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1 CLARIN-NL/VL procedure 20 June 20131CLARIN-NL ISOcat workshop

2 20 June 2013CLARIN-NL ISOcat workshop2 Project workspace Become member of the CLARIN-NL/VL group (You will be invited to join) Create a group for your project – add members related to your project Create one or more DCSs – add existing and usable DCs preferably from the CLARIN-NL/VL view – add new DCs (When creating a DC => follow the do’s and don’ts guidelines!) cf. CLARIN-NL/VL FORUM

3 Share the DCSs with – the project group can edit shared DCs en DCSs – the CLARIN-NL/VL group can also edit, so ask permission (!) if you want to change something in a DC owned by another project – changes are logged and attributed Make one or more DCSs public when the group and Ineke finds the DCs mature (not beforehand!) – the project group becomes visible in the public part of ISOcat – also make the DCs public 20 June 2013CLARIN-NL ISOcat workshop3

4 20 June 2013CLARIN-NL ISOcat workshop4 CLARIN-NL/VL workspace Every project should have a representative in the CLARIN-NL/VL group – this representative should own the project DCS so (s)he can share it with the CLARIN-NL/VL group Once DCs are mature for CLARIN-NL/VL use add them to the admin-proposed DCS – this is still in the private/shared part of ISOcat Ineke will – review the (new) DCs – add them to CLARIN-NL/VL thematic DCSs If a DC is changed add them to the admin-changed DCS – Ineke will review the changed DCs

5 20 June 2013CLARIN-NL ISOcat workshop5 Beyond ISOcat Annotate your project resources with the selected/created Data Categories – preferably annotate a schema to be stored in SCHEMAcat (under construction) – use @dcr:datcat for XML (schemata) for EBNF grammars... (contact Remember (ontological) relationships between the selected/created Data Categories and other Data Categories/concepts – to be stored in RELcat (under construction) – there is a spreadsheet template

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