (1)

18 Your discripyion for DOG stands for your own personality. Your discription for CAT stands for your partner’s personality. Your discription for RAT stands for the personality of your enemies. Your discription of COFFEE is the way you think about sex. Your discription of SEA stands for your own life. (2)

19 Yellow: Someone you’ll never forget. Orange: A true friend. Red: The one you love. White: Your twin-soul. Green: Someone you will remember for the rest of your life. (3)

20 Inform the number of people, that you gave with your favourite number, about this test and your wish will be fullfilled on your favourite day. (4)

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