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Spare parts hub Harmonization JP Cabrera Updates: V1: 16/05/2008 V2: 20/05/2008 V3: 06/06/2008.

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1 Spare parts hub Harmonization JP Cabrera Updates: V1: 16/05/2008 V2: 20/05/2008 V3: 06/06/2008

2 Summary: 1.Mission 2.Project Team 3.Project Deliverables 4.Project process structure 5.Processes in scope 6.High level IT and Masterfiles definitions 7.Project Workplan 8.Detailed Planning 9.Project Costs 10.Open Action list

3 Mission Acer and Packard Bell want to take substantial advantages of repairing the Packard Bell products in the Acer Repair Centers. To do so, the implementation of PLS in Angers is a pre-requisite, to enable the RC to order spare parts for repair. The dependency between the two projects requires that this project Team delivers the fully integration of PLS in Angers for the 1st of August.

4 Christian Cosneau SPONSOR Jean-Pierre Cabrera SPHH Project Mgr Xavier Vives SPHH Activity Leader François Jamin POs and RTV Repair & Credit Etienne Gaudicheau Material Transfer - Scrap Benoit Comte Resell to Broker Regis Goureau SPHH Activity Leader Frederic Beaune Receiving-Bining- RPA Good Arnaud Denis Warehousing- Pick,Pack,Ship Thierry Arnaud Rev.Loop-Monitors- Easy Repair – Screening Routing Virginie Lairmelin RPA Bad Chrystelle Aarnink SPHH Activity Leader Order Management Luc Biret Transport Jose Montenegro SPHH Activity Leader CSS-PLS Interfaces & DHL Suzanne Neyhoff SPHH Activity Leader CSS Nella Lascialfari Field Service Delivery Emmanuelle Claverie Field Service Delivery Clementine Mbewe PLS Expert Finn Neumann CSS Expert Marie Lamy Finances Joëlle Proquot Master files – reporting Antoine Rostand Planning Nicolas Pichon Repair centers Regis Goureau Warehouse & Reverse Aro Acer IT Expert Rene Nieuwenhoven PB IT Expert Patrick Videau Xelus – CVS (Backup) James Ekoos PSFT - CVS Project Team Structure Piloting Committee Project leaders Business Experts IT Experts Functional Orgchart

5 Project Deliverables

6 The Team commits to deliver: -A presentation up-to-date with: -a project charter, -a detailed planning with owners, dates, completion status -costs of the project -status of the project -actions list for open questions and escalations -PLS implemented in Angers: - Process study - Process changes in Angers (and Esplex), where required - Adjustments and ‘Add Ons’ in PLS where required - Data elements migrated from current tools to PLS - Interfaces with existing tools and applications - Implementation and deployment - CSS Field Service Delivery functionalities implemented -Best capabilities in screening and recovery are implemented.

7 Project Process Structure

8 The Piloting Committee meets every Friday for workshops synchronization, high level escalations and structural decisions The PLS and CSS experts train the project members, help to set-up the prototypes, help to specify the new activities, propose solutions to use the max of applications functionalities The Project Leaders contribute to the project, by organizing the meetings with the business experts, facilitating the communication between the members, following the progresses and escalating the difficulties to an upper level. They warrants the tasks in their scope are due on time. The Business Experts have to specify their new way of working by adapting their processes using the existing functions of PLS and CSS, requiring an adaptation of the application when mandatory, formalizing the new processes in a document (form for specifications), writing the new procedures and instructions, formalizing the inconsistencies when testing (form for UAT replication). They commit to deliver the tasks in their scope in due time, and ensure that their activity can start smoothly at the GO-LIVE. The Project Manager drives the project, gives the visibility on the achievements, liaise with the IT Workshop for synchronization, ensure that the deliverables follow the plan, and assists the members when facing issues


10 Process overview Process analysis

11 HIGH LEVEL IT and Masterfiles definitions

12 Current PB Information Systems architecture in scope

13 Mid term PB Information Systems architecture Sonsys (Call center) CSS PBBV (Interventions) CSS Acer NS (Repair Center) PB TPM BizTalk PLS PBBV PSFT DWH PDB GNSD RL (RLCS) Xelus CVS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 KB 7 8 PIBB2B (ex CSA) PBOMS Portal

14 Mid term PB Information Systems architecture 1.SIR passed to BTK with Service Type BV and TPM destination. BTK will transform message (P/N+S/N, warranty condition, error codes,…) and route to right CSS: 2.CSS BV for all countries with only PB TPM service that receives current PB message, or 3.CSS Acer NS for countries where ACER RC is available. To adapt capacity, Acer RC can pass intervention to local “PB” TPM that remains managed and paid by PB. 4.To allow existing PB applications continue using PDB, the new products supplied by Acer Supply Chain will have S/N records pushed from GSND to PDB. To allow Acer applications accessing PB SN information PDB will be exposed as a Web Service to CSS and PLS In the transformation an Acer SN will be created Joining PB P/N and PN S/N, and vice versa. 5.PB TPM and ASP will continue placing orders through the PIB section in CSA portal. The basket is pushed into PLS portal that will manage the spare part orders onwards. 6.RLCS functionality will be supported through a slight modification in the PLS RL module. RPA Matching information will be passed from PLS RL to CVS 7.IN addition to the current way to place an RPA ( that should be renamed RMA) through the CSV file, the TPM and ASP will be offered the possibility to create a case in CSS PBBV ASP Module. This will allow to validate warranty claim and get problem information beforehand

15 Overview of Acer EMEA CS Systems As of Jan 2008 CSS Call Center / Repair Center ASPAuthorized Service Provider DCSDealer Care Systems DPS Demand Planning System SICService Information Center AFR Annual Failure Rate System EMS Escalation Mgmt System AAW Acer Advantage Warranty PLS Parts Logistics System PLM Product Life Cycle Mgmt ITW International Traveler Wrnty ESREMEA Service Reporting Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1 & 2.0 Smart Client, Infragistics, Crystal SQL Server 2000 SP3 -Cluster Windows 2003 Server SP1a Acer 710 servers Infrastructure & Technology

16 MASTERFILES IT Tasks Scheduling

17 Solution to manage the central remote stocks (to be discussed) CSS BV Supplier Vendor Forecast End Customer ASP Mgmt Quality Consign Dhl Easy MRQ Intervention Xelus Plan/ Demand DSG Swap Sale / Market Return Diff. LocSame. Loc People Soft MMI / SDO D1 / SonSys PLS BV ASP Shipments Stock Out Auto Allocation Shipment Based on the Order Defective Out Pick/Pack/ Ship to Customer

18 Supplier PLS (Angers) PLS (DHL) Place order to Supplier From PSFT / PLS DHL Receipt in DHS Whs Case Creation with Defective Part # Activity Flow - DHL (Similar to Easy Repair Flow – PLSBV) Sonsys (CC) DHL CSS (FSD) Shipment from Supplier Assign the new monitor part # Advex Order to PB Allocate/ Generate Picklist from DHL Whs Ship to Customer and generate the UPS Label Auto upload from CSS to generate Advex order based on intervention FSD has to log into PLS to check for the stock information Case Sync Case Type = Advex Swap De Asset the case, move to Awaiting Defective Receive Defective from Customer & make entry in PLS Bad to Bad Stock Transfer to Main Whs in Angers Receipt of Defective Close the case Need to check with CSS team – as this happens without Stock movement – they need to do some adjustment Finance PB Finance needs to map the flow – to complete the financial transactions ?sce type

19 Project Workplan

20 Workstream Sub Workstream Order Management Logistics Hub Harmonization ROADMAP Reviewed By: Not authorized Approved By: Author: Jean-Pierre Cabrera Version: 1.4 Implementation Plan March 2008 Finance April 2008May 2008 June 2008July 2008 August 2008 PO Creation New Supply Mgt Return to Vendor Systems / IT Plan and analyze Business Specifications Receiving and bining Sales Order entry Developement User Acceptance Test Go Live & ramp up Intervention Management Expert François Frederic Order mgt Monitors Easy repair Other types MRQs Substitution mgt Product and Supplier Master files set-up and maintenance François Customer and Service Partners Master files set- up and maintenance Chrystelle Nella Spares parts Shipments Pick Pack Ship Arnaud Customs & transport Luc Material transfers (DHL–Modus–DSGI) Etienne Reverse logistics RPA Bad Transfer (DSGI) Monitors Easy repair Screening and routing Virginie Frederic Etienne Thierry Scrap Resell Repair Credit Etienne Benoit François Prototype, Process spec. System access + Integrated Testing environnement Part 2 Adapt proc. & instructions Detailed Business specifications Prepare test scenarii Test & corrections, training Migration Go Live & ramp up Problem replications IT Synchronization RPA Good Leader Xavier Regis Jean-Pierre Regis Jean-Pierre Chrystelle Jose Chrystelle Xavier Integrated Testing environnement part 1

21 Detailed Project Planning Project Planning Overview

22 Project Costs

23 The costs are not completely defined Costs overview: 1.Investments for PLS implementation at Angers: 139k€ equipments boxes shelves 2.Extra Human Resources: 90K€ extra resources needed to replace people working on the project for day to day activities extra resources needed to manage the changes (shelves, boxes, labelling) extra resources needed when training the operators to the new processes extra resources needed for the ramp-up period, when the standard level of productivity is not reached again 3.Travels: 15K€ 4.Investments, due to the new lay-out 80K€

24 Open Actions

25 Open actions Visibility

26 End


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