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A complex system of deriving meaning from print

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1 A complex system of deriving meaning from print
What is reading? A complex system of deriving meaning from print

2 5 Components to Good Reading:
Decoding Fluency Comprehension Vocabulary Phonemic Awareness

3 Academic Reading Skills …
Not only for: teachers But also for: ESL Students Objectives: to review Pre-Reading During Reading Post-Reading Discussion/Small groups/ Excerpt from the text

4 What do you read? (besides …)
Online FB Texts Textbooks Essays  Recipes Blogs Newspapers Magazines Novels poetry Has what you read changed over time?


6 Reading these days (in general)…
? People are reading less … (even in their own language) Technology A change! Not much time, not much ‘alone time’ I watched the movie… Are people interested in acquiring knowledge? 

7 For our second language students… issues/ implications?

8 Types of reading Intensive Extensive academic-type readings
focus on accuracy Concentrating on distilling information for pleasure: novels or articles focus on fluency Main ideas? What’s the gist of it? My impressions?

9 “…students may sometimes be surprised to learn there are ‘reading skills’; that is, that reading is more than literacy and a large vocabulary…”

10 Lets Sort out the Skills!
Pre-Reading Post-Reading During Reading?

11 Academic Reading: Pre-Reading Skills
Objective… Why am I reading this? Am I interested? (predicting) (judging the difficulty) What about vocabulary…? Do I need to understand every word? Which words do I need? Do I need to know these words beforehand? What are some strategies… ? (organization: skimming/ scanning)

12 Skim or Scan??? Skim Scan What percent? How much?
How many pages are there? Graphs? Pictures? Any direct quotes? What is the title? Who is the author? Is this serious? What is the tone? What is the conclusion? Topic Sentences? How many ?

13 Scan Skim Pre-Reading academic reading don’t read EVERY word
Read quickly Scan 1. something to look for specifically: question/ word/ figure/quote 2. Goal = specific information Skim 1. How is it organized? 2. What is the ‘gist’? 3. Goal : get an impression of the whole

14 Bats…

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