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CSU Kuali Days Welcome to CSU Kuali Days! Overview Session for: Purchasing and Accounts Payable Revised March 2010.

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1 CSU Kuali Days Welcome to CSU Kuali Days! Overview Session for: Purchasing and Accounts Payable Revised March 2010

2 Purchasing and Accounts Payable Training Team Members Jackie Riba – Accounts Payable 1-1363 Heidi Barclay – Campus Services 1-4148 Linda Meserve – Procurement & Contracting Services 1-6611 Bob Loosley – Accounts Payable 1-6513 Farrah Bustamante – Procurement & Contracting Services 1-1992 Debra Ellison – Property Management 1-2270

3 Accessing the Kuali Financial System A link to the test site of KFS is provided on the B&FS website. Effective July 1, 2009 access to KFS will be through the Campus Administrative Portal at Log in using your eID (name) Log out using the X

4 Important Reminders Training materials are available at Virtual Kuali Help Desks can be accessed by going to the CAP at OR by clicking on the “Provide Feedback” found on most Kuali screens Please contact any training team member for assistance regarding this session

5 Types of Documents Disbursement Voucher (AFE) – invoice should be in hand Requisition Purchase Order (PO) Automatic Purchase Order (APO) – less than $5,000 – for beforehand purchases - invoice will come later Payment Request – This is an Accounts Payable document used to pay a PO or APO invoice

6 Some differences between FRS and KFS Each type of document will have a document number that can be found in the right corner of the Kuali document. Keep track of this document number All related documents will be referenced in “view related documents tab” (i.e. Requisition, PO or APO, Payment Request) Every document created must have information in the description field

7 Accessing the Kuali Financial System The magnifying glass is your search tool and best friend Account numbers are now seven digits Sub codes are now Object Codes. When you click on the magnifying glass by the Object code it will take you to a screen where you can find Historical Financial Object code (the old sub code number)

8 Vendoring in Kuali Always search for a vendor before creating a new vendor Always use the abbreviations provided – this way vendoring will be uniform Always type vendor information using all caps Accounts Payable will add tax information from the W-9 provided

9 Abbreviate vendor name AmericanAMER AssociatedASSOC AssociationASSN Biochemistry BIOCHEM BuildingBLDG CaliforniaCALIF CompanyCO ColoradoCOLO CorporationCORP DepartmentDEPT EnterprisesENT IncorporatedINC InstituteINST InternationalINTL ManufacturingMFG ManagementMGMT MountainMTN NationalNATL SocietySOC SaintST TechnologyTECH United StatesU S UniversityUNIV

10 Additional abbreviations (if needed in vendor name) Accreditation ACCRED Administration ADMIN ChemistryCHEM CommunicationCOMMUN ConferenceCONF CenterCTR DevelopmentDEV DistributorsDISTR DivisionDIV EducationEDUC Electric/ElectricalELEC Engineer/ing ENGR Environmental ENV EquipmentEQUIP GroupGRP HospitalHOSP IllustrationILLUST IndustryIND InformationINFO LaboratoryLAB LimitedLTD MedicalMED PharmacyPHAR ProductPROD PublishingPUBL ResearchRES SchoolSCH ScienceSCI Supplies/SupplySUP ServiceSVC TelecommunicationTELECOM VeterinaryVET VocationalVOC

11 Substitute the word “and” for all ampersands (&) Lewan & Assoc =LEWAN AND ASSOC Don & Bob’s Shop =DON AND BOBS SHOP M & D Parts Supply =M AND D PARTS Supply

12 Substitute a space for hyphens, periods, commas, or slashes I.B.M.=I B M Company Name, Inc.=COMPANY NAME INC Smith/Jones Paint=SMITH JONES PAINT 4-H Clover Shop=4 H CLOVER SHOP

13 Omit apostrophes and prefixes Jean’s Plants =JEANS PLANTS Dr. Mary Sue O’Connell =MARY SUE OCONNELL

14 Directions Always spell out names that contain directions: Northern, South, Southwestern, etc. Northern Colo Allergy Clinic Northern Colo Paper South Coast Electronics

15 More tips Street address should be spelled out as clearly as possible. Use one letter abbreviations for directions: N, S, E, W when preceding or following street name. Use two letter abbreviations for Northeast: NE, NW, SE, SW when preceding or following name. Spell out when direction is the actual street name – 121 North St Post Office Box: Do not put a space between the letters P and O. No punctuation is used for post office boxes

16 Under Lookup and Maintenance – Vendor select vendor.

17 Click on create new box

18 Insert a description in the description field.

19 Your tabs will be opened – The tabs you need to complete will be Document Overview – Vendor – Address

20 Under Vendor tab – Please use all CAPS or mixed case (how you input it is how it will show up in KFS - Input vendor name if company. If individual input under vendor name (first name space last name). Do not use vendor last and first name. Select vendor type from dropdown menu –Purchase Order. Select ownership type do not select Corporation. Choose partnership or LLC (A/P will fix once we have the vendors W-9)- that is all that needs to be filled in under this tab.

21 Under address tab – select address type from drop down menu (Purchase Order ) – Input address information everything that has an * (address 1, city, state, postal code, country). Be sure to add vendor fax number. Fax numbers must be added to insure Procurement and Contracting Services is able to distribute the PO to the vendor. Set as default address – select yes from drop down menu. Click add

22 If all went well it will add your address to the form

23 The rest of the tabs are optional and do not need to have information added.

24 Click submit button – If all goes well you will get document successfully submitted message at top of form. Close to go back to main menu. Please remember that vendor will not be available until it has been approved by Accounts Payable.

25 Disbursement Vouchers Disbursement Voucher (AFE) Invoice should be in hand Disbursement Vouchers will also be used to reimburse Travelers. Travel will create the Disbursement Voucher. You will submit the same paperwork as before.

26 Under Transactions – Financial Processing – Select Disbursement Voucher

27 Under Document Overview – Input a description in the Description box. Please include the vendor name in this description. It will help A/P tech identify which documents belong to them on our shared action list

28 Under Payment Information- Payee ID – click magnifying glass

29 Select a payment reason code from the drop down menu Payment Reason Code: Select from the drop down menu below

30 Input vendor name. Make sure to use the * which equals wildcard Input vendor all or part of vendor name * or % are the wildcards and must be used when searching for a specific vendor name. When vendor number comes up select the correct vendor and click return value.

31 If vendor number has multiple addresses you need to select the correct remit address and click return value.

32 Input dollar amount to be paid under Check Amount. Select Payment method from drop down menu and input information into the Check Stub Text (this is where you input the invoice number. This is information that will be printed on the check stub or payment advice). If your document needs to have an attachment please mark the check enclosure box. This is the only chance to mark the box. Once you click submit the document cannot be changed and A/P will be unable to send an attachment. Also use this box if you need to be called when check is ready. Please be sure to add instructions for call note in the notes and attachments section. Do not mark this box if an attachment is really not required. If your vendor is an ACH vendor marking this box will cause a check to be printed.

33 Select Chart from drop down menu – Input account number, Object, dollar amount and click add. Amount must equal the check amount.

34 Click submit button

35 If all went well – you will get this message. Scan and attach invoice if you are able. If not print Disbursement Voucher coversheet, attach invoice and send to Accounts Payable If all went well – you will get this message. Scan and attach invoice if you are able. If not print Disbursement Voucher coversheet, attach invoice and send to Accounts Payable







42 FYI Use “No Qty” from the “item type” drop down menu for purchase orders which will have multiple payments made against it. For example, service purchase orders, open purchase orders, etc.


44 Kuali now has the ability to send notes and attachments to a vendor by selecting “Yes” from the drop down menu. All attachments must be in PDF format. Attachments are required for items over $5000.









53 NOTE: When “select” (next to Action) is clicked, a Requisition number is created.

54 “CAPITAL ASSET SYSTEM TYPE” – MAKE THE DECISION WHETHER IT’S INDIVIDUAL, MULTIPLE OR ONE SYSTEM Capital Asset Tab 1. Capital Asset System Type a. Individual Assets - choose this option when every line item on the purchase order should be created as individual assets. Example Line one is for washers, line 2 is for dryers. b. Multiple Systems- choose this option when some line items will need to be combined, while other line items will create individual assets. Choose this option when the line items on this po need to be combined with line items from another po. c. One System- choose this option when all of the line items will be combined to create system assets.




58 Receiving Departments will be able to enter their own receiving in Kuali

59 Under Transactions – Purchasing/Accounts Payable – Receiving.

60 Add Purchase Order # and vendor date. Click continue

61 Under Receiving Line Items – Scroll to the right and enter UOM and Qty Received click add and then click submit.

62 Payment Request Accounts Payable document – Accounts Payable is the only area with access to create this document. Used to pay a PO or an APO Created when invoice is submitted to Accounts Payable

63 Under Transactions – Purchasing/Accounts Payable – Payment Request.

64 Accounts Payable will input PO #, Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Vendor Invoice Amount and click continue to complete the Payment Request.

65 Questions?

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