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Reflecting Experiences from Educational Project – course: hard work and many lessons learned Anni Lantto 2015.

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1 Reflecting Experiences from Educational Project – course: hard work and many lessons learned Anni Lantto 2015

2 Our project group Anni, Maija & Jannika

3 The client OK – study center National actor in liberal adult education sector (summer- and open universities etc.) Offers additional education to it’s member organisations in several areas

4 NAME OF THE PROJECT ”UTILIZING SOCIAL MEDIA IN COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION FOR ASSOCIATIONS.”  How could associations get more visibility through social media?  Could associations use social media as a tool for information / communication? How?  Suitable applications?  security and expencies…

5 AIM AND PROCEDURE OF THE PROJECT To plan and implement a course about the topic: Different possibilities for utilizing social media During the course: two face to face lessons and web-based learning

6 The target group and participants Different kind of associations (The Red Cross, The Organisation for Respiratory Health, etc. )  clients of our client More specifically: persons in organisations who are in response of taking care their information and communication Typically (within this specific course!  approximately 10 participants) an older female, not familiar with social media, negative attitudes / expectations or even scared  ”COMPLEX” and ”NOT SAFE”

7 First step(s) Contacting our client and introducing ourselves; arranging the first appointment  ”First impression” Writing the project plan

8 First meeting Going through our plan; CAREFULLY LISTENING THE CLIENT’S COMMENTS! Evaluating the suitability of different applications: Face book, Skype, Blog, Twitter, etc.

9 2nd step Writing the theoretical background and choosing the pedagogical model and timetable for the projet Web platform for the course  ready for the client to comment ASAP after first meeting Course materials  ready to be send to the client (comments!) two weeks before contact lessons Mid-term report  setting the date together with the client Poster  inviting the client to observe our presentation Final report  setting the date together with the client

10 Challenges in the beginning Feeling stupid: What exactly are we expected to do??? And how? Lack of previous experience  Lack of self-efficacy We have a REAL CLIENT, we must be able to continue working, overcome the challenges we confront. Turning to each other, discussing and finding out we all feel the same: ENLIGHTMENT: We can do this together! COLLABORATION STARTS.

11 Challenges during the process Getting familiar with all the chosen applications Creating a platform to the course (a blog) and editing it [no, our client was not always happy with our first suggestion ] TEACHING during contact lessons  Propably the most challenging part: how to convience the participants that they could really get benefit SoMe  not only a ”nonsense” of younger generation  Acting normal in front of your client and students even though your heart is racing, hands are almost shaking  How to prepare yourselves beforehand?

12 More challenges during the project Reading the students’ learning diarys (blogs)  receiving some criticism  reading the feedback through the lenses of a professional (can’t hide behind your role as a student but it is not personal either ) Again: reading students learning diarys: time consuming but can’t avoid it, the students needs to get their feedback correctly, and on time. Long lasting project  maintaining your motivation WORK, WORK, WORK.

13 In the end of the project Poster presentation  it’s over, we made it, we survived!!! Project team dinner in our favourite restaurant ; CHEERS! Feeling fortunate working with this group (our first but not the last group work with Jannika & Maija)

14 What kept us going on trying and never giving up? Trusting and respecting each other Feeling responsibility – not only to our client but most of all towards the other group members Ability to listen to each other and feeling you became heard

15 Tips for successful project work Goal, timetable (and following it), maintaining good relationship (  reciprocal communication) with your client Maintain good relationships within your group: TALK TO EACH OTHER AND LISTEN TO EACH OTHER! When you’ve reached your mid-term goal, maybe you deserve a little reward; Something special as a group  TEAM SPIRIT


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